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Are you being the You,

you were born to be?

Awaken Your Abundance Super Powers!

Abundance Activation:

Super Yes To Super You!

Live Event With Christie Marie Sheldon

  • March 29, Friday,2019, 7 pm – 8:30 pm
  • March 30, Saturday,2019, 8:30 am – 8 pm
    (Optional Bonus Event Will Be Announced Saturday Afternoon from 8:30 – 9:30 pm)
  • March 31, Sunday,2019, 8:30 am – 5 pm

Are constantly thinking of ways to improve your life through your finances and no matter what you try, it always falls short?

Nothing ever works out for you like it does for other people, right?

You are not alone! Between bills, credit card and other debt, and having a paycheck- to-paycheck job … Most people who set out to make more money in their life end up feeling even more underwater, frustrated, burnt out, overwhelmed, and disappointed because they just can’t find a way to get ahead.

There’s never enough money, or enough time, or enough energy to make it happen. It’s totally draining and you feel like you’re running out of options!

If you can relate to any of this, my Abundance Activation: SuperYES To SuperYOU! Live Event is exactly the 360º solution you’ve been looking for to “fix” your life FAST and finally give yourself the freedom and the opportunities to make money and create abundance however and whenever you choose.

No more “trying” to get ahead!

It’s All About The YES!

In fact, when you come to the Abundance Activation: SuperYes to SuperYOU Live Event, you’ll find your awareness to opportunities, money and abundance start to open up before the end of the weekend. You’ll grow into confidence … standing in the powerful ‘SuperYES’ energy to reach out and make it real now!

Imagine what it’s like to have the freedom to whip out your debit card and buy anything you want in the store without giving it a second thought. What would it be like when you’re able to do something just because you choose to do it … not because you have to do it?

Over the last decade, I’ve helped over 30,000 clients use my tools to manifest millions of dollars into their lives and it’s help me perfect my Abundance Activation Formula so I can help you shift into the energy of SuperYES quickly, easily, and effortlessly.

The Abundance Activation:

SuperYES To SuperYOU Live Event is a 3 Day event that will

Activate your natural Super Powers of Abundance – You’ll learn simple mind techniques that will train your conscious thoughts to resist and instantly shift lower vibes into money-aligned frequencies so you’ll never worry about money again

Tools to create a clear vision and plan to generate money & abundance in new and exciting ways so you can have total confidence to resolve your abundance and money-related issues with ease.

Bypass the BS that keeps you stuck in a life that doesn’t fit you – Energize your ULTIMATE powers to control what happens in your reality so you can create and enjoy the abundant life you plan for in your daydreams now.

Here’s What You Get When You Come To The Live Event

  • 10 Mind-Blowing, Power-Activating Sessions where you’ll uncover the truth about where these natural powers of abundance are hidden inside you and how to call them up in an instant so you can bring more money into your life.
  • Christie pulls back the psychic veil to reveal the simple secrets that ANYbody can access to harness the frequency of SuperYES and make your desires show up in your reality now.
  • Powerful session on conquering your Abundance “Kryptonite” so you can find out what areas of your current life is weakening your superabundant flow and keeping you from attracting wealth.
  • Tools, techniques, and resources that train you to use your super senses on a daily basis to build a solid, real-world action plan and finally start earning the income you deserve.
  • Abundance Activation: SuperYES to SuperYOU was developed over a decade as Christie Marie Sheldon helped more than 30,000+ clients awaken their own intuitive superpowers and bring more money and abundance into their lives to create the reality they truly want!

Sessions Of Abundance Activation!

Session 1


Shazam the substances of consciousness to quantum leap your abundance.

Session 2


Manipulate your reality with the power of your thoughts, words and actions.

Session 3


Master the art of going back into time to heal your abundance blocks.

Session 4


Creating portals of luck by learning how to ask for help and guidance. Taking guided action, is always easiest.

Session 5


Imagine you could have a telephone to your Infinite Self and get answers to your questions.

Session 6


Tap into the power of source energy to create an abundance magnet.

Session 7

  Super E-motion

tap into the awesome power of positivity, gratitude and make abundance happen from that space.

Session 8


Focusing what you actually want and aligning all your beliefs to it, will get you want you want. Learn how in this power-packed session.

Session 9


Christie’s tribe is usually made of givers, who love to give. But what if receiving more, so you have more to give is the ultimate answer to dismantling your abundance blocks? Mother Teresa manifested millions of dollars and gave it all away.

Session 10


What is your soul is calling for you to say YES, YES, YES to YOU, YOU, YOU? What are you waiting for….?

Say yes to you and take action to activate your abundance prima material!

$599 until they are gone!


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& Join You In Hollywood!


P.S. Abundance Activation: SuperYES to SuperYOU was developed by Christie Marie Sheldon over a decade of helping more than 30,000+ clients awaken their own intuitive super powers and bring more money and abundance into their lives to create the reality they truly want!

Did you know that you can meet Christie and her Coaches in a more intimate setting?

