• Take This Junk & Shove It! Uncovering Crappy Emotions Hiding In Your Body. Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you’re in a bad mood, your body may crave something weird like salt or chocolate? Like your stomach could be twisted in knots because you’re pissed at your boss and for some reason, you calmed down while eating a bag of chips. Or maybe your chest felt heavy because you’re dreading having a conversation with your mate about cheating and scarfing down an entire chocolate bar (or two) seemed to balance you out and help you think. Your body is constantly sending you signals and giving you clues to your emotional balance and well-being. If you want to function at your optimal levels in both mind and body… all you have to do is tune in and listen. Join us in this live event as we uncover all the places you shoved old emotions and energies you didn’t want to deal with in your body so that you can sort through all the aches, pains, and dis-ease you experience to see where they’re attached to you. The happy outcome is for you to dispel old dense emotions from your body and allow yourself to operate at your optimal physical and emotional levels. In this event you can: ~ Sort through your thoughts, beliefs, and judgements and see where they’re showing up in your body. ~ Figure out what languaging you use that contributes to your body aches and pains without you realizing it. ~ Stop using your body as a storage space for crap you don’t want to deal with so you can’t start functioning optimally.
  • Dream Driver: Your Big “Why" By the end of this session, you’ll be thinking, “My dream is my reality and I’m going for it!” Have you ever wanted something so bad, you could almost physically taste it? Something you can’t stop thinking about that consumes your every waking thought? Is it all-consuming because you’re totally focused and moving forward towards that thing? Or is it because it feels far away and unachievable from where you currently are? If what you’re doing now isn’t bringing you the joy and abundant fulfillment you expect, it’s time to start evaluating what it is you’re doing and why. Join me and get to the core of what’s driving your ambition or your apathy. The happy outcome is you’ll align with what makes you truly happy in life and direct your drive towards achieving all your dreams. In this event you can: ~ Gain clarity on your ‘big why’ and your reasons to go for it. ~ Open yourself up to believing you can dream as big as you want and actually get it. ~ Learn where things in your current life don’t align with what you see for your future abundant self. ~Recognize and clear the energy you imprinted as a baby (Baby Energy).
  • Non-Cents! At the end of this session, you will have cultivated an attitude of "There are more than enough resources, money, and abundance available to me." Do you secretly believe that "I don't have enough _______." and then fill in the blank with things like 'time', 'money', 'options', 'opportunity', 'wisdom', 'know how', 'connections', 'people to ask for help from', etc.? This idea blocks the very thing that you want more in life. Join me as we straighten out your blocks to having enough. What would it take for you to know that life can be a box of chocolates...filled with all of your favorites? In this session, you will... ~ Find the quality business partnerships you are desiring. ~ Look for hidden resources that are all around you. ~ Find the blocks to knowing what to do and creating the time to do it.
  • Money: Your Force For Good! At the end of this session, you will be thinking..."Money is a source and a force of good in my life." Do you feel victimized by money and robbed in life pursuing it? Is money stealing your joy because you are doing things you detest in order to grab it? What if you could arrange your life to abundantly attract money from the space of "This is fun! Money is a joyful experience?" Join me as we reframe your story about money. The happy outcome is you look at money the same way you look at everything you love. In this session, you will... ~Create more joy in your money. ~ Align with the positive aspects of making it. ~ Stop generating fear and bad luck in your money cycles.
  • Blow Your Budge-It! At the end of this session, you will be thinking...."I can budge my budget." Do you have a budget that won't budge? A long time ago, I made a change by deciding that my budget wasn't going to control me, I was going to take charge and make my money work for me...not against me. Join me as we budge the blocks stopping your abundance. The happy outcome is you have a plan and take some action on it. In this session, you will: ~Locate the ways you are leaking money with zero rewards back to you. ~ Discover the shocking ways you blow your money on non-cents. ~ Find the hidden pattern of spending that wreaks havoc on incoming money.
