• Abundance: The Inevitable Reward Of Choosing YOU! Choice… The Final Frontier… Whether consciously or unconsciously… you’re choosing things all day long! Choosing what to eat… choosing where to go… choosing what to think. But how often are you choosing YOU? The real you. The abundant, happy version of you. You’re here on this planet with the most powerful ability there is to consciously choose how you want your life to be… How BIG are you actually willing to allow your choices to be? If you’ve ever allowed yourself to dream of a bigger, better life than the one you’re currently existing in… you have the power within you to create it! Join me as we navigate the choices you’re making in your life that are stopping you from choosing the most abundant things for yourself. The happy outcome is you recognize the power you hold to create the life you want for you and your loved ones through ultimately choosing YOU. In the event you can: ~ Tap into your personal power to make abundant choices and declare to live life your way. ~ Understand the power of your free will choice to create your reality exactly the way you desire. ~ Create solid personal intentions to align with your abundant path and actually start choosing it.
  • The Intuition Superhighway: Your Fast Path To Abundance!
    How often have you made a bad choice or picked something that turned out horribly and thought, “Something told me not to do it…”? You know what that something is, right? Your Intuition! Think of it this way...Choice is YOUR birthright! It’s fueled by your intuitionyour inner knowing…your Higher Self. Sometimes in life there are many choices and options that come up, it’s so hard to choose which one is the best option for you…which option is going to create the BEST outcome in your life? Feels like a gamble, right? Every single day, your intuition is nudging you towards exactly the abundance you desire… you just need to learn how to tune in and listen. I KNOW making a choice CAN feel like... you might miss out on something better… OR the level of uncertainty and doubt you have gets amplified and the “what if”s come to hang out. Why not take that vibe of missing out or uncertainty and turn it into KNOWING? I KNOW this is the path I need to walk. I KNOW this is the choice to make. I KNOW I will receive abundance in all areas of my life with THIS choice! It feels good KNOWING, doesn’t it? Let me help you get back into KNOWING! Join me in this live Group Clearing Event where we’ll highlight all the places in your life where you’re suffering unnecessarily because you’re ignoring your intuition. The happy outcome is you’ll learn how to proactively use your intuition to manifest abundant things into your life daily for the rest of your life. In this event you can: ~ Uncover all the reasons you shut down your ability to be intuitive. ~ Blow up the lies and old stories that say you have to play small and stay in your place. ~ Learn to discern when guidance is coming from your intuition or your inner critic.
  • PIA-Is It A Pain In Your "BLANK", too? Have you ever had a nagging pain that won’t seem to go away? What about a flash of heat or a muscle spasm that seems to come out of nowhere? WHAT IF YOUR PAIN...WERE A GIFT? Every day, our body gives us messages that signal more than just a physical response to something external. These signals come from the inside and have just as much effect on the body as a bruise showing up after getting hit with a stick. Join me as we break down the anatomy that ties emotional issues to all the body stuff you may be experiencing. The happy outcome is that you learn how to read your body signals and translate that into an increase of emotional intelligence and a decrease in body issues. In this event you can: ~ Discover hidden emotional issues by deciphering your body aches, pains, or issues. ~ Learn how your body communicates your intuitive guidance to you. ~ Shift emotional phrases and clichés that manifest in body pains or other issues you don’t want.    
  • Suppression or Expression: The Distorted Grieving Dilemma From the time we’re little kids, we’re told to not express sadness about things. Stop crying. Suck it up. Dry your tears. Your parents don’t want to hear your whining and sometimes you’d even get in trouble for it so you do the only thing you can as a kid... you push it down and suppress it. By the time we’re adults, after a lifetime of pushing sadness further and further down, the natural ability to process grief and sadness turns into a distorted explosion of mixed up emotions that can range anywhere from depression to rage expressed in unhealthy and unproductive ways that really doesn’t allow you to grieve whatever it is you lost in the first place. Join me as we tread the murky waters of your suppressed sadness so you can finally face the root cause of your grief to give it the true energy and attention it deserves and move on. The happy outcome is that you’ll gain a clearer understanding of your emotions and be strong enough to feel your full range of emotions without suppressing anything. In this event you can: ~ Understand the emotional triggers you have that indicate you still haven’t processed your grief. ~ See where your past is preventing you from making the choice to move forward. ~ Gain more emotional intelligence and allow yourself to express what you feel without judgement.
