• 6 Homestudy Programs To Clear Up Family Relationships!


    Let's face it. You take in the energy of those you grow up with.

    From age, 0-7 your brain waves are in theta soaking up the environment. 

    This is great as it helps you become the version of the 'person' you wish to be. Hopefully, your loved ones growing up were conscious, aware humans!

    Not so great if they have wounds & unhealed 'human' issues.

    ...So how do we delete the infected parts of us that took in the not-so-cool stuff?

    My tools. They help you clear the baggage and just get over it. 

    Bottom line... If your family still stirs you up and pushes your buttons, you need this bundle of holiday magic. 

    If you find yourself duplicating their money blocks and love life issues or happiness levels and you are not manifesting life, your way...you need this bundle of holiday magic. 


      If you like this bundle, check out the December 26th, 2021 Session: Clearing The FamDamily Blocks...CLICK HERE! *No substitutions. It's such a low rate/high value. Just do it.
  • 6 Homestudy Programs To Help You Delete Old Heartaches!


    Let's face it. Stuff happens.

    You date the wrong person. Your best friend is a shark posing as a whale. You and your mate are having a mid-life relationship bump. 

    You live. You learn.

    But sometimes the old emotions tug at you and this blocks you from moving forward.

    How do you know if you need this package of holiday magic?

    You need this package if you have a huge heart and plenty of love to share, but believe your furbabies make you happier than a person.  

    Or… you think vegging out on the couch watching Netflix or gaming is long-term happiness. You think, “I don’t need to extend myself and make new friends.” 

    Or… you think your mate is deceiving you and you cannot get over it. 

    “Hold on Christie, my furbabies give me unconditional love. A person doesn’t.” 

    “I can’t get over my mate deceiving me. It haunts me.”

    Please consider….you can get over the past. You can manifest the type of quality relationship you want. 

    This heartache energy that lives in your energy field is clogging up your emotional plumbing.  Have you ever looked at a nasty, clogged pipe? That’s your energy with all the old heartaches blocking you from freely enJOYING and receiving LOVE. 

    So….take a shot. 

    Heal some crap.

    Forgive yourself.

    Move on. Create a life you love. 

    You might actually find yourself opening up to the idea of quality love again. 

    Why not?

    (If you are super ready to manifest love? You may want to check out my “Perfect Love” program.)

    Look here>>>https://christiesheldon.com/homestudy/perfect-love/

    *No substitutions. It's such a low rate/high value. Just do it.
  • 3 Homestudy Programs + 1 Amazing Webinar all bundled to help you to follow the signs your intuition is always giving you.

    Your Intuition Is Your Super Power!

    What do you think when you think about intuition? Easy? Hard? Most people have no idea what is possible to use your intuition for and how to harness it's awesome powers.

    I use my intuition for everything. Eeeeevvvv-er-y-thing.

    I use it to run a hugely profitable, business.

    I use it for my personal happiness and knowing how to get what I want.

    I use it for all my personal relationships and knowing how to communicate with people for win-win relationships.

    I use it for any task so I can get it done faster, quicker, better.

    I use it for negotiation for homes, cars, services like cable, phone, etc. 

    I use it to hire contractors and professional services from people who actually work for me in my office to plumbers, trades professionals, etc.

    Any question you have can be tuned in and asked with your Higher Self for clarity and wisdom!

    • Should I take this job?
    • How do I get a raise?
    • What business is the most profitable to me?
    • Should I put my kid in this school?
    • What would make me happy?
    • Why am I feeling this way?

    Any... Question....Can.....Be..... Asked!

    Get the bundle... watch the webinar... get started on the most important skill you have.

  • 3 Homestudy Programs + 1 Amazing Webinar all bundled to help you to get over yourself and make it happen. Happiness happens for you in 2021!

    No More Waiting! Boldness Manifests Your Dreams!

    Tired of sucking it up?

    Feeling kinda victimized by 2020?

    To me stepping into your power means creating a life you love.

    It means… no more sucking it up. 

    It means tune-in, take guided, aware actions, and jump into the next reality where things just work!

    Boldness in it’s simplicity means taking the actions you know will give you the most rewards.

    We all have something we want in 2021.

    *Deeper peace? 

    *More abundance? 

    *Time with friends and family?


    *A career that makes you feel rewarded?

    *Living your life purpose?

    *Being proud of yourself because you are living the life you were born to live.

    Boldness can be cultivated. 

    Boldness can be calm and straightforward...

    Boldness is an inner strength….not an outward, ‘fake’ ego thing.

