• Challenge YOU! If challenging situations and other gunk comes your way…  How do you react?   Do you run? Do you stop? Do you hide? Do you break down?   Or are you the type of person that’s certain this is just a minor detail and  you’re going to overcome it with ease?   When a challenge shows up, do you thrive and look it straight in the face?  I want to help you overcome your resistance!   Conquering anything in your way for your next abundant leap.   Today, we’re going to look our stops and our blocks straight in the eye!  The Happy End Result is to get you in the energy of yes, yes, yes, yes.  And get you on your abundant path!   In this event you can: ~Master and overcome apparent obstacles. ~Stop telling yourself you can’t do something.  ~Stand over your perceived obstacles and create a new triumphant goals and paths with tons of opportunities.  
  • Non-Cents! At the end of this session, you will have cultivated an attitude of "There are more than enough resources, money, and abundance available to me." Do you secretly believe that "I don't have enough _______." and then fill in the blank with things like 'time', 'money', 'options', 'opportunity', 'wisdom', 'know how', 'connections', 'people to ask for help from', etc.? This idea blocks the very thing that you want more in life. Join me as we straighten out your blocks to having enough. What would it take for you to know that life can be a box of chocolates...filled with all of your favorites? In this session, you will... ~ Find the quality business partnerships you are desiring. ~ Look for hidden resources that are all around you. ~ Find the blocks to knowing what to do and creating the time to do it.
  • Dream Driver: Your Big “Why" By the end of this session, you’ll be thinking, “My dream is my reality and I’m going for it!” Have you ever wanted something so bad, you could almost physically taste it? Something you can’t stop thinking about that consumes your every waking thought? Is it all-consuming because you’re totally focused and moving forward towards that thing? Or is it because it feels far away and unachievable from where you currently are? If what you’re doing now isn’t bringing you the joy and abundant fulfillment you expect, it’s time to start evaluating what it is you’re doing and why. Join me and get to the core of what’s driving your ambition or your apathy. The happy outcome is you’ll align with what makes you truly happy in life and direct your drive towards achieving all your dreams. In this event you can: ~ Gain clarity on your ‘big why’ and your reasons to go for it. ~ Open yourself up to believing you can dream as big as you want and actually get it. ~ Learn where things in your current life don’t align with what you see for your future abundant self. ~Recognize and clear the energy you imprinted as a baby.
  • No Big Deal! At some level, you want more abundance, right?  Let's figure out why you don't have it... because your spiritual self, your infinite self, can totally guide you to make choices and shift and change into being the version of your abundant self.  If you don't feel and have abundance, that means you might have to take new  actions, you might have to get a different job, you might have to start a business, you  might have to grow and change, but there's a disconnect that’s not allowing your  spirit to help you create the material worth that you're looking for.  The happy end result is that you embrace your capabilities, know your true worth, and you're living from that space to create abundance.   In this event you're going to... ~Identify past patterns of low self-esteem ~Increase your self-worth into your true value ~Raise your energy so that you can  align with your true nature because you’re connected as a creator being.
  • Guilt Freedom! At the end of this session, you will be thinking... "I deserve a life I love, I feel guiltless over having an amazing quality of life." What if you have a secret hidden ' guilt' over having more than others? Usually, my "nicest" clients have the most doubt, fear, and guilt which block abundance for themselves. Why? Secretly they are 'givers' and nice people feel guilty having more than those around them. It's a common thing for me to clear this energy with clients. Join me as we unlock the doors to more prosperity. The happy outcome is you unblock your flows to abundance. In this event, you will: ~Pick the quality of life you really, really, really want. ~Locate hidden blocks that stop you from feeling amazing about creating this life. ~Stop pounding the pavement wondering why you still aren't getting what you deserve.
  • Package of 5 Group Clearing Event Downloads
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