1 – One on One Sessions With Christie’s Highly Skilled Coaches & Her Sister, Cindy

2 – 2 Hour Session With Christie

Shazam-Fest on Thursday, March 27 at 10 am and Friday, March 28, 9 am.
2 Hours of Live Q and A and Personal Questions Answered.
Exclusive to a small group of 20 participants.

You will see these options on the thank you page after getting your ticket!

Have A Questions Check Our Faq

What’s the latest I can get a refund?2019-02-19T00:23:30-07:00

A: The short answer … you can’t… For both logistics and accountability purposes.

When you sign up to come to the event, you’re vibing out to the universe that you’re ready to Activate Your Abundance Super Powers. If something shows up that prevents you from making to the event, it’s probably a reactionary manifestation of some cross-purposes you’re sending out along with it. NO WORRIES!

Please apply “The 4 Questions” and shazam this stuff out of your reality. “The 4 Questions” are found in the “Unlimited Abundance” Home Study Program.

  1. What age did I get this energy?
  2. Where did I pick it up from? Mom, Dad, Self, Someone else?
  3. Where do I feel this in, on or around me? (Energy has a mass to it and you can sense it.)
  4. What’s the emotion that comes up when I tune into it?

Then use the “Clearing Statement” with strong intention. I clear and transmute this across all time dimension, space and reality.

Then fill in with Light and Love and a strong intention to overcome it. “What will it take for happiness and abundance to be my norm? Everything in the way of this, I clear and transmute it across all time, dimensions, space, and reality.”

Please note….Your soul loves you enough to show you your sh&t. So take it as the learning it is and clear it until it’s gone.

If you don’t clear this stuff now….then when are you going to do it?

P.S. I know someone will email us (I am intuitive.) with some life-altering reason and it is usually someone else’s fault. Please look at this like you are purchasing a concert ticket.  Please gift it to someone who needs it or sell it and email us the name change for the ticket if it is truly an issue. If we don’t get the name change, we cannot let your person in. Please don’t put this back on me. NMF.

What do you mean when you say “Super Powers”?2019-02-19T00:21:30-07:00

A: Well … I believe that every single one of us on this planet came here with extraordinary talents and gifts and we’re all capable of incredible things. We’ve just been taught to shut them off. Taught to think it’s weird.

I think it’s absolutely awesome that everyone’s a little supernatural. So I love to help folks wake those supernatural senses up and really introduce them to the power that’s truly available right at their fingertips!

Think about it! What about those mothers that find the superhuman strength to lift and move a car because her child was stuck underneath…

How does that happen?

Was she suddenly struck by lightning or bitten by a spider that gave her superhuman strength at that moment?

NO! She tapped into the extraordinary gifts she came here with and in that life or death moment, she was willing to believe that “YES! I WILL lift that car to save my child!” and then had the sheer determination to follow through with what she believed in that moment.

What I’m doing here with Abundance Activation: SuperYES to SuperYOU, is helping you train your conscious mind to tap into that exact same extraordinary energy … MINUS near-death experience or any other fear-based reasoning.

What will “Abundance Activation: SuperYES to SuperYOU” help me do?2019-02-19T00:19:40-07:00

A:  It will help you look at areas in your life that feel less-than-abundant or don’t fit you anymore:

  • If you’ve been stuck at the same income level or earning less than you know you deserve, you’ll see where to improve the value you place on yourself and your money will improve because of it.
  • If you feel unsupported by people in your life or by the universe, you’ll get tools to improve the quality of the energy around you and start aligning with the abundance the universe is actually supporting with.
  • If you think you have no time to create extra abundance, you’ll see how to truly shift your reality to create the pockets of time required for you to get it done.
  • If you feel stagnant in your career and don’t seem to be moving forward, you’ll discover valuable insight into how to increase your abundance so you can push through the stagnation and move into the career or business you really want.
  • If the same crappy things keep happening to you over and over again, year after year, you’ll finally be able to see how to blitz those abundance-blocking patterns and fill in with brand new money-attracting patterns instead.
Are children allowed to attend?2019-02-19T00:24:36-07:00

A: Because of the nature of the work we’ll be doing over the weekend, children under 15 won’t be allowed to attend, as it could be a distraction for some people who are coming for profound life changes. You’ll be able to share all the super-yummy, powerful deliciousness with your kids and family when you return home after the event but for the sake of all attendees, no children under 15 will be allowed in the event.

Will the event be recorded?2019-02-19T00:25:59-07:00

A: Audio for sure will be available to purchase for a nominal rate because you attended.

Christie is not sure at this time if the video will be available for purchase.

Look for an email when closer to the event.

How will you know I used your booking link for the hotel so I qualify for the 9 Bonus Group Clearings plus the Live Q and A with Christie?2019-02-19T00:26:52-07:00

A: The hotel will provide me a rooming list of people who booked using my booking link. If you go to some other website and book your room, you do not qualify for this special. If you book the room using the link on this page, no problem. You will get your audio downloads April 2nd. You will get your registration for the live Q and A on May 4th, 8 am PST in the same email on April 2nd.