    Boldness is knowing you will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

  • Happiness is actually comprised of a bunch of choices, you have made into how you view things. It's your story of what happens to you.  Where your mind and energy focus, a vibe happens. This vibe is either judgy and critical, angry, happy, positive...it all depends on what you feel about what is being created all around you.  Case in point: If something wonky happens to me... my first energetic response is 'Wow, that's awesome that I now have an opportunity to clear a block." And then I take my free will choice and remove it and replace it with what I actually want. So...when the sh*t hits the fan, what is your response? 'Oh...not that again?" (Expectation that something always goes wrong.) "I must be cursed." (Feeling like you cannot control the outcome/disempowered.) "Why does this stuff always happen to me?" (Victim/something is out to get me.) You have a choice...and I want to help you. How? By switching your point of view, I can show you how to shift your happiness level and thereby increase your abundance, and manifesting powers. Now that sounds like a winning combo.
    ​Use these 4 Home Study Programs and upgrade your happiness levels.
    Home Study #1: Happiness And Abundance Are A State Of Being!Find what is blocking your happiness and remove it.
    Home Study #2: Happiness Is An Energetic Choice! Master the vibe called happiness to improve your manifesting.
    Home Study #3: Giving Thanks For All Your Life! Great-fuel-ness is the fuel needed to spark you into manifesting the good stuff. 
    Home Study #4:  Create And Create And Create! Creation is your natural state. You are a 'Creator Being In A Body' so you might as well upgrade and start creating what you really want vs. the sh*t you are calling your life. ;  )
    Home Study #5: Intuition Block Clearing Webinar Replay. The only way to get truly happy is to always know what to do. Let's be real... if you knew what to do to make $1,000,000 you'd do it, right? Train your intuition and stop creating uninspired choices. 
  • Package of 5 Group Clearing Event Downloads
  • 5 Group Calls On Intuition! Normally $97 each!
    1. Activate Your Heart Space.
    2. Be A Know It All After All.
    3. Clearing Intuition Blocks.
    4. Intuition Activation.
    5. Unleash The Power Of Your Intuition.
  • If you think ANYTHING is possible, you are so right! The possibilities start with YOU! I have put together this bundle with you in mind.   Unblock the limiters that you and others have placed upon you and become the Infinite Being you are; YOU are POSSIBLE! Enjoy the bundled courses; ~Break All The Rules. Moving Into Boundless Possibilities! ~Creating Life Purpose ~Dream Big! ~Explode Past Your Problems! ~Soul Searching!-What Is The Purpose Of My Life?
  • Get a package of 5 of my top wellness focused "Group Coaching Calls"!  
  • 6 Homestudy Programs all bundled to help you find ease in your body.

    Wooop Wooop!


    It seems like a lot of people are complaining about aches and pains right now.

    2020 was a very ‘stuck’ year and so that type of energy can translate into body gunk. Is this you?


    Fun facts: #1 In my line of work, I see people store their thoughts, feelings, and emotions into parts of their body all day long.

    #2 There are often 1-4 hiding spots for all the gunk you don’t want to deal with.

    #3 If you are a person who is in denial, you will hide the stuff in your body and make it harder to find.

    #4 If you are a ‘nice’ person, I promise you, you don’t want to feel anger, so you will store that in your body and not be able to find it with ease.

    #5 If you are a person who does not like to feel…. you will turn down/off your feelings and shove them in your body so you don’t have to deal with ‘feeling’ your emotions.

    #6 It is common for clients to notice that places where they store their emotions often have a history of aches and pains or some unease.

    #7 I can teach you to find these hiding spaces and I want to give you a special discount to just get over it.


    It is time to release you from your old emotions and get on with it...don’t you think?

    2020 was kinda stuck energy and 2021 wants movement… energy...upleveling...bliss.


    So let’s get over it and get a move on.

  • Sale!
    12 Unlimited Abundance Programs packaged together for YOU! All 12 Programs are in sequential order, with a helpful guide included!
  • Sale!

    The Biz Bundle

    It's all about the business...Check out my Biz bundle that includes the most requested courses to help get back into the business of YOU! Bundle Includes:
    Work Tweak: Tweak Your Job Into Working For You
    Moving Up the Ladder Focus, Focus, Focus Winner! Create the energy of Winning Energy Create, And Create, And Create Enterprise: The Business Energy You Refuse To Cultivate Attracting Alliances That Help You Creating Explosive Growth! Explode Past Your Problems The Busy-ness Of You
    The Business of You
    Mind Over Money
    The Power
    ​The Power
  • 12 Unlimited Abundance Programs packaged together for YOU! All 12 Programs are in sequential order, with a helpful guide included!
  • 12 Unlimited Abundance Programs packaged together for YOU! All 12 Programs are in sequential order, with a helpful guide included!
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