  • Awakening Your Inner Magician: Clearing Blocks to Intuition and Embracing Your Psychic Gifts!   Do you ever feel like you're not living up to your full potential? Have you ever had a gut feeling that you ignored, only to later regret it? Do you struggle with making decisions and wish you could tap into your intuition more easily?   Many of us were taught from a young age to ignore our intuition and rely solely on logic and reason. This can lead to feelings of being stuck, unfulfilled, and lacking direction in life. Join me in this event, "Awakening Your Inner Magician" so you can finally release those deep-seated blocks and fully tap into your intuition. The happy outcome is that you'll learn to trust your inner guidance and embrace your psychic gifts, allowing you to make decisions with confidence and live a more fulfilling life. In this event, you can: ~ Learn practical techniques for clearing the blocks that are holding you back from accessing your inner wisdom and intuition, and start living the life you were meant to live. ~ Discover how to trust your inner guidance and make confident decisions that align with your values and goals. ~ Overcome the fear and anxiety that often accompany financial struggles and learn how to cultivate a positive money mindset that attracts abundance and prosperity into your life.
  • Re: Your Intuition -- [Priority *URGENT*] Shhh… Did you hear that? That’s the sound of yet another opportunity passing you by because you chose to ignore that gut feeling that told you to act or do something. Maybe you stayed in a relationship a lot longer than you should have. Maybe you lost money in a bad investment. Maybe you missed out on a promotion because just didn’t think you could get it. Opportunities for abundance are surrounding you all day long, just waiting for you to grasp them… The only thing stopping you is not paying attention to your intuition! Join me as we take a journey along the intuitive pathway connecting you and the happiest, most abundant version of you so you can learn how to recognize the signs and signals you’re receiving from your intuition. The happy outcome is that you start seeing opportunities over obstacles and following your intuitive nudges without question. In this event you can: ~ Sift through all the junk telling you lies that your gut instinct is steering you wrong. ~ Navigate the emotional attachments you have to past choices that didn’t work out for you. ~ Open up to the unlimited ways your possibilities can show up to bring abundance into your life.
  • IDGAF - Imagination, Direction, Goals, Action, Focus! By the end of this session, you’ll be thinking, “I can actually make my dream reality happen if I’m totally willing to live my own version of life!”
  • It Feels Wrong To Move On: Are You Killing Your Happiness By Clinging To Grief & Loss?   Have you ever experienced a loss so deeply devastating that you’re still holding onto pieces of the grief you felt when you first lost it? Sometimes the loss hurts so much, you can’t seem to fully get over it and you end up sabotaging your ability to move forward and feel something again. Whether you feel guilty for moving on when someone you love passes away or whether you’re still boiling with anger every time you think of how your ex left you high and dry instead of working it out… if you’re not allowing yourself to fully process your grief, you’re sabotaging your chance at ever finding true happiness because you’re staying attached to what you lost in the past! Join me in this event where we’ll uncover all the reasons why you’re punishing yourself by not moving through your grief fully and accepting the happiness that awaits you on the other side. The happy outcome is that you learn how to cut the energetic cords keeping you attached to your loss and grief that stop you from moving on into a happier space. In this event you can: ~ Discover what emotions are hanging around in your energy field that won’t allow you to move on after a loss. ~ Reveal what you’re most afraid of about moving forward and letting go of your grief. ~ Shed any patterns that keep you trapped in cycles of suffering for your grief.
  • BE Your Best Lover: Finding True Romance Through Self-Love! Are you someone who never seems to be lucky in love and thinks finding a wonderfully happy relationship with a truly compatible mate is never going to happen for you? How many times have you convinced yourself a mate liked you more than they actually showed you and you ultimately ended up feeling sad, rejected, and worthless? When your emotional desire to experience a passionate, exciting romance outweighs the balance between your logic, emotion, and intuition… you’re bound to make choices and decisions that actually sabotage your chances of ever having the type of relationship you want because you won’t be able to see beyond the anxiety and overthinking. Join me in this live event where we’ll bring your love life back into balance by laying a new foundation of self-love for you to use as a springboard to passion, love, and romance. The happy outcome is that you’ll fill in any romantic voids with self loving thoughts and actions so that neediness and desperation will never influence your romantic love life decisions ever again. In this event you can: ~ Understand what emotionally triggers you to become anxious in your relationships. ~ Remove any preconceived notions you have about romance and relationships. ~ Learn how to love yourself so much that you only make choices for your love life with someone who mirrors your love, affection, and passion.
