• IKR - I Keep Receiving! By the end of this session you’ll be thinking, “I know I deserve to receive everything I desire!” Do you ever feel like you’re putting “the right” energy out there into the universe but the abundance you want to manifest never seems to show up? Have you ever considered that it is showing up … you’re just refusing to see it? Sometimes people become so addicted to the asking and wanting, they never really open their eyes to receive how the answer is coming in. Join me as we broaden the perspective on the tunnel vision often created when we want to manifest something. The happy outcome is you open up to receiving your guidance and your gifts from the universe. In this event you can: ~ Audit your energies and intentions to make sure everything’s aligned. ~ Gain a new perspective on what you want and how it can show up. ~ Open up and expand your flow of abundance by understanding that “the big picture” evolves.
  • Money Woes to Money Wows! By the end of this session you’ll be thinking, “I’ll never be afraid or uncomfortable about money again!” Do you have the type of relationship with money where it goes out just as fast as it comes in? There’s never enough to do what you want to do or you’re always playing catch-up. Something about you and money just mixes like oil and water. The relationship you have with money exists in your mind and your emotional field, that’s it! How you think and feel about money produces the energy you put out to attract it. Join me as we deep dive into your money attracting energy and get you comfortable with how you think and feel about money. The happy outcome is you’ll gain a new understanding of the flow of money in your life. In this event you can: ~ Take a real look at the money that’s coming in and going out of your life. ~ Get a sense of the thoughts and emotions about money you need to shift. ~ Get rid of any silly stories that have you misaligned with the abundance you desire.
  • Manifesting Momentum! By the end of this session you’ll be thinking, “I can blow past any obstacles and nothing can stop me from getting what I want.” Have you ever noticed how the moment you start getting some traction under your feet and things are finally working out, something swoops in and pulls the rug right out from under you?” It’s easy to blame it on bad luck or use the “It’s just how my life goes” cop out because it removes you from accountability. But the truth is, you have total control over what you do to get past those obstacles. Join me as we take a deep look into the things that stop you from having abundance and root out the real causes of what’s holding you back. The happy outcome is that you’ll gain an understanding of what’s blocking your abundance and devise new strategies to blow them up to keep moving forward. In this event you can: ~ Get to the bottom of why the same crappy things keep happening to stop your abundance. ~ Become accountable for the things that are manifesting in your life, good or bad. ~ Start shifting your energies to align with things you want versus the obstacles that stop you.
  • Ego Trippin’: Send Your Inner Critic Packing! By the end of this session you’ll be thinking, “Kick rocks, ego! I’ve got things to do!” Do you have that little voice that lives in your head that pops up and makes you cringe every time you think about living an abundant life? Have you noticed that you get to a certain point in achieving abundance when all of a sudden something stops you or gets in your way? We all have the potential to create our wildest abundant dreams the same way we all have the potential to succumb to limitations we pretend are real. That little voice in your head gets pretty loud when it keeps you from having the life you want! Join me and unpack your mental and emotional luggage to find out how your inner critic is stopping you from manifesting the life you want! The happy outcome is you’ll turn your inner critic into your inner cheerleader! In this event you can: ~ Explore the things that creates what your inner critic says to. ~ Find the limiting beliefs that give your inner critic the fuel to exist. ~ Learn to trust your inner guidance for confidence to move forward.
  • The Magic Mentality! By the end of this session you’ll be thinking, “I can create magic in my life by consciously choosing my thoughts!” In every one moment, you have a thought. Now. And Now. And Now. And Now. What if these string of random musings could be put together in a string of powerful pulses that send out to the universe….the exact pictures of reality you wish to manifest? Cause let’s be honest…..you know your thoughts count. Let’s be honest… your thoughts are kinda willy nilly and scattered. Or worse….. Your thoughts are focused on the worst case scenerios about what you DON”T want. You know this creates an infux of bad news and negativity. You are jinxing yourself! So let’s create a new way of viewing your thoughts and bridge the gap so some cool stuff starts manifesting. Let’s make it happen! In this event you can: ~ Look at the energy behind each thought. ~ Clear some old broken records. ~ Generate a new way of using your thoughts to manifest some really awesome stuff.
