• "Healing the Body-Mind Connection: Where Emotional Baggage meets Your Aching Back!"

    Embarked on your 57th diet this year? Tried every yogi, shaman, and juice cleanse guru on the Internet? Spent a small fortune on a jade face roller that turned out to be just a fancy paperweight? We've been there, done that, got the gluten-free t-shirt. See, we get it. You're trying to wrestle your health into submission, but that little devil on your shoulder keeps whispering "chocolate cake." Hold onto your tofu, because we've got news for you. Your physical ills could be rooted in something other than your love affair with cookies... This month, we play host to a fun-filled Extravaganza - "Healing the Body-Mind Connection: Where Emotional Baggage meets Your Aching Back." Here, we chat about those thorny issues you usually avoid, like why your binge-watching habit might be linked to your bad back, or how your pent-up rage at your boss could be the reason your digestion is all out of whack. Our promise to you is a health revolution. Sounds dramatic, right? But we're talking about the possibility of you shedding those invisible weights and feeling freer than a bird on a sugar rush. Ever felt like you're constantly applying fancy, overpriced band-aids to your problems? We have an alternative: embracing the emotional roots of your ailments. It's not as scary as it sounds, promise. Our method will help you uncover the cause of your physical symptoms, and the best part is - it doesn't involve tasteless diet foods. Tired of the persistent health issues, feeling like a human medicine cabinet, and living in a body that feels like it belongs to someone else? Then it's time for a change. Don't just stick a metaphorical band-aid on your problems. Find the root, pull it out and say "Not today, Satan." Join us as we journey down the rabbit hole of the Body-Mind Connection. Learn to tap into your body's wisdom... or at least figure out why it's demanding nachos at 2 am. Click the link for all the juicy details, but prepare to bid adieu to your stuck-in-a-rut health. In this event, you can: ~ Address the potential emotional and mental blocks that are creating energetic imbalances in your body, and who knows.. you may connect to the root of your physical ailments and experience true healing. ~ Release the emotional blocks and you may even feel how they are ‘attached to your body.  Who knows you may even feel lighter, more energized, and more in tune with your body's natural healing abilities. ~ Learn tools on how to tap into your body's innate wisdom and create a lasting, positive shift in your energy.
  • Vibrational Medicine: Just Ask What Your Body Needs When your body requires water, it shoots out a signal to let you know you’re thirsty. When your brain needs oxygen, it signals a yawn. When it needs nourishment, you get hungry. You body has a phenomenal way of letting you know exactly what it needs exactly when it needs it, and it’s something you can tap into to create the body you truly desire. You just need to learn what frequency you’re vibing on and what your body requires! Join me in this live event where you discover a bunch of new ways to energetically feel into your body and learn what it needs in order to function to its fullest capacity. The happy outcome is that you’ll develop a new relationship with your body so you can mold and shape it into the one you most want. In this event you can: ~ Learn how heavy, dense energy is affecting your body and what you can do to change it. ~ Discover how to pick up the subtle cues and clues your body is giving you to tell you it needs something. ~ Love your body on an entirely new level coming from the energetic space of love and joy.
  • Sadness & Self-Sabotage: The Thin Line Between Loathing & Loving After A Loss Do you believe grief can sabotage your ultimate abundance? Struggling and suffering often go hand-in-hand with sadness. Sometimes, people want to get stuck there, in the sad. Waiting to get answers. Wanting an explanation. Refusing to move forward until someone takes responsibility for why they made us feel the way they made us feel. There’s a fine line between processing sadness and sabotaging your own happiness when you don’t allow yourself to truly grieve after losing something or someone dear to you. Join me as we take a look into the things that have made you sad in your life that you haven’t truly let go of yet and it’s blocking your abundance. The happy outcome is that you recognize where you’re allowing stuck sadness and unprocessed grief stop you from making abundant choices so that you can finally create what you want in your life. In this event you can: ~ Finally forgive yourself and others for any sadness you’re feeling in or about your life. ~ Start making choices to help you move forward through sadness after processing it. ~ Find the place inside yourself that provides all the answers you need to understand a loss and learn to love after it. ** Best session to work on clearing the worst thing that has ever happened to you.**
  • Take This Junk & Shove It! Uncovering Crappy Emotions Hiding In Your Body. Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you’re in a bad mood, your body may crave something weird like salt or chocolate? Like your stomach could be twisted in knots because you’re pissed at your boss and for some reason, you calmed down while eating a bag of chips. Or maybe your chest felt heavy because you’re dreading having a conversation with your mate about cheating and scarfing down an entire chocolate bar (or two) seemed to balance you out and help you think. Your body is constantly sending you signals and giving you clues to your emotional balance and well-being. If you want to function at your optimal levels in both mind and body… all you have to do is tune in and listen. Join us in this live event as we uncover all the places you shoved old emotions and energies you didn’t want to deal with in your body so that you can sort through all the aches, pains, and dis-ease you experience to see where they’re attached to you. The happy outcome is for you to dispel old dense emotions from your body and allow yourself to operate at your optimal physical and emotional levels. In this event you can: ~ Sort through your thoughts, beliefs, and judgements and see where they’re showing up in your body. ~ Figure out what languaging you use that contributes to your body aches and pains without you realizing it. ~ Stop using your body as a storage space for crap you don’t want to deal with so you can’t start functioning optimally.