  • Call In Your Guidance! Clear the path and call in your guidance! Do you feel stuck, overwhelmed, and confused right now? Are you afraid to make BIG changes in your life because of fear, indecision, and lack of information? The outside world and the people in your life never seem to do what you want or need. It might feel like you can never make the problems and suffering stop. But you want peace and harmony, you want to live in a world where everything works out for you. You want to experience the ease and happiness that everyone else seems to enjoy… but it just doesn’t seem to happen for you, no matter what you do. Perhaps you might think the Universe is against you sometimes… like no matter how hard you try or how well you do, everything always goes wrong anyway. It’s like there’s some kind of invisible devil on your shoulder, pulling strings and sabotaging everything. We’re not taught to trust our intuition in childhood, or school, or in society. Our view of intuition is often limited to the ‘inner voice’, and that’s too small a picture. It takes practice to build trusting relationships with your Infinite Self. Join us in this Group Clearing Event where I’ll help you get rid of your inner saboteur and introduce you to the powerful intuitive guide waiting to support you. The happy outcome is You’ll receive a shift that will open up your connection to intuition, discernment, and clarity about how to make clear choices for abundance.   In this event you can: ~ Create movement with stuck issues that have prevented you from making a clear choice or creating forward momentum. ~ Gain clarity on the next steps you can take in order to move forward and create a powerful new future. ~ Receive guidance from your intuition that burns away your lack and opens up possibilities for your harmonious life experience.
  • “I”GPS: Inner Guidance Positioning System By the end of this session you’ll be thinking. “I can tune into my intuition and trust that I know exactly what I want for my life!” Have you ever been feeling a certain way about something and get this feeling in your body? Like maybe your stomach churns or the hairs on your arms stand up or a tingle shoots up your spine? That feel is your intuition. Some people may call it their “gut instinct” but whatever it is it tells them when something’s up. Intuition is something we can all tap into kind of like a Inner GPS to help guide you to choices that lead to your happy outcome. Join me on as we follow the path your intuition pulls you towards and tap into the messages you’re receiving in your body. In this event you can: ~ Tune in to the intuitive messages you receive on a daily basis. ~ Learn how to open up to how messages from the universe can download into you. ~ Discover how to use your intuition as your secret tool to get an edge up in life.
  •   How many times have you wished on a star, whispered a prayer, or meditated on manifesting something into your life? All of those desires are sent to the same place in hopes of getting a little help from a “higher power”, but have you ever thought of how you’re actually supposed to receive the answers for the things you’re asking? Would you know what to look for? Can you feel when you receive it? Would you trust yourself to know when you see it? Join me as we expand your focus to notice all the messages, signs, and nudges you receive daily from the universe in answer to your wishes and dreams!
  • Patterns, Trauma, Stories, & Drama [PTSD]: Clear What’s Blocking Your Best Life!   Do you ever wonder why the same crappy things keep happening in your life over and over again and nothing ever seems to work out in your favor? Well, just ask yourself… Why do you keep choosing things that didn’t work out before, or even worse, things that hurt you? It’s common to justify and rationalize your decisions as a defense mechanism before really figuring out what it is that’s actually blocking you from living your best life. Join me in this live event as we uncover all the hidden patterns and energetic promises to hold onto trauma that keeps you stuck. The happy outcome is that you’ll uncover and clear the underlying attachments you have to stories, trauma, and patterns that keep you repeating the same cycles so that you can move forward living a truly emotionally balanced life. In this event you can: ~ Understand how guilt and shame of past trauma stops you from moving forward. ~ Learn how to shift your feelings about past situations so you can stop reliving them. ~ Get rid of any fear-based agendas you have about releasing your trauma.
  • Crushing The Crappy Cycles of “Karmic Connection”! Does it sometimes feel like you’re stuck living someone else’s life and, no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to do anything right to change it? A mate constantly telling you what to do or what’s best for you… A parent always meddling in your business no matter what your age is… Daily obligations and routines leave you no time and energy for yourself. Sometimes we unconsciously keep our own energy locked into destructive patterns and unhealthy attachments like these because we’ve labeled them as karmic connections. Like that somehow means there’s nothing you can do about it. Join me in this live event where we’ll uncover the hidden reasons you’re uninspired to stand in your power and live your own truth instead of giving it away to something else. The happy outcome is that you’ll find and clear all the energetic ties that keep you stuck in destructive cycles and finally start living the life you choose, your way. In this event you can: ~ Acknowledge the emotional attachments you have that are unhealthy to your current happiness. ~ Discover old karmic promises and oaths that created your destructive patterns. ~ Reveal all the choices you’re making in life that aren’t really yours.
  • The Ultimate Path To Greatness: Steps To Being Your Infinite Self Right Now! Going… going… gone. Yet another opportunity to change, improve, and upgrade your life just came and went without you even noticing. Or maybe you did notice and instead of taking it, you ignored it and continued living your safe, boring “autopilot existence”. Have you ever asked yourself why you think accepting the status quo is the only way you can make your life happen when the truth is, you can make a choice that will change your life every single day? You just have to be willing to actually choose it! Join me in this live event as we uncover all the places you’re making excuses for why it can’t happen and start reshaping your reality into the one you most desire right now. The happy outcome is that you take back your power to freely create the reality you want to create in the most authentic expression of yourself. In this event you can: ~ See where you're dimming your light and refusing to step into your power. ~ Find out what you’re avoiding by refusing to be your intuitive infinite self now. ~ Start incorporating the habits and qualities of your infinite self in your daily life.