  • Easy Come, Easy Go! By the end of this session you’ll be thinking, “Those blocks mean nothing because the universe has my back!” What kinds of things go through your mind when faced with making a big decision? Do you let yourself explore a bunch of different possibilities and just do the one that feels best? Or does a flood of thoughts and emotions and imaginary scenarios come up in you with a bunch of reasons for why it can’t or won’t happen? Join me as we uncover the reasons why those weird imaginary scenarios keep showing up and how to automatically start imagining up the good stuff instead. The happy outcome is you’ll start seeing all the possibilities the universe offers versus seeing only things that can stop you. In this event you can: ~ Learn how to let go of judgements that spring up when making decisions. ~ Uncover the places where you don’t feel supported in achieving your dreams. ~ Discover how to shape your imaginary scenarios to align with your happy end result.
  • Rebooting The OS (Old Stories)! By the end of this session you’ll be thinking, “There’s nothing about my history that dictates my now!” Are you the “black sheep”? The smart one? The good one? The troublemaker? Teacher’s pet? What were some of the labels you picked up during your childhood that grew into the “adult” labels you hold on to today that block your abundance? We’re programmed to act a certain way based on stories, titles and labels we take on. Have you considered how the labels you take on as true are affecting the flow of abundance into your life? Join me as we take a look at the labels you took on and what types programming you picked up because of them. The happy outcome is that you’ll rewrite the silly stories that limit the YOU you came here to be! In this event you can: ~ Uncover the stories, labels, and titles that influence your programming. ~ Discover which of your labels don’t actually align with your happy end result. ~ Create a new upgraded version of your abundant story.
  • Beyond Belief: Choosing Up! By the end of this session, you’ll be thinking, “I believe I can choose to create anything I want!” How many choices have you made in your life based on a belief system that you learned, but doesn’t feel like yours? The belief you had to make money a certain way. The belief you had to present yourself a certain way. A certain type of education. A certain kind of relationship. All based on beliefs you were taught. Something that people often overlook is the fact that your beliefs can change as you grow and take in more information and stimuli. Beliefs are fluid. You’re not stuck choosing a belief picked up decades ago if it doesn’t suit your life now. Join me as we explore how your current beliefs and choices align with the happy end result you envision for your life. The happy outcome is your new beliefs will shape new choices that propel you into taking action that creates the abundance you desire. In this event you can: ~ Distinguish the separation between beliefs you learned versus beliefs you choose. ~ Start directing your focus taking actions that make you feel good about your choices. ~ Get rid of the beliefs that no longer serve a purpose towards your growth.
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    Create A Life You Love!-Bundle   Clarity, self-love, and self-confidence can be so hard to attain.  Everybody has created an experience for you, but what about your own experience? You can have a life that is a result of your own intentions, if you’ll allow yourself to choose it.. With this 2-event clearing collection, you will be able to access your true power of free will choice to create the life that you want [and the rewards that follow]. You will gain access to two group clearing sessions that reveal the mythological blindspots that keep us from seeing our true potential and inadvertently cause us to sabotage ourselves. After listening to these group clearing sessions and performing the exercises, you’ll be able to change habits that had previously been created by others for you and start choosing your life your way. By grabbing the “Create A Life You Love” bundle, you will gain clarity on the unique gifts that you bring to the world and feel relief from an inner knowing that you are not obligated to fulfill everyone else's expectations. By choosing your own happiness, you, in turn, can truly start helping others also find their true path because you have clarity in yours. Get the “Create A Life You Love” Bundle here!
