• The Magic Mentality! By the end of this session you’ll be thinking, “I can create magic in my life by consciously choosing my thoughts!” In every one moment, you have a thought. Now. And Now. And Now. And Now. What if these string of random musings could be put together in a string of powerful pulses that send out to the universe….the exact pictures of reality you wish to manifest? Cause let’s be honest…..you know your thoughts count. Let’s be honest… your thoughts are kinda willy nilly and scattered. Or worse….. Your thoughts are focused on the worst case scenerios about what you DON”T want. You know this creates an infux of bad news and negativity. You are jinxing yourself! So let’s create a new way of viewing your thoughts and bridge the gap so some cool stuff starts manifesting. Let’s make it happen! In this event you can: ~ Look at the energy behind each thought. ~ Clear some old broken records. ~ Generate a new way of using your thoughts to manifest some really awesome stuff.
  • Easy Come, Easy Go! By the end of this session you’ll be thinking, “Those blocks mean nothing because the universe has my back!” What kinds of things go through your mind when faced with making a big decision? Do you let yourself explore a bunch of different possibilities and just do the one that feels best? Or does a flood of thoughts and emotions and imaginary scenarios come up in you with a bunch of reasons for why it can’t or won’t happen? Join me as we uncover the reasons why those weird imaginary scenarios keep showing up and how to automatically start imagining up the good stuff instead. The happy outcome is you’ll start seeing all the possibilities the universe offers versus seeing only things that can stop you. In this event you can: ~ Learn how to let go of judgements that spring up when making decisions. ~ Uncover the places where you don’t feel supported in achieving your dreams. ~ Discover how to shape your imaginary scenarios to align with your happy end result.
  • Ego Trippin’: Send Your Inner Critic Packing! By the end of this session you’ll be thinking, “Kick rocks, ego! I’ve got things to do!” Do you have that little voice that lives in your head that pops up and makes you cringe every time you think about living an abundant life? Have you noticed that you get to a certain point in achieving abundance when all of a sudden something stops you or gets in your way? We all have the potential to create our wildest abundant dreams the same way we all have the potential to succumb to limitations we pretend are real. That little voice in your head gets pretty loud when it keeps you from having the life you want! Join me and unpack your mental and emotional luggage to find out how your inner critic is stopping you from manifesting the life you want! The happy outcome is you’ll turn your inner critic into your inner cheerleader! In this event you can: ~ Explore the things that creates what your inner critic says to. ~ Find the limiting beliefs that give your inner critic the fuel to exist. ~ Learn to trust your inner guidance for confidence to move forward.
  • Manifesting Momentum! By the end of this session you’ll be thinking, “I can blow past any obstacles and nothing can stop me from getting what I want.” Have you ever noticed how the moment you start getting some traction under your feet and things are finally working out, something swoops in and pulls the rug right out from under you?” It’s easy to blame it on bad luck or use the “It’s just how my life goes” cop out because it removes you from accountability. But the truth is, you have total control over what you do to get past those obstacles. Join me as we take a deep look into the things that stop you from having abundance and root out the real causes of what’s holding you back. The happy outcome is that you’ll gain an understanding of what’s blocking your abundance and devise new strategies to blow them up to keep moving forward. In this event you can: ~ Get to the bottom of why the same crappy things keep happening to stop your abundance. ~ Become accountable for the things that are manifesting in your life, good or bad. ~ Start shifting your energies to align with things you want versus the obstacles that stop you.
  • IKR - I Keep Receiving! By the end of this session you’ll be thinking, “I know I deserve to receive everything I desire!” Do you ever feel like you’re putting “the right” energy out there into the universe but the abundance you want to manifest never seems to show up? Have you ever considered that it is showing up … you’re just refusing to see it? Sometimes people become so addicted to the asking and wanting, they never really open their eyes to receive how the answer is coming in. Join me as we broaden the perspective on the tunnel vision often created when we want to manifest something. The happy outcome is you open up to receiving your guidance and your gifts from the universe. In this event you can: ~ Audit your energies and intentions to make sure everything’s aligned. ~ Gain a new perspective on what you want and how it can show up. ~ Open up and expand your flow of abundance by understanding that “the big picture” evolves.
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    Beyond Belief: Choosing Up! By the end of this session, you’ll be thinking, “I believe I can choose to create anything I want!” How many choices have you made in your life based on a belief system that you learned, but doesn’t feel like yours? The belief you had to make money a certain way. The belief you had to present yourself a certain way. A certain type of education. A certain kind of relationship. All based on beliefs you were taught. Something that people often overlook is the fact that your beliefs can change as you grow and take in more information and stimuli. Beliefs are fluid. You’re not stuck choosing a belief picked up decades ago if it doesn’t suit your life now. Join me as we explore how your current beliefs and choices align with the happy end result you envision for your life. The happy outcome is your new beliefs will shape new choices that propel you into taking action that creates the abundance you desire. In this event you can: ~ Distinguish the separation between beliefs you learned versus beliefs you choose. ~ Start directing your focus taking actions that make you feel good about your choices. ~ Get rid of the beliefs that no longer serve a purpose towards your growth.
