• Abundance of Love: Attracting The Love Vibe In Your Life! Are you tired of feeling like you'll never find the love you truly desire? Do you keep attracting the same type of partner who doesn't treat you the way you deserve? It's frustrating and disheartening to go through life feeling like you're not enough or that you don't deserve love. Old patterns you’ve picked up during childhood and negative experiences can leave deep-seated blocks that keep you from experiencing true joy and connection in your romantic life. These blocks can manifest in patterns of self-sabotage, attracting emotionally unavailable partners, and negative self-talk that further perpetuate the cycle of unhappiness. Join me in the clearing event; "Abundance of Love" so you can heal your inner child, let go of limiting beliefs, and release the patterns that are holding you back from attracting the love and relationship you truly desire. The happy outcome is that you create a new reality filled with love and abundance. In this event, you can: ~ Discover how to break free from old love patterns and negative self-talk that are keeping you from attracting the love you deserve. ~Gain a deeper understanding of your own unique love language and learn how to effectively communicate your needs and desires to your partner. ~ Experience a profound transformation in your relationship with yourself, and discover how self-love and self-acceptance are the key to attracting the love and abundance you desire.
  • Recover Your Heart: Overcoming Heartache When You’re Feeling Hopeless!
    Have you ever had a nagging thought that you would NEVER love anyone the way you loved a past mate or an old flame that you’re no longer with? Is it hard for you to get excited about attracting love and having a relationship because you’re heartbroken or still hung up on an ex? Does it sometimes feel like you’ll never find love again? Sometimes, we’ve been hurt SO badly by the loss of a romantic love that we build up these impenetrable walls around our hearts so we don’t open up to genuine love again, out of fear of experiencing that excruciating pain again. Join me in this Group Clearing Session as we explore all the reasons that avoiding pain has become more important than experiencing love. The happy outcome is that you’ll purge all the emotions and cords attached to old heartbreak and allow yourself to feel hopeful in love and romance again. In this event you can: ~ Remove the energies of chaos and crisis from around your heart space. ~ Remove old realities you imprinted due to past heartbreak. ~ Gain new awareness about your boundaries that help you reclaim your power to love.
  • Are You Duplicating Dad's Destruction?
    Are you trying to “prove” your ability to be successful to the father figure in your life? Do you find yourself working harder than ever for abundance only to find that you’re walking a path that doesn’t feel like your own? Is it hard for you to understand and connect with other male figures in your life because of a strained relationship with your dad? Join us in this Group Clearing Event as we uncover the father-figure struggles you have in your energy field that keep you from choosing abundant things. The happy outcome is that you neutralize your dad’s impact on your current life and upgrade into the next successful evolution of you living by your own rules. In this event you can: ~ Release yourself from all the places where you couldn’t be bigger than your dad. ~ Learn how to take responsibility for your dad’s views and desires for your life. ~ Uncover where you’re duplicating and/or rebelling against your dad and his rules.
  • Are You Mirroring Mom's Messes?
    Do you have one of those relationships with your mom where it sometimes feels like you’re still a kid? Maybe she’s always questioning your choices and second-guessing your motives. Or maybe she expects you to do what she says because you’re her child no matter how old you are. Whatever it is… how is it showing up in your life? Join me in this live Group Clearing Event as we uncover where you either duplicate or rebel against your mom’s energy so that you can uncover what’s productive in your life and what’s not. The happy outcome is that you revise and reframe your past experiences with your mom’s energy so that its impact on your current life is always positive and meaningful. In this event you can: ~ Reveal the unproductive patterns you’re duplicating from your mom. ~ Highlight which patterns of worry or destruction you picked up and clear them NOW! ~ Locate and obliterate any power struggles you have with your mother (or memories of her).
  • EXtract, EXpel, EXpunge: Get Rid Of Your Exes' Energy For Good!