  • Bad A$$ Bliss: From Victim To Vibrant In 3 Abundance Building Steps! Here’s a question for you. Is your life happening the way you want… or are you choosing it this way? Are you shuffling through your day just going with whatever happens and making reactionary choices? Or do you hop out of bed and say, “I’m doing whatever it takes to make this happen today!” Everything you have in your reality right now is just a manifestation of the choices you’ve made up to this point. How much better would your reality be if you were consciously choosing it every, single day? Join me in this live event where you’ll remove all the anxiety and frustration of not knowing what steps to take and learn how to step into the bold role of your future abundant self right now. The happy outcome is you’ll create the blueprint for manifesting the reality you desire and learn how to use the tools to follow through on your goals in your daily life. In this event you can: ~ Remove all the places you’re fighting with yourself about moving forward. ~ Release any fears about past rejections that stop you from going for your dream goals. ~ Learn how to get over uncertainty and trust your intuition to guide you.
  • 5 Group Calls On Intuition! Normally $97 each!
    1. Activate Your Heart Space.
    2. Be A Know It All After All.
    3. Clearing Intuition Blocks.
    4. Intuition Activation.
    5. Unleash The Power Of Your Intuition.
    *No substitutions or exchanges. It’s such a low rate/high value. Just do it.
  • Energy-Draining Environments: Are You Blocked By Your Current Circumstances? Aren’t you tired of settling for your current “ugh-xistence” and giving your energy over to crap you really don’t prefer in your life? The overly critical mate that brings you more misery than romance. The super-judgy friend that gossips about everyone and everything except themselves. The thankless coworkers that do none of the work but steal all the praise. If it seems like you can’t catch a break anywhere in your life and everything in it is draining you, it’s time you stop procrastinating and do the things required to improve it all. Join me in this live event where you’ll reveal the hidden patterns that keep you attracting people and situations that drain and tax you energetically. The happy outcome is that you start living life based on your own free will choice and create circumstances that you prefer so that they’ll ultimately lead you to your happy end result. In this event you can: ~ Uncover why everything in your life seems to go the opposite way then what you want. ~ Reveal the fear-based agendas that make you stay in situations that are sucking you dry. ~ Find the underlying things that create the thoughts and emotions that are toxic to you and your abundance.
  • Cosmic Clout: Use The Power of The Universe To Bend Reality! How many times have you been told that things in life are supposed to be hard in order to be valuable? Love and relationships are hard work… Hard to “climb the ladder” at your job… Hard to raise a safe, happy family. Everything’s just… hard. It may feel like you've come to believe the things you were told by others... After a lifetime of working hard, it can start to feel like life is nothing but obligations and little to no enjoyment. First of all.... thats not fun... Secondly...That’s not life! What if there was a different way to do things? What if it actually isn't hard to get what you want? WHAT IF you tapped into the POWER you innately have? --The power to MANIFEST the life that you want! Create the life you want, starting NOW! You are TOTALLY CAPABLE of tapping into your manifesting powers. It could just be a few blocks or old stories that need clearing out of your life in order to express and LIVE your life with confidence and ease... BUT you just need the right tools. Well...I've got your tools right here! Join me in this event where we’ll uncover all the lies and excuses you tell yourself for why you can’t make life happen your way. The happy outcome is you’ll kickstart your manifesting mojo and start making life happen exactly the way you want it to happen in the best, happiest ways for you. In this event you can: ~ Learn how to start creating reality by shifting your perspectives, thoughts, and actions. ~ Uncover all the places you’re sabotaging yourself in life. ~ Uncover all the cross-purposes that are blocking you from being the energy you need to create the reality you want.
  • What do you see in your mind’s eye when you envision your future abundant self? Do you see yourself diving in and out of a vault full of money like Scrooge McDuck and literally “swimming in cash”? Some other unlikely scene? Or do you take a hyper-realistic approach and pretty much shut down any vision of abundance that doesn’t seem immediately possible to you? Did you know that no matter where you’re starting from, you can always conjure up the image of the ultimate happy end result you desire? But the question is … Would you allow yourself to imagine an abundant future you can actually believe in? Join me and open your imagination up to the unlimited possibilities you allowed yourself to dream as a kid! The happy outcome is that you allow yourself to start dreaming as big as you want and step into the abundant, happy YOU now! In this event you can:  ~ Align with the energy of your happy end result and start acting like that person now.  ~ Learn how to create your reality from the state of your abundant self.  ~ Clear away all the junk that stops you from dreaming big and going for it! Can I join these all year long and create loads of personal growth for a discount? Yes… CLICK HERE
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