• NVM – New Value Model! By the end of this session, you’ll be thinking, “I know my true value and worth.”
  • Sadness Self-Sabotage: The Thin Line Between Loathing & Loving After A Loss Do you believe grief can sabotage your ultimate abundance? Struggling and suffering often go hand-in-hand with sadness. Sometimes, people want to get stuck there, in the sad. Waiting to get answers. Wanting an explanation. Refusing to move forward until someone takes responsibility for why they made us feel the way they made us feel. There’s a fine line between processing sadness and sabotaging your own happiness when you don’t allow yourself to truly grieve after losing something or someone dear to you. Join me as we take a look into the things that have made you sad in your life that you haven’t truly let go of yet and it’s blocking your abundance. The happy outcome is that you recognize where you’re allowing stuck sadness and unprocessed grief stop you from making abundant choices so that you can finally create what you want in your life. In this event you can: ~ Finally forgive yourself and others for any sadness you’re feeling in or about your life. ~ Start making choices to help you move forward through sadness after processing it. ~ Find the place inside yourself that provides all the answers you need to understand a loss and learn to love after it.
  • By the end of this session you be thinking, “ I love myself more than enough to live my truth!” Have you ever tried to pour water from an empty cup? That’s basically what you’re doing when you’re trying to take care of everything and everyone else in your life before yourself. Even if it’s from a well-intentioned place, it’s still not sustainable in the long-run. You’ll eventually blow up or meltdown because you’re not living authentically you! Join me as we go on a journey of self-discovery and truth. The happy outcome is that you fill in with so much self-love that you refuse to accept anything less in your reality. In this event you can: ~ Create a go-to self-care routine to quickly bring you back to center when things feel off. ~ See where you’re spread too thin and uncover alternate options. ~ Stand up and start living in the true reality that suits you.
  • Who’s The Boss, Baby? Clearing The 'Baby' Reward System.   Think about it... you were born a baby. You needed help with everything to survive.  Someone to feed you. Someone to cloth you. Someone to help you exist. Unfortunately, this engrains in you the energy of incapability. Now bring yourself to the present day. You are in the kitchen drinking your coffee. You have a report due with your boss. You don't want to do it. You procrastinate. You make excuses. You delay. What if... what if... this energy you are encountering is a subconscious block to being incapable and incompetent. Dare I say...maybe it's 'baby' energy. You see we get rewarded as a child sometimes for being cute and incapable. Mom and Dad give us love when we are cute and little. We are rewarded for being a baby with love and food and shelter. I call it the 'Baby' reward system. We are rewarded with love, care, food, and shelter for our incapability. Weird, right? It happens more than you think. Join me in this webinar and let's get to the root of some of your avoidance energy and let's move you out of it so you can do life with less resistance, avoidance, and drama. The happy outcome is to find the hidden blocks to starting that project or business or idea that is currently blocking you from being independent, thriving, and limitless.   In this event you can: ~ Deep dive into the energy from 0-7 where you wired yourself to stay cute and small. ~ Uncover all the hidden programs to sabotaging your abundance and independence. ~ Learn how to rewire your energy to "Go For It" naturally.
  • Bully Be Gone! Standing Up To The Mean Girl (or Guy) Vibe! How many times have you wished you had a magic wand you could whip out and make yourself disappear in a split second when a bully in your life is doing their worst to make you feel small? Or better yet… How many times have you wished you could just make them disappear instead? When you’re going through life constantly being beat down and bullied by people and circumstances, even your own inner-voice starts to follow suit and you end up drowning in a sea of self-doubt and resentment. In this live event, we’re going to uncover all the places you’re being bullied into living someone else’s version of life and shed the patterns that keep you leaking power to your bullies. The happy outcome is that you nullify the effect that bullies have on you and your life so that you can express yourself freely and happily, without fears or doubts. In this event you can: ~ Uncover why you allow your life to be dictated by your emotional reactions to your bullies. ~ Remove old resentments that keep you energetically attached to bullies from your past . ~ Reveal and neutralize your own inner self bully and uncover the hidden agendas that keep you playing small.
  •   By the end of this session, you’ll be thinking, “I can choose the actions of my Future Self NOW to create the reality of my dreams!”   (Scroll Down For More...)
  • This approximately 75 minute audio guide you out of your negative fixations, free yourself today!
  • 5 Group Calls On Intuition! Normally $97 each!
    1. Activate Your Heart Space.
    2. Be A Know It All After All.
    3. Clearing Intuition Blocks.
    4. Intuition Activation.
    5. Unleash The Power Of Your Intuition.
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    Get a package of 5 of my top wellness focused "Group Coaching Calls"!  