    Have you ever met someone who reminds you of an ex that treated you horribly… and wondered why you’re still attracted to him? Have you ever tried to figure out why you keep attracting the same type of the wrong partner and repeating the same type of go-nowhere love cycles when all you’re asking the universe for is someone to love you as deeply and genuinely as you love? What if I told you the reason your love life is an endless cycle of the same unfulfilling situations is that you haven’t fully let go of your ex(es), no matter how much you think you have? Join me in this Group Clearing Event as we uncover where your love life is suffering now because you hold a grudge or vowed revenge on an ex. The happy outcome is you’ll be able to solve your love life problems stemming from holding onto old exes' energies and see massive breakthroughs in self-love and romantic love immediately.   In this event you can: ~ Reveal the underlying reasons you continue to hold what your exes say/feel about you true. ~ Get to the root of why you put up certain walls and boundaries that don’t fit your current life because of an ex. ~ Uncover where you’re duplicating and/or accepting the same toxic behaviors in every relationship.
  • 4 Homestudy Programs To Step into "Easy" Love!


    If you're looking for that one thing that may upgrade your love life...this is it! The Love Is Easy bundle is just for all those blocks that make "Love hard". Clear your space, set your intentions, and get manifesting the Love you DESERVE, NOW! One of my best selling programs, Plus 3 other Clearings...   *No substitutions. It's such a low rate/high value. Just do it.
  • Love, Love Love!
    How many different types of “love” do you process, feel, express… even long for… every single day? Romantic love, family love, love of life, self love, etc. — Do you feel that love comes TO you and FROM you easily… Or does it feel difficult? From early on we’re all taught different versions of love that are usually skewed away from your own internal happiness so by the time you reach adulthood, you’ve trained yourself to believe that love has to be HARD in order to be meaningful… and it’s showing up in your relationships, even with yourself! It’s TOXIC! Join me in this live Group Clearing Event where we’ll uncover all the places in your life where you’re making love harder than it needs to be and how it’s blocking your abundance. The happy outcome is that you can finally open up to creating and receiving the type of love you desire in all areas of your life. In this event you can: ~ Learn how to calibrate your energy to Love or Above so that you only allow loving energy into your energy bubble. ~ Set boundaries that align with how you want to feel and approach all forms of love with confidence and grace. ~ Get past old stories about love and embrace your own versions that suit your abundant reality.
  •  "Clearing The FamDamily Dynamics" an online clearing event to clear the blocks that create drama in your personal life. Spend some time clearing your Fam-Damily blocks and bring in 20XX drama-free.
  • Pop Quiz … How are “rose-colored glasses” tinted? With RED FLAGS! More often than not, a distorted version of love lives inside the hearts and minds of men and women that are based on things like weird romantic love worship, passive-aggressive communication, and emotional blackmail or manipulation instead of true, genuine love. It’s not your fault… It’s what you’ve been taught! Taught by your childhood, taught by society, taught by the Hollywood movies and romance novels that make turmoil and struggle in a relationship seem like the normal thing to do and want. Join me as we take a journey through the love stories you’ve picked up throughout your life and discover which distorted views of love have your current romantic life derailed or stagnant. The Happy Outcome is that you remove the red flags and toss the rose-colored glasses aside so you can finally see the love you truly desire clearly and attract it easily. In this event you can: ~ Learn how to communicate your love language easily and effectively. ~ Stop feeling like you have to walk on eggshells for fear of losing love. ~ Create a new version of love and romance according to how you feel, not what you learned.
  • BE Your Best Lover: Finding True Romance Through Self-Love! Are you someone who never seems to be lucky in love and thinks finding a wonderfully happy relationship with a truly compatible mate is never going to happen for you? How many times have you convinced yourself a mate liked you more than they actually showed you and you ultimately ended up feeling sad, rejected, and worthless? When your emotional desire to experience a passionate, exciting romance outweighs the balance between your logic, emotion, and intuition… you’re bound to make choices and decisions that actually sabotage your chances of ever having the type of relationship you want because you won’t be able to see beyond the anxiety and overthinking. Join me in this live event where we’ll bring your love life back into balance by laying a new foundation of self-love for you to use as a springboard to passion, love, and romance. The happy outcome is that you’ll fill in any romantic voids with self loving thoughts and actions so that neediness and desperation will never influence your romantic love life decisions ever again. In this event you can: ~ Understand what emotionally triggers you to become anxious in your relationships. ~ Remove any preconceived notions you have about romance and relationships. ~ Learn how to love yourself so much that you only make choices for your love life with someone who mirrors your love, affection, and passion.