  • Who’s The Boss, Baby? Clearing The 'Baby' Reward System.   Think about it... you were born a baby. You needed help with everything to survive.  Someone to feed you. Someone to cloth you. Someone to help you exist. Unfortunately, this engrains in you the energy of incapability. Now bring yourself to the present day. You are in the kitchen drinking your coffee. You have a report due with your boss. You don't want to do it. You procrastinate. You make excuses. You delay. What if... what if... this energy you are encountering is a subconscious block to being incapable and incompetent. Dare I say...maybe it's 'baby' energy. You see we get rewarded as a child sometimes for being cute and incapable. Mom and Dad give us love when we are cute and little. We are rewarded for being a baby with love and food and shelter. I call it the 'Baby' reward system. We are rewarded with love, care, food, and shelter for our incapability. Weird, right? It happens more than you think. Join me in this webinar and let's get to the root of some of your avoidance energy and let's move you out of it so you can do life with less resistance, avoidance, and drama. The happy outcome is to find the hidden blocks to starting that project or business or idea that is currently blocking you from being independent, thriving, and limitless.   In this event you can: ~ Deep dive into the energy from 0-7 where you wired yourself to stay cute and small. ~ Uncover all the hidden programs to sabotaging your abundance and independence. ~ Learn how to rewire your energy to "Go For It" naturally.
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    Take Action 2-Pack

    Take Action 2-Pack Group Clearing Events Downloads
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    The Mental Magician!-Bundle Want to increase your prosperity and success? Unlock the power of your mind and tame your thoughts, emotions, habits, actions, and intentions. Your thoughts are one of the most powerful forces in the universe. By being able to control them, you can change lives and create a New Reality! The Mental Magician will help you to align yourself with your most abundant outcomes in business, love, and life by helping you to understand how the subconscious mind works so you can create powerful shifts in your life with ease. This bundle is designed to give you a clear view of your life, so that you can make conscious decisions about what to change and how to create the life you want. These two recordings will help you activate your mind for success by implementing simple practical tools that are easy to learn and incorporate into your daily life. The "Mental Magician" bundle includes two group clearing event recordings guiding you through tools and activities to help you take control of your thoughts (conscious and subconscious), emotions, habits, actions, and intentions and align them with your most abundant outcomes.
  • Crushing The Crappy Cycles of “Karmic Connection”! Does it sometimes feel like you’re stuck living someone else’s life and, no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to do anything right to change it? A mate constantly telling you what to do or what’s best for you… A parent always meddling in your business no matter what your age is… Daily obligations and routines leave you no time and energy for yourself. Sometimes we unconsciously keep our own energy locked into destructive patterns and unhealthy attachments like these because we’ve labeled them as karmic connections. Like that somehow means there’s nothing you can do about it. Join me in this live event where we’ll uncover the hidden reasons you’re uninspired to stand in your power and live your own truth instead of giving it away to something else. The happy outcome is that you’ll find and clear all the energetic ties that keep you stuck in destructive cycles and finally start living the life you choose, your way. In this event you can: ~ Acknowledge the emotional attachments you have that are unhealthy to your current happiness. ~ Discover old karmic promises and oaths that created your destructive patterns. ~ Reveal all the choices you’re making in life that aren’t really yours.
  • Bully Be Gone! Standing Up To The Mean Girl (or Guy) Vibe! How many times have you wished you had a magic wand you could whip out and make yourself disappear in a split second when a bully in your life is doing their worst to make you feel small? Or better yet… How many times have you wished you could just make them disappear instead? When you’re going through life constantly being beat down and bullied by people and circumstances, even your own inner-voice starts to follow suit and you end up drowning in a sea of self-doubt and resentment. In this live event, we’re going to uncover all the places you’re being bullied into living someone else’s version of life and shed the patterns that keep you leaking power to your bullies. The happy outcome is that you nullify the effect that bullies have on you and your life so that you can express yourself freely and happily, without fears or doubts. In this event you can: ~ Uncover why you allow your life to be dictated by your emotional reactions to your bullies. ~ Remove old resentments that keep you energetically attached to bullies from your past . ~ Reveal and neutralize your own inner self bully and uncover the hidden agendas that keep you playing small.