  • Patterns, Trauma, Stories, & Drama [PTSD]: Clear What’s Blocking Your Best Life!   Do you ever wonder why the same crappy things keep happening in your life over and over again and nothing ever seems to work out in your favor? Well, just ask yourself… Why do you keep choosing things that didn’t work out before, or even worse, things that hurt you? It’s common to justify and rationalize your decisions as a defense mechanism before really figuring out what it is that’s actually blocking you from living your best life. Join me in this live event as we uncover all the hidden patterns and energetic promises to hold onto trauma that keeps you stuck. The happy outcome is that you’ll uncover and clear the underlying attachments you have to stories, trauma, and patterns that keep you repeating the same cycles so that you can move forward living a truly emotionally balanced life. In this event you can: ~ Understand how guilt and shame of past trauma stops you from moving forward. ~ Learn how to shift your feelings about past situations so you can stop reliving them. ~ Get rid of any fear-based agendas you have about releasing your trauma.
  • This approximately 75 minute audio will help you mentally prepare to shed the excess that's been holding you back!
  • EXtract, EXpel, EXpunge: Get Rid Of Your Exes' Energy For Good!
    Have you ever met someone who reminds you of an ex that treated you horribly… and wondered why you’re still attracted to him? Have you ever tried to figure out why you keep attracting the same type of the wrong partner and repeating the same type of go-nowhere love cycles when all you’re asking the universe for is someone to love you as deeply and genuinely as you love? What if I told you the reason your love life is an endless cycle of the same unfulfilling situations is that you haven’t fully let go of your ex(es), no matter how much you think you have? Join me in this Group Clearing Event as we uncover where your love life is suffering now because you hold a grudge or vowed revenge on an ex. The happy outcome is you’ll be able to solve your love life problems stemming from holding onto old exes' energies and see massive breakthroughs in self-love and romantic love immediately.   In this event you can: ~ Reveal the underlying reasons you continue to hold what your exes say/feel about you true. ~ Get to the root of why you put up certain walls and boundaries that don’t fit your current life because of an ex. ~ Uncover where you’re duplicating and/or accepting the same toxic behaviors in every relationship.
  • Bad A$$ Bliss: From Victim To Vibrant In 3 Abundance Building Steps! Here’s a question for you. Is your life happening the way you want… or are you choosing it this way? Are you shuffling through your day just going with whatever happens and making reactionary choices? Or do you hop out of bed and say, “I’m doing whatever it takes to make this happen today!” Everything you have in your reality right now is just a manifestation of the choices you’ve made up to this point. How much better would your reality be if you were consciously choosing it every, single day? Join me in this live event where you’ll remove all the anxiety and frustration of not knowing what steps to take and learn how to step into the bold role of your future abundant self right now. The happy outcome is you’ll create the blueprint for manifesting the reality you desire and learn how to use the tools to follow through on your goals in your daily life. In this event you can: ~ Remove all the places you’re fighting with yourself about moving forward. ~ Release any fears about past rejections that stop you from going for your dream goals. ~ Learn how to get over uncertainty and trust your intuition to guide you.
  • Love, Love Love!
    How many different types of “love” do you process, feel, express… even long for… every single day? Romantic love, family love, love of life, self love, etc. — Do you feel that love comes TO you and FROM you easily… Or does it feel difficult? From early on we’re all taught different versions of love that are usually skewed away from your own internal happiness so by the time you reach adulthood, you’ve trained yourself to believe that love has to be HARD in order to be meaningful… and it’s showing up in your relationships, even with yourself! It’s TOXIC! Join me in this live Group Clearing Event where we’ll uncover all the places in your life where you’re making love harder than it needs to be and how it’s blocking your abundance. The happy outcome is that you can finally open up to creating and receiving the type of love you desire in all areas of your life. In this event you can: ~ Learn how to calibrate your energy to Love or Above so that you only allow loving energy into your energy bubble. ~ Set boundaries that align with how you want to feel and approach all forms of love with confidence and grace. ~ Get past old stories about love and embrace your own versions that suit your abundant reality.