  • The Love Test: Are You Getting Back What You’re Giving? Have you ever felt like you’re always “working” at love?  Are you tethered to concepts and notions about love that you can’t seem to find a true vibrational match for, even if you’re in a relationship?  Do you find you’re constantly having to compromise, or stand your ground, or defend yourself and your choices about love, either to your mate or to other people in your life? It’s easy to develop tunnel vision when it comes to the people we choose to love and how we choose to love them. Visions of a “perfect” mate can sometimes skew your perception to the point where you settle for falling in love with their potential, instead of their actions.  You end up overgiving to make a relationship work only to find yourself coming up short when you’re looking for the same love in return. Join us as we dive deep into the love energy that drives you to make the choices you make for love, even if it’s at the expense of your true happiness.  The Happy Outcome is you gain a new perspective on the giving and receiving flow of love and invite that energy into all of your relationships. In this event you can: ~ Learn to love from a confident, secure, joyful place. ~ Develop a clear understanding of why you love the way you do and how to upgrade it. ~ Set solid boundaries with yourself and others that keep you aligned with your happiest version of love.
  • Family Ties That B(l)ind! Did you make a promise to follow in the footsteps of someone in your family but it didn’t feel like the right thing to do? Were there expectations you felt obligated to that carried over from childhood into adulthood that keep you from taking total control over your outcome? Too often, people are afraid to follow their dreams and live own life because they can’t see past the family junk that binds and blinds them. Join me as we dive deep into your beliefs and patterns to uncover how and where your family junk is affecting your life! The happy outcome is you release the restrictive family energies that hold you back and start creating life according to your own choosing. In this event you can: ~ Highlight where the crappy things in your life directly relates to family junk stuck in your energy. ~ Clear away the energy that creates your repetitive cycles. ~ Find out where even the “good” things learned from your family could be the thing that’s blocking you.
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    Perfect Love, A Course For Manifesting More Love!

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    Perfect Love For You! The 6 Module Love Program designed to help you find love, keep love and experience a deeper connection to yourself. This program is for people who are in a relationship and want a spring cleaning on their love life.  Or... For people who are looking for love mates and are going through things that block this companionship from coming forward. In this course, I go over the main reasons why you are blocked, stopped and feeling unmet needs emotionally. In Module 1, we look at how you learned how to love and start unwinding the tales of your Mom and Dad's versions of love. In Module 2, we create the ideal perfect love match for you. It is important to really look at your true, needs & desires and not the 'storybook' romance novels versions. In Module 3, we look at your old expectations and how this was unmet. We start inviting in the quality love that is most desired. In Module 4, we unravel all the ways you block yourself from meeting your love match. In Module 5, we discover and clean up the cross purposes that put you at odds with harmonious love matches. In Module 6, we undo your 'love stories' and help you create new stories that fit your current desires. 
  • Have you ever declared something like, I’ll never date that (type of) person again!” or I don’t think I’ll ever find someone to love!!” or Why do all my relationships turn out the same way?” Did you know that the vibrations of thoughts like these can only bring up an abundance of more situations like these? That means, if you’re on sending out a love vibe you don’t want, you’re gonna get a love life that matches! Join me as we explore the energy of love on your own personal level and discover the love language you’re speaking to the universe. The happy outcome is you’ll develop a clear flow of love in your life and create the type of love life you see in your dreams. In this event you can: ~ Embrace your own version of the type of love you desire and that suits you best. ~ Discover what type of “love vibes” you’re putting out and get your mate on the same page. ~ Figure out how to run all of your love life decisions through a “self-love filter” to help you make the best relationship choices for your happy end result.
  • This approximately 75 minute audio will help you clear the limitations, patterns, programs and blocks that were created when you didn't get the energy, care, attention, acknowledgement or loving that you needed from Mom & Dad!
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