  • Guilt Freedom! At the end of this session, you will be thinking... "I deserve a life I love, I feel guiltless over having an amazing quality of life." What if you have a secret hidden ' guilt' over having more than others? Usually, my "nicest" clients have the most doubt, fear, and guilt which block abundance for themselves. Why? Secretly they are 'givers' and nice people feel guilty having more than those around them. It's a common thing for me to clear this energy with clients. Join me as we unlock the doors to more prosperity. The happy outcome is you unblock your flows to abundance. In this event, you will: ~Pick the quality of life you really, really, really want. ~Locate hidden blocks that stop you from feeling amazing about creating this life. ~Stop pounding the pavement wondering why you still aren't getting what you deserve.
  • Monetize YOU! I'm a business... Have you ever thought of yourself as a business? What about something you’re really awesome at? This can actually bring you money in life... the things that we're naturally good at. If you're good at something, somebody is willing to pay you for that skill. Your job is to bring awareness to others that are willing to be paid for this skillset. BUT, you gotta show up! Join me as we help you uncover all the things that you could get paid for. Step into the power of monetizing yourself. The happy outcome creeating AND LIVING your true abundance.   In this event you can: ~Create products from things you naturally good at it. ~ Learn and KNOW the value YOU bring to people. ~Discover ways to sell, offer and monetize your gifts.
  • Challenge YOU! If challenging situations and other gunk comes your way…  How do you react?   Do you run? Do you stop? Do you hide? Do you break down?   Or are you the type of person that’s certain this is just a minor detail and  you’re going to overcome it with ease?   When a challenge shows up, do you thrive and look it straight in the face?  I want to help you overcome your resistance!   Conquering anything in your way for your next abundant leap.   Today, we’re going to look our stops and our blocks straight in the eye!  The Happy End Result is to get you in the energy of yes, yes, yes, yes.  And get you on your abundant path!   In this event you can: ~Master and overcome apparent obstacles. ~Stop telling yourself you can’t do something.  ~Stand over your perceived obstacles and create a new triumphant goals and paths with tons of opportunities.  
  • The Gift Of You! If you don't love you and see you as a gift ... How do others see you? You reflect outwardly what you feel inwardly. We are an infinite being in a body and we can offer a lot to the world! This very act of acknowledging ourselves strips away the judgments that force us to lower or settle our standards of living. Let your light shine! The happy outcome is you love you and this gift allows others to really see the light you bring in the world.   In this event you can: ~Acknowledge & nuture the talent you bring to the table. ~ Create and take the steps to get paid for being you. ~Move into seeing it as a kindness to share these gift.
  • You Plus+! What are you avoiding becoming that would create massive abundance? You're a 'being' not a 'doing', being full you; owning up to your potential and stepping into it creates the 'doing' that is needed. If you act from that space, all actions are intuitively guided. You're on this journey to explore, have fun and be happy and let's face it. Having abundance makes all those things easier. Wouldn't that be amazing to believe the energy of "I am more than enough"? I am capable. I deserve to be rewarded. My life is freaking amazing.   Check inside. Are you willing to do or be whatever is needed to create more abundance? Are you literally willing to do whatever the freak it takes? You Plus+ is really about going intensely deep. Diving into the two things that usually block my clients the most ... not willing to be a certain thing in order to make something happen or they're not willing to do a certain thing.   In this event you can: ~ Clear all the junk that holds you back from being your True, Abundant-Self! ~ Step into the power of making choices FOR YOU; make it happen! ~ Create trust with your Inner self and MANIFEST!
  • Stupid Stories! Sometimes we have these themes in our lives we never really get rid of. We clear around them. We study them. We think we got them, but ... and there's always a big but ... things show up that show us we never really got to the deepest part of our sabotaging stories. You got some people that are in total denial. They don't know their stories...And then you have other people who really love their stories 'cause it keeps them a little victim-y. Like life’s not their fault. Some people spend so much time talking about their freaking story... They can’t let it go. Do you wanna change that? Let's change that. Quit talking about your story. Let's change it! Your happy end result you will be thinking, "Okay, I can let go of some lifelong patterns and blocks.".   In this event you can: ~ Identify and clear the stories that keep you from being in your Highest Truth! ~ Shift your perspective on the stories that no longer serve you. ~ Be empowered to create your new story filled with Light, Love and all things AMAZING!  