  • Body Cleansing: What Feeds Your Body, Feeds Your Soul!  Have you ever felt highly emotional... such as sad, mad, or angry about something only to find comfort in a bag of chips or a bar of chocolate? Your body is sending you signals and messages all the time, triggering different responses to different stimuli, and a lot of it has to do with how you’re emotionally feeling.  Allergies, cravings, mood swings, pleasurable tingles… are the keys to messages your body is gifting you. Your body is always talking to you, gifting you with clues to your inner energy, It is your true partner and the only true home you have here on planet Earth. You may work on clearing your mind and uplifting your spirits … but sometimes your body is an afterthought. You have to clean it, love it, and take care of it for 70+ years. Join us as we tune in to your body's communication system and uncover the energetic and emotional gifts, messages, & clues your body is sending you. The happy outcome is that you know what you need on a mind, body, and soul level and begin to create two-way communication with your body. In this event you can: ~ Learn the 'body' language that connects you to the truth of what is happening inside your body.  ~ Understand your body’s process for handling your emotional needs. ~ Discover the telltale signals your body may need something from you that you are confusing for hunger.   
    Here are direct posts from the webinar chat box:
    Christie... thank you. This was by far the best webinar I have ever done with you and I have done your intuition training.
    Thanks CMS... my headache has left me. It feels like for good.
      Shoulder pain lessoned.  I now know why I broke my ankle. Thanks.
    I was shocked and surprised my cancer feels different. I feel so much lighter. 
      I'm 57. Feeling in my 20's for sure! My stomach looks smaller.  That is some crazy stuff.   I heard fat on the thighs has to do with the father.  Is that true?
    So many things came up before this se4ssion...now feel amazing and healed.   This seminar is POWERFUL!  It woke me up to sign for it! HAHAH in the middle of the night. 
    Scale of 1-10: went from 6 to 9 about being happy in my body!!! And my shoulder feels so much better now that I got the knife out of it - LOL!!!
    I have seen miracles about my body, energy this entire year by just following CMS tools & attending your sessions. Coming out of depression without pills is a miracle for me. I feel amazing all day. Thanks, Christie
    My left foot feels better.
  • Feeding Your Feelings: Are Your Food Cravings Really A Cry For Love?  
    Have you ever had a nagging craving for a certain food that just won’t seem to go away?
    It just feels like the craving is so overwhelming that all you can think about is your favorite chocolate cake
    or a nice, gooey, chocolate chip cookie.
    Maybe sometimes find yourself mindlessly eating out of loneliness or boredom.
    Perhaps you feel out of control when it comes to eating certain foods.
    Every day, people are using food as comfort to fill in emotional voids so that they don’t have to face the real underlying issues in their life. In our minds, it feels like it's satiating some part of us that is lacking; love, support, control, or even to feel joy or happiness.
    Well, you're NOT alone. Not by a long shot.
    Join me in this Group Clearing Event where we’ll figure out the energetic reasons why you don’t feel in control of your food cravings and uncover why food gives you emotional protection and security. The happy outcome is you gain control of your emotions and your eating habits and begin creating a healthy, balanced life filled with love, joy, and happiness. In this event you can: ~ figure out what created your food and eating behaviors. ~ Evaluate your environment and circle of influence to see what impacts your eating habits. ~ Learn how to discern between genuine hunger and other emotions that are triggering you to eat.
  • This 75-minute audio will help you become aware of the reasons you have aches and pains and how to clear them.
  • This approximately 75-minute audio will help you become aware of how to clear your body's old beliefs and patterns.
  • This 75-minute audio will help you clear your blocks and see how incredibly beautiful you are.
  • BODY: Put The YOU Back In Youth! The achy knees, the sore back, the sharp pain in your leg. How many body issues do you think are just a part of “getting old” and there’s really nothing you can do about it? Did you know that a lot of times we unwittingly create the energy that causes us these aches and pains because we have hidden fears attached to aging or getting old? Join me as we revitalize your view on aging and pump fresh, new energy and youthful spirit into your daily life!
  • This approximately 75 minute audio will help show you that food has a sole purpose, you can lift yourself from your emotional cycles!
  • This 75-minute audio will help you become aware of how you can relax and experience a peaceful reality.
  • This 75-minute audio will help you become aware of what's eating you so you can clear your food blocks.
  • This approximately 75 minute audio will help you see the REAL YOU! You are BEAUTIFUL!
  • Broken Promises and Promises Meant To Be Broken!

    Have you ever declared, “I’ll never love anyone the way I love you!” and then end up in a string of bad relationships with other people after you break up? Have you ever promised to do something you had no intention of doing or swore a vow to someone before things fell apart?

    Do you find yourself repeating scenarios of the same cycles you’re trying desperately to break? When you devote your energy to oaths, pacts, vows, and promises made with good intentions but that ultimately dwindled, your energy is still devoted until you actively address the vibes that remain. Join me and find all the places you created vows and oaths that bind you to energy that no longer serves you! The happy outcome is that you’ll release yourself from those pacts that hold you back! In this event you can: ~ Reverse-engineer your patterns to find hidden oaths and promises you made in your life. ~ Cut cords and attachments to people and situations that feed negative patterns. ~ Take back the energetic keys you gave to people in your life and return any responsibility you took on for someone else’s keys.
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