  • Money Woes to Money Wows! By the end of this session you’ll be thinking, “I’ll never be afraid or uncomfortable about money again!” Do you have the type of relationship with money where it goes out just as fast as it comes in? There’s never enough to do what you want to do or you’re always playing catch-up. Something about you and money just mixes like oil and water. The relationship you have with money exists in your mind and your emotional field, that’s it! How you think and feel about money produces the energy you put out to attract it. Join me as we deep dive into your money attracting energy and get you comfortable with how you think and feel about money. The happy outcome is you’ll gain a new understanding of the flow of money in your life. In this event you can: ~ Take a real look at the money that’s coming in and going out of your life. ~ Get a sense of the thoughts and emotions about money you need to shift. ~ Get rid of any silly stories that have you misaligned with the abundance you desire.
  • Messy, Messy, Messy! Have you ever looked back on your life, reflected on everything you've been through and thought... “WTF am I doing?” 😳 I mean, you’ve followed the rules. You’ve paid your dues. You’ve respected “the process”... What gives? It’s all too common for people these days to get caught up in the rat race, chugging through life, head down, working hard, and doing what you’re “supposed” to do… all for the promise of the success and happiness you get because of it. So why aren’t you actually enjoying success and happiness? Here’s the thing… When you go your whole life “doing” to appease other people’s expectations, you never give yourself the chance to even know what it is you really want to do for yourself! Join me on a journey of “intentional creation” where you learn how to instantly obliterate fear and stagnation so that you can powerfully take control of your life and your decisions to manifest whatever you want, your way. The happy outcome is that you’ll gain new confidence in how you choose to live your life as unapologetically you and create a reality where you bask in success, love, happiness, and joy all the time! In this event you can: ~ Learn the simple 3-step process that helps you start “doing” by “being” who you need to be. ~ Develop a new, bolder approach to making decisions for your life and your path using your own free will choice. ~ Start taking solid action steps towards achieving your goals and dreams intuitively and authentically.
  • “I”GPS: Inner Guidance Positioning System By the end of this session you’ll be thinking. “I can tune into my intuition and trust that I know exactly what I want for my life!” Have you ever been feeling a certain way about something and get this feeling in your body? Like maybe your stomach churns or the hairs on your arms stand up or a tingle shoots up your spine? That feel is your intuition. Some people may call it their “gut instinct” but whatever it is it tells them when something’s up. Intuition is something we can all tap into kind of like a Inner GPS to help guide you to choices that lead to your happy outcome. Join me on as we follow the path your intuition pulls you towards and tap into the messages you’re receiving in your body. In this event you can: ~ Tune in to the intuitive messages you receive on a daily basis. ~ Learn how to open up to how messages from the universe can download into you. ~ Discover how to use your intuition as your secret tool to get an edge up in life.
  • Rebooting The OS (Old Stories)! By the end of this session you’ll be thinking, “There’s nothing about my history that dictates my now!” Are you the “black sheep”? The smart one? The good one? The troublemaker? Teacher’s pet? What were some of the labels you picked up during your childhood that grew into the “adult” labels you hold on to today that block your abundance? We’re programmed to act a certain way based on stories, titles and labels we take on. Have you considered how the labels you take on as true are affecting the flow of abundance into your life? Join me as we take a look at the labels you took on and what types programming you picked up because of them. The happy outcome is that you’ll rewrite the silly stories that limit the YOU you came here to be! In this event you can: ~ Uncover the stories, labels, and titles that influence your programming. ~ Discover which of your labels don’t actually align with your happy end result. ~ Create a new upgraded version of your abundant story.
  • Doing Whatever It Takes! By the end of this event you will be thinking, "I am going to do whatever it takes!" Let's be honest, how many of you are willing to do whatever it takes? I mean whatever.....it.....takes? We all quit at some point. But let's say you wanted to be a best selling author. Would you be willing to do whatever it takes to get a publisher even if you were told "no' 30 times? J.K. Rowling was told "No" 12 times. She was on government assistance. 'Chicken Soup For The Soul' was rejected 144 times. But they still kept going! Join me and open up your life choices! The happy outcome is you can go past your previous stopping points and make your dreams come true! In this event you can: ~Find out what your deepest soul block is and shazam it out of your world. ~ Find your inner 'quit' button and create a new reality. ~ Create a new attitude about going for it.
  • This approximately 75-minute audio will help you stand in your own authentic power and get paid to be you!
  • This approximately 75-minute audio will help you clear your blocks to self-love and align with your abundance.
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    You Plus+!

    You Plus+! What are you avoiding becoming that would create massive abundance? You're a 'being' not a 'doing', being full you; owning up to your potential and stepping into it creates the 'doing' that is needed. If you act from that space, all actions are intuitively guided. You're on this journey to explore, have fun and be happy and let's face it. Having abundance makes all those things easier. Wouldn't that be amazing to believe the energy of "I am more than enough"? I am capable. I deserve to be rewarded. My life is freaking amazing.   Check inside. Are you willing to do or be whatever is needed to create more abundance? Are you literally willing to do whatever the freak it takes? You Plus+ is really about going intensely deep. Diving into the two things that usually block my clients the most ... not willing to be a certain thing in order to make something happen or they're not willing to do a certain thing.   In this event you can: ~ Clear all the junk that holds you back from being your True, Abundant-Self! ~ Step into the power of making choices FOR YOU; make it happen! ~ Create trust with your Inner self and MANIFEST!
  • This approximately 75-minute audio will help you clear blocks and belief patterns, so you can sell yourself to the world.
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