  • Bigger, Badder, Bolder! So ask yourself and be honest … are you settling?   Do you really want something else but you secretly don't think you can actually get it and you settle for something less? Can you understand that settling is not very motivating, right?   So maybe the sole reason for your procrastination is you simply are not actually  going for what you really, really, really, really want. Consider the next phase of your  life, the year you choose to actually go for what you really, really, really, really want.   Your happy outcome for today is for you to boldly follow your true calling.  Okay, comfort zones, be gone.    In this event you can: ~Identify past patterns where you settled for less ~Realize what  it means to be a truly unlimited being ~Make a list and take action to manifest  your highest and best dreams and goals. 
  • The Edge Of Comfort! Your comfort zone looks like this…  Picture you're sitting in your castle, your reality, okay?  You're surrounded by a moat full of alligators. These alligators are your abundance  blocks. You can’t rule and move into the entire abundance kingdom because your  blocks, these alligators, are fencing you off from leaving the castle.  You thought the moat filled with alligators is keeping you safe in your castle, right?  So your only option, in my opinion, is to become so powerful you don't need a moat full of alligators keeping you safe and secure. You jump over, you eliminate all your  alligators and your abundance blocks, and just move forward.     In this event you can: ~Identify past programs that keep you stuck in your current comfort zones.   ~Clear your fear blocks and move out of your safe reactive zone, right? ( It's not really safe, but you think it's safe.) ~Take action every day on finding  and healing whatever comes up in every now moment.
  • No Big Deal! At some level, you want more abundance, right?  Let's figure out why you don't have it... because your spiritual self, your infinite self, can totally guide you to make choices and shift and change into being the version of your abundant self.  If you don't feel and have abundance, that means you might have to take new  actions, you might have to get a different job, you might have to start a business, you  might have to grow and change, but there's a disconnect that’s not allowing your  spirit to help you create the material worth that you're looking for.  The happy end result is that you embrace your capabilities, know your true worth, and you're living from that space to create abundance.   In this event you're going to... ~Identify past patterns of low self-esteem ~Increase your self-worth into your true value ~Raise your energy so that you can  align with your true nature because you’re connected as a creator being.
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  • It Feels Wrong To Move On: Are You Killing Your Happiness By Clinging To Grief & Loss?   Have you ever experienced a loss so deeply devastating that you’re still holding onto pieces of the grief you felt when you first lost it? Sometimes the loss hurts so much, you can’t seem to fully get over it and you end up sabotaging your ability to move forward and feel something again. Whether you feel guilty for moving on when someone you love passes away or whether you’re still boiling with anger every time you think of how your ex left you high and dry instead of working it out… if you’re not allowing yourself to fully process your grief, you’re sabotaging your chance at ever finding true happiness because you’re staying attached to what you lost in the past! Join me in this live event where we’ll uncover all the reasons why you’re punishing yourself by not moving through your grief fully and accepting the happiness that awaits you on the other side. The happy outcome is that you learn how to cut the energetic cords keeping you attached to your loss and grief that stop you from moving on into a happier space. In this event you can: ~ Discover what emotions are hanging around in your energy field that won’t allow you to move on after a loss. ~ Reveal what you’re most afraid of about moving forward and letting go of your grief. ~ Shed any patterns that keep you trapped in cycles of suffering for your grief. FAQ: Q: Can I get the recording if I cannot attend? A: YES... You get the recording. A lot of people purchase the event even if they cannot attend. Why? You get a workbook and the recording to listen to over and over again after the event for deeper clearing. Q: Is this live, Christie? Or is it pre-recorded? A: I am really on it, reading your comments and helping you all as a group. Q: I did not get my link. A: Check your spam filter and add ChristieMarieSheldon@gmail.com to your contact list in your email inbox.  **Please note: A lot of people purchase this to listen to later if they cannot attend live. You will get a recording of the event. The deadline for purchase is 5 AM PDT, the day of the event. If purchase is not made by this time we can’t guarantee your registration link in time. If you purchased and haven’t seen your registration link, please check your spam folder and add this email to your approved contacts list–>christiemariesheldon@gmail.com
  • Bully Be Gone! Standing Up To The Mean Girl (or Guy) Vibe! How many times have you wished you had a magic wand you could whip out and make yourself disappear in a split second when a bully in your life is doing their worst to make you feel small? Or better yet… How many times have you wished you could just make them disappear instead? When you’re going through life constantly being beat down and bullied by people and circumstances, even your own inner-voice starts to follow suit and you end up drowning in a sea of self-doubt and resentment. In this live event, we’re going to uncover all the places you’re being bullied into living someone else’s version of life and shed the patterns that keep you leaking power to your bullies. The happy outcome is that you nullify the effect that bullies have on you and your life so that you can express yourself freely and happily, without fears or doubts. In this event you can: ~ Uncover why you allow your life to be dictated by your emotional reactions to your bullies. ~ Remove old resentments that keep you energetically attached to bullies from your past . ~ Reveal and neutralize your own inner self bully and uncover the hidden agendas that keep you playing small.