  • The Struggle Addict: Is Your Hard Work Really Paying Off? Do you know the difference between “hard work” and “struggling”? When we say “hard work”, it simply means putting forth the effort to do something that presents itself as difficult (at first). With everything in life, doing the work makes it happen. “Struggling” is really just the excuse we tell ourselves is normal when doing hard work isn’t getting you the results you want. So then you have to ask yourself the question… Is your hard work even paying off... or are you just appearing busy to yourself and the world while actually running on a treadmill of struggle? One of the main reasons people aren’t making the money they want is because they aren’t doing the things that are going to make them money! Join me as we explore the things you’re choosing to dedicate your energy to that’s keeping you busy not making money! The happy outcome is that you recognize what’s draining the profitability out of your life so you can upgrade those things to finally start bringing in money.   In this event you can: ~ Uncover the things that keep you attached to the struggle mindset. ~ Learn how to detach yourself from things that aren’t profitable to your life. ~ Shift and align your energy and actions to match your abundant happy end result.
  • ROFL - Rooting Out Foolish Lies By the end of this session, you’ll be thinking, “Those stupid stories from my past can’t hold me back anymore!” In this event you can: ~ Pinpoint where a stupid story or lie is stopping your progress. ~ Become aware of where you’re choosing to settle for what you don’t want. ~ Stop making a wrongness out of going for what you want to do.
  • You Get The June 6th Abundance Shazamming Event + Cindy Brown's Abundance Personified HomeStudy Program!" Normally reserved for her private clients only, save $249 today. Do you feel like your abundance is stuck?  Stagnant?  Never Enough?  Do you ever feel like you just don’t know what to do?  Do you procrastinate and make excuses instead of taking action?  If this is you, you have those pesky, horrible things called Abundance Blocks! In this live, online event, Cindy can help you uncover the top 5 abundance blocks most people have including…
    1. Feeling undervalued as if you don’t deserve it.
    2. Feeling stuck because you ‘don’t know’ what or how to move forward to manifesting more.
    3. Feeling that everything you do is wrong, not effective, or just not enough.
    4. Fear of putting yourself out there.
    5. All the silly stories/excuses where you accidentally blame your circumstances on why you don’t have more than enough.
    All of these blocks are keeping your abundance away. Cindy wants to help you by offering you 2 things! 1. Her Homestudy program called “Abundance Personified”  ($299 value)   PLUS…  
    1. Her June 6th abundance clearing event. ($149 value)
    Ask inside, if I jump in and do Cindy’s live session PLUS her homestudy program with 8 modules for abundance clearing day or night, will I earn more than the small investment of $199? When you hear “Yes!!!” then take action and click this button.
  • This approximately 75 minute audio will help you clear your patterns, programs, limiting beliefs and blocks sourced in issues related to self-worth, value, worthiness and being deserving!
  • This approximately 75 minute audio will help you clear the energy, limiting beliefs and repeating cycles of compulsive thoughts related to fear, doubt, worry and anxiety! If you struggle with these energy and patterns, then this is a audio is an absolute must!
  • It Feels Wrong To Move On: Are You Killing Your Happiness By Clinging To Grief & Loss? Join Us Live, Online, Saturday, December 11th @ 8 AM (Pacific Time) Have you ever experienced a loss so deeply devastating that you’re still holding onto pieces of the grief you felt when you first lost it? Sometimes the loss hurts so much, you can’t seem to fully get over it and you end up sabotaging your ability to move forward and feel something again. Whether you feel guilty for moving on when someone you love passes away or whether you’re still boiling with anger every time you think of how your ex left you high and dry instead of working it out… if you’re not allowing yourself to fully process your grief, you’re sabotaging your chance at ever finding true happiness because you’re staying attached to what you lost in the past! Join me in this live event where we’ll uncover all the reasons why you’re punishing yourself by not moving through your grief fully and accepting the happiness that awaits you on the other side. The happy outcome is that you learn how to cut the energetic cords keeping you attached to your loss and grief that stop you from moving on into a happier space. In this event you can: ~ Discover what emotions are hanging around in your energy field that won’t allow you to move on after a loss. ~ Reveal what you’re most afraid of about moving forward and letting go of your grief. ~ Shed any patterns that keep you trapped in cycles of suffering for your grief. FAQ: Q: Can I get the recording if I cannot attend? A: YES... You get the recording. A lot of people purchase the event even if they cannot attend. Why? You get a workbook and the recording to listen to over and over again after the event for deeper clearing. Q: Is this live, Christie? Or is it pre-recorded? A: I am really on it, reading your comments and helping you all as a group. Q: I did not get my link. A: Check your spam filter and add ChristieMarieSheldon@gmail.com to your contact list in your email inbox.  **Please note: A lot of people purchase this to listen to later if they cannot attend live. You will get a recording of the event. The deadline for purchase is 5 AM PDT, the day of the event. If purchase is not made by this time we can’t guarantee your registration link in time. If you purchased and haven’t seen your registration link, please check your spam folder and add this email to your approved contacts list–>christiemariesheldon@gmail.com
  • This approximately 75 minute audio help you identify toxic relationships and the steps you should take to free yourself.
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