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    Love or Above!

    If you want to know more about the course, Click Here >>>https://www.mindvalley.com/christie-marie-sheldon/love-or-above/ Then come back and purchase here for a special discount.
  • This approximately 75 minute audio will help you clear your patterns, programs, limiting beliefs and blocks sourced in issues related to self-worth, value, worthiness and being deserving!
  • This approximately 75 minute audio will help you clear the energy, limiting beliefs and repeating cycles of compulsive thoughts related to fear, doubt, worry and anxiety! If you struggle with these energy and patterns, then this is a audio is an absolute must!
  • Feeding Your Feelings: Are Your Food Cravings Really A Cry For Love? Join Us Live, Online, Saturday, October 8th @ 8 AM PST
    Have you ever had a nagging craving for a certain food that just won’t seem to go away?
    It just feels like the craving is so overwhelming that all you can think about is your favorite chocolate cake
    or a nice, gooey, chocolate chip cookie.
    Maybe sometimes find yourself mindlessly eating out of loneliness or boredom.
    Perhaps you feel out of control when it comes to eating certain foods.
    Every day, people are using food as comfort to fill in emotional voids so that they don’t have to face the real underlying issues in their life. In our minds, it feels like it's satiating some part of us that is lacking; love, support, control, or even to feel joy or happiness.
    Well, you're NOT alone. Not by a long shot.
    Join me in this live Group Clearing Event where we’ll figure out the energetic reasons why you don’t feel in control of your food cravings and uncover why food gives you emotional protection and security. The happy outcome is you gain control of your emotions and your eating habits and begin creating a healthy, balanced life filled with love, joy, and happiness. In this event you can: ~ figure out what created your food and eating behaviors. ~ Evaluate your environment and circle of influence to see what impacts your eating habits. ~ Learn how to discern between genuine hunger and other emotions that are triggering you to eat.
      FAQ: Q: Can I get the recording if I cannot attend? A: YES... You get the recording. A lot of people purchase the event even if they cannot attend. Why? You get a workbook and the recording to listen to over and over again after the event for deeper clearing. Q: Is this live, Christie? Or is it pre-recorded? A: I am really on it, reading your comments and helping you all as a group. Q: I did not get my link. A: Check your spam filter and add ChristieMarieSheldon@gmail.com to your contact list in your email inbox.  **Please note: A lot of people purchase this to listen to later if they cannot attend live. You will get a recording of the event. The deadline for purchase is 5 AM PDT, the day of the event. If purchase is not made by this time we can’t guarantee your registration link in time. If you purchased and haven’t seen your registration link, please check your spam folder and add this email to your approved contacts list–>christiemariesheldon@gmail.com
  • Love Or Above, is Christie's first main product filled with meditations, block clearing, and more. It teaches you to live the 'higher vibes' that accelerate manifesting. The original product information can be found here>>> CLICK HERE   This is an offer of a one time discount to current students of Christie's only.
  • This approximately 75 minute audio help you identify toxic relationships and the steps you should take to free yourself.
  • Online Clearing Event: SMH - Solving My Hangups Join me as we delve into some common patterns that often keep people stuck and clear away the junk that keeps them showing up! The happy outcome is that you shift your energy to focus on things that create happiness versus hangups. In this event you can: ~ Discover where you’re making choices based on historical evidence and past patterns ~ Become aware of things in your life that block your happiness and abundance ~ Find out what kinds of things you’re doing that actually repels money and abundance
  • This approximately 75 minute audio help you figure out why you struggle with organization and where to go from there!
  • This approximately 75-minute audio will help you clear the judgments, limiting beliefs, patterns, programs, and blocks around the energy of these emotions. Clear your blocks to create high vibration emotions you can use that to create the fun, free and exciting, happy life you desire!
  • This approximately 75-minute audio will help you clear blocks to receiving, seeing, expressing and sharing the energy of joyful laughter in your life.
  • This approximately 75 minute audio will help you clear your blocks to creating work and a relationship with your job that nurtures, nourishes and enriches you and your life!
  • If you think ANYTHING is possible, you are so right! The possibilities start with YOU! I have put together this bundle with you in mind.   Unblock the limiters that you and others have placed upon you and become the Infinite Being you are; YOU are POSSIBLE! Enjoy the bundled courses; ~Break All The Rules. Moving Into Boundless Possibilities! ~Creating Life Purpose ~Dream Big! ~Explode Past Your Problems! ~Soul Searching!-What Is The Purpose Of My Life?
  • This approximately 75 minute audio will help you clear your blocks to accessing your innate creativity and expressing it in the world.
  • Re-Send me my valuable, life-transforming stuff.
  • This approximately 75 minute audio will guide you from spending your time day dreaming and to starting to build your new realities!
  • Package of 5 Group Clearing Event Downloads
  • This approximately 75 minute audio will help you power through holiday family drama!
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