  • Who’s The Boss, Baby? Clearing The 'Baby' Reward System.   Think about it... you were born a baby. You needed help with everything to survive.  Someone to feed you. Someone to cloth you. Someone to help you exist. Unfortunately, this engrains in you the energy of incapability. Now bring yourself to the present day. You are in the kitchen drinking your coffee. You have a report due with your boss. You don't want to do it. You procrastinate. You make excuses. You delay. What if... what if... this energy you are encountering is a subconscious block to being incapable and incompetent. Dare I say...maybe it's 'baby' energy. You see we get rewarded as a child sometimes for being cute and incapable. Mom and Dad give us love when we are cute and little. We are rewarded for being a baby with love and food and shelter. I call it the 'Baby' reward system. We are rewarded with love, care, food, and shelter for our incapability. Weird, right? It happens more than you think. Join me in this webinar and let's get to the root of some of your avoidance energy and let's move you out of it so you can do life with less resistance, avoidance, and drama. The happy outcome is to find the hidden blocks to starting that project or business or idea that is currently blocking you from being independent, thriving, and limitless.   In this event you can: ~ Deep dive into the energy from 0-7 where you wired yourself to stay cute and small. ~ Uncover all the hidden programs to sabotaging your abundance and independence. ~ Learn how to rewire your energy to "Go For It" naturally.
  • Vibrational Medicine: Just Ask What Your Body Needs When your body requires water, it shoots out a signal to let you know you’re thirsty. When your brain needs oxygen, it signals a yawn. When it needs nourishment, you get hungry. You body has a phenomenal way of letting you know exactly what it needs exactly when it needs it, and it’s something you can tap into to create the body you truly desire. You just need to learn what frequency you’re vibing on and what your body requires! Join me in this live event where you discover a bunch of new ways to energetically feel into your body and learn what it needs in order to function to its fullest capacity. The happy outcome is that you’ll develop a new relationship with your body so you can mold and shape it into the one you most want. In this event you can: ~ Learn how heavy, dense energy is affecting your body and what you can do to change it. ~ Discover how to pick up the subtle cues and clues your body is giving you to tell you it needs something. ~ Love your body on an entirely new level coming from the energetic space of love and joy.
  • The Secret To Uncovering Your Personal Abundance Activators When you envision the life in front of you… the one you’re working so hard for… what do you see? What are the things you’re enjoying in that dream escape? Nice clothes? Big house? Lots of family and friends around you? Did you know that all those things you see in your daydreams about being rich or famous or just plain happy… are your Abundance Activators? The images you conjure up in your mind about building a new life for you, your family, and all your loved ones are the things that flip the abundant switch on inside you and give you that drive to actually go for it. The question is … Would you allow yourself to imagine an abundant future and actually believe it’s a reality you can exist in? Join me and open your imagination up to the unlimited possibilities you allowed yourself to dream about when your head hits the pillow at night! The happy outcome is that you allow yourself to start dreaming as big as you want and step into the abundant, happy YOU now! In this event you can: ~ Conjure up the perfect vision of your happy end result and start being that person now. ~ Figure out what makes you feel abundant and start aligning with those energies. ~ Get rid of all the junk that stops you from making abundant things happen in your life.
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