• This approximately 75 minute audio will help you open your heart space to receiving and expressing more love as well as infusing your life with more high vibration Love or Above frequency energy!
  • BE Your Best Lover: Finding True Romance Through Self-Love! Are you someone who never seems to be lucky in love and thinks finding a wonderfully happy relationship with a truly compatible mate is never going to happen for you? How many times have you convinced yourself a mate liked you more than they actually showed you and you ultimately ended up feeling sad, rejected, and worthless? When your emotional desire to experience a passionate, exciting romance outweighs the balance between your logic, emotion, and intuition… you’re bound to make choices and decisions that actually sabotage your chances of ever having the type of relationship you want because you won’t be able to see beyond the anxiety and overthinking. Join me in this live event where we’ll bring your love life back into balance by laying a new foundation of self-love for you to use as a springboard to passion, love, and romance. The happy outcome is that you’ll fill in any romantic voids with self loving thoughts and actions so that neediness and desperation will never influence your romantic love life decisions ever again. In this event you can: ~ Understand what emotionally triggers you to become anxious in your relationships. ~ Remove any preconceived notions you have about romance and relationships. ~ Learn how to love yourself so much that you only make choices for your love life with someone who mirrors your love, affection, and passion.
  • This approximately 75 minute audio will help you clear your blocks so that you are freer to express your own needs and more open to getting them met in the way that works for you!
  • This approximately 75 minute audio will help you erase years of hurts, patterns, blocks and limitations created through your relationship with siblings and within your relationship with them!
  •  "Clearing The FamDamily Dynamics" an online clearing event to clear the blocks that create drama in your personal life. 12.26.2021, 8 AM Pacific time! 90 minutes long. See more details below. Just know that if you cannot make it live, you will get the recording. I personally, would not miss it...but any clearing is better than zero clearing. Spend some time clearing your Fam-Damily blocks and bring in 2022 drama-free.   Just so you know… I am gifting away over $25,000 worth of stuff on December 26th and January 8th. Therefore, if you wish to get more chances to win you should consider showing up for both events.  Click Here And Get One More Bonus>> https://christiesheldon.com/homestudy/day-3-bundle/
  • This approximately 75 minute audio will help you clear the old, out-dated and hindering vow, promises and commitments you made to yourself that are keeping you from creating the relationships you desire!
  • This approximately 75 minute audio will help you clear your blocks to creating a romantic relationship that matches what you desire to have in your life.
  • This approximately 75 minute audio will help you clear your blocks in love and relationship so you can create a radically different relationship reality that better suits your hopes, dreams and desires!
  • This approximately 75-minute audio will help you clear your blocks in your relationship with your Dad, which can not only impact your relationship with him but also many other areas of life such as relationships with bosses, co-workers, friends, siblings, offspring and romantic partners. Stop repeating the patterns you picked up from Dad or were triggered by how he was so you can be freer to create relationships that actually meet your needs!
  • Energy-Draining Environments: Are You Blocked By Your Current Circumstances? Aren’t you tired of settling for your current “ugh-xistence” and giving your energy over to crap you really don’t prefer in your life? The overly critical mate that brings you more misery than romance. The super-judgy friend that gossips about everyone and everything except themselves. The thankless coworkers that do none of the work but steal all the praise. If it seems like you can’t catch a break anywhere in your life and everything in it is draining you, it’s time you stop procrastinating and do the things required to improve it all. Join me in this live event where you’ll reveal the hidden patterns that keep you attracting people and situations that drain and tax you energetically. The happy outcome is that you start living life based on your own free will choice and create circumstances that you prefer so that they’ll ultimately lead you to your happy end result. In this event you can: ~ Uncover why everything in your life seems to go the opposite way then what you want. ~ Reveal the fear-based agendas that make you stay in situations that are sucking you dry. ~ Find the underlying things that create the thoughts and emotions that are toxic to you and your abundance.
  • One amazing "Family Blocks Clearing Program" with audios, videos, and tools to hunt down your pesky, Family Blocks! ($2400 value) Three Private, 50-minute consultations with Christie's personally chosen Intuitive Life Coaches! ($1499 value)     Workbook 20 Video Trainings! 35 Clearing Sessions 3 Private Coaching Sessions == Product is still in development!! It should be done shortly!
  • Family Ties That B(l)ind! Did you make a promise to follow in the footsteps of someone in your family but it didn’t feel like the right thing to do? Were there expectations you felt obligated to that carried over from childhood into adulthood that keep you from taking total control over your outcome? Too often, people are afraid to follow their dreams and live own life because they can’t see past the family junk that binds and blinds them. Join me as we dive deep into your beliefs and patterns to uncover how and where your family junk is affecting your life! The happy outcome is you release the restrictive family energies that hold you back and start creating life according to your own choosing. In this event you can: ~ Highlight where the crappy things in your life directly relates to family junk stuck in your energy. ~ Clear away the energy that creates your repetitive cycles. ~ Find out where even the “good” things learned from your family could be the thing that’s blocking you.
  • This approximately 75 minute audio will help you clear your blocks to receiving, being and expressing the high vibration Love or Above frequency in your life, your choices and your relationships!
  • This approximately 75 minute audio will help you clear your blocks in sourced in your relationship with your Mom, which can not only impact your relationship with her but also many other areas of life.
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