  • Patterns, Trauma, Stories, & Drama [PTSD]: Clear What’s Blocking Your Best Life!   Do you ever wonder why the same crappy things keep happening in your life over and over again and nothing ever seems to work out in your favor? Well, just ask yourself… Why do you keep choosing things that didn’t work out before, or even worse, things that hurt you? It’s common to justify and rationalize your decisions as a defense mechanism before really figuring out what it is that’s actually blocking you from living your best life. Join me in this live event as we uncover all the hidden patterns and energetic promises to hold onto trauma that keeps you stuck. The happy outcome is that you’ll uncover and clear the underlying attachments you have to stories, trauma, and patterns that keep you repeating the same cycles so that you can move forward living a truly emotionally balanced life. In this event you can: ~ Understand how guilt and shame of past trauma stops you from moving forward. ~ Learn how to shift your feelings about past situations so you can stop reliving them. ~ Get rid of any fear-based agendas you have about releasing your trauma.
  • Bad A$$ Bliss: From Victim To Vibrant In 3 Abundance Building Steps! Here’s a question for you. Is your life happening the way you want… or are you choosing it this way? Are you shuffling through your day just going with whatever happens and making reactionary choices? Or do you hop out of bed and say, “I’m doing whatever it takes to make this happen today!” Everything you have in your reality right now is just a manifestation of the choices you’ve made up to this point. How much better would your reality be if you were consciously choosing it every, single day? Join me in this live event where you’ll remove all the anxiety and frustration of not knowing what steps to take and learn how to step into the bold role of your future abundant self right now. The happy outcome is you’ll create the blueprint for manifesting the reality you desire and learn how to use the tools to follow through on your goals in your daily life. In this event you can: ~ Remove all the places you’re fighting with yourself about moving forward. ~ Release any fears about past rejections that stop you from going for your dream goals. ~ Learn how to get over uncertainty and trust your intuition to guide you.
  • The Ultimate Path To Greatness: Steps To Being Your Infinite Self Right Now! Going… going… gone. Yet another opportunity to change, improve, and upgrade your life just came and went without you even noticing. Or maybe you did notice and instead of taking it, you ignored it and continued living your safe, boring “autopilot existence”. Have you ever asked yourself why you think accepting the status quo is the only way you can make your life happen when the truth is, you can make a choice that will change your life every single day? You just have to be willing to actually choose it! Join me in this live event as we uncover all the places you’re making excuses for why it can’t happen and start reshaping your reality into the one you most desire right now. The happy outcome is that you take back your power to freely create the reality you want to create in the most authentic expression of yourself. In this event you can: ~ See where you're dimming your light and refusing to step into your power. ~ Find out what you’re avoiding by refusing to be your intuitive infinite self now. ~ Start incorporating the habits and qualities of your infinite self in your daily life.
  • Soul Intention Everyone comes with an overlighting soul purpose for why they are here on this planet. The purpose could be as simple as "Be Happy!" Some people choose to be here to follow a specific journey. JOIN ME, AS WE DEEP DIVE INTO YOUR SOUL'S ADVENTURE TO DISCOVER WHO AND WHAT YOU CAME HERE TO DO, BE AND EXPERIENCE. When I have guided personal clients to discover who they came here to be, their life aligned very quickly. It was like a huge weight was lifted off their shoulders because life finally made sense to them. They had clear awareness and understanding of what their path was to be like....FINALLY!
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    The Big Vision!-Bundle Are you a creative, yet stuck, a dreamer who needs help making those dreams real? Uncovering your personal abundance, purpose, and vision can seem like a daunting task…but it doesn’t have to be. In the "Big Vision" Bundle, you will discover the secret to uncovering your untold TRUE story. A story that will set the stage for the life of your dreams. In this bundle, you'll take a journey to discover your unique abilities to go beyond the status quo and start living as you mean it... taking on every challenge and exploring new possibilities with Big Vision. These two group clearing event recordings will equip you with the tools you need to achieve your highest potential.
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