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    Unlimited Abundance Live

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  • F.R.I.C.K. Off 2020! Manifesting 2021 Your Way! Learn to manifest the easy way (Replay)! “F.R.I.C.K. Off 2020! Setting Up Your 2021 For Success!”, where we’ll work the steps to help YOU learn how to pivot and adapt, pandemic or not, and finally change your life for good. In this event you can: ~ Uncover a ton of hidden ways you already have available that will help you pivot, shift, and adapt ~ Open up to seeing and pursuing all the opportunities and possibilities you have to help you thrive in 2021. ~ Create solid foundations and routines to make sure you don’t sabotage your success in 2021.  
  • Ctrl+Alt+Delete 2020: Cancel & Clear This Whole F’d Up Year! I’ve put together a little something special to help you gain control and reset of all your 2020 emotional baggage so that you can redirect all that wasted emotional energy into productive momentum to make sure you thrive in 2021. In this event you can: ~ Pinpoint all the places you’re allowing 2020 energy to negatively impact your emotions and livelihood. ~ Figure out how you can pivot and adapt to a new way of doing things minus the stress, fear, and overwhelm. ~ Learn how to knock out all the blocks and burdens that are standing in between you and a thriving 2021.    
  • Click 'Add To Cart' for some 'Abundance Love'... This links is for people who want to join the 6 Month MAX Program.   You are joining the 'Unlimited Abundance MAX' a 6 Month Coaching Program plus the 12 Month, 'Unlimited Abundance Live' program. It starts on January 2024. We will send you a login to a membersite and give you all the materials to start ONE WEEK PRIOR to the start date. There is no need to stress. ;) Just CLICK ADD TO CART, take action, and make me a contact friend in your email inbox so my emails come to your inbox, not spam. ChristieMarieSheldon@gmail.com  FOR MORE TENTATIVE CALENDAR INFORMATION ON PROGRAM -->> Click Here  
  • Abundance: The Inevitable Reward Of Choosing YOU! Choice… The Final Frontier… Whether consciously or unconsciously… you’re choosing things all day long! Choosing what to eat… choosing where to go… choosing what to think. But how often are you choosing YOU? The real you. The abundant, happy version of you. You’re here on this planet with the most powerful ability there is to consciously choose how you want your life to be… How BIG are you actually willing to allow your choices to be? If you’ve ever allowed yourself to dream of a bigger, better life than the one you’re currently existing in… you have the power within you to create it! Join me as we navigate the choices you’re making in your life that are stopping you from choosing the most abundant things for yourself. The happy outcome is you recognize the power you hold to create the life you want for you and your loved ones through ultimately choosing YOU. In the event you can: ~ Tap into your personal power to make abundant choices and declare to live life your way. ~ Understand the power of your free will choice to create your reality exactly the way you desire. ~ Create solid personal intentions to align with your abundant path and actually start choosing it.
  • Manifesting Magic At Your Fingertips! Have you ever thought about something and suddenly it just sorts of pops up into your life? What about wanting something so much and having it right within your grasp, but it’s always just out of reach for some reason? Sometimes the way things happen to us can seem magical and other times, it just feels absolutely cursed. Do you know why that is? You came to this planet with the ultimate power to consciously choose exactly how you want your life to be! You didn’t come here as a tree or a rock … Your soul chose to animate a body with 100% control to choose and create what you want in your life. The magic is in you! Join me and take hold of your own personal power to make your reality as magical as you desire. The happy outcome is you recognize the power you hold to make your dreams happen the way you envision. In the event you can: ~ Step into your infinite personal power and declare to live life your way. ~ Awaken the power of your free will choice to bend reality the way you want. ~ Create an over-lighting theme to align your path with and filter all your choices through.
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    "The Profit Formula" Supercharge Your Daily Routine: How Overwhelmed & Stressed Individuals Can Find “Profit” In 3-Seconds Using The Formula. Join Us Live, Online, Saturday, April 13th @ 8 AM PST 90 Minute Online Event.  See below for description!
  • NVM – New Value Model! By the end of this session, you’ll be thinking, “I know my true value and worth.”
  • PIA-Is It A Pain In Your "BLANK", too? Have you ever had a nagging pain that won’t seem to go away? What about a flash of heat or a muscle spasm that seems to come out of nowhere? WHAT IF YOUR PAIN...WERE A GIFT? Every day, our body gives us messages that signal more than just a physical response to something external. These signals come from the inside and have just as much effect on the body as a bruise showing up after getting hit with a stick. Join me as we break down the anatomy that ties emotional issues to all the body stuff you may be experiencing. The happy outcome is that you learn how to read your body signals and translate that into an increase of emotional intelligence and a decrease in body issues. In this event you can: ~ Discover hidden emotional issues by deciphering your body aches, pains, or issues. ~ Learn how your body communicates your intuitive guidance to you. ~ Shift emotional phrases and clichés that manifest in body pains or other issues you don’t want.    
  • Today Only! Only $29 per session! Normally $97 (Save $140 today!) Two Live, Online Holiday Events!

    1. Clean Slate For You In 2022!

    December 30th  @ 5 PM Pacific Time!


    2. Be Free In 2023!

    January 21st  @ 8 AM Pacific Time!

    (Descriptions Below!)

  • 'Stay On Top! Create Your Happiest Future!' Bundle!!

    Group Clearing Bundles To Find Your Life's Joys & Manifest Them! #1: Soul-Fully You! Dip Into The Awesome Power Of You! #2: Freedom, Excitement & Exhilaration! Use These Emotions To Manifest With Ease! #3: Attract Alliances That Help You! Get The Help You Need! #4: Get The Universe To Support You! #5: Choice: The Ultimate Super Power! #6: Sway The Universe To Make Life Happen! #7: Keeping It Real! Will The Real You Show Up? #8: Intuition: The Interesting Skill You Really Need To Thrive: How To Open Up Your Inner GPS!" Live, Online Event! (See description below of what each 90 minute session helps you to transform.)   *No substitutions. It’s such a low investment/high value. Just do it.  
  • Vibrational Medicine: Just Ask What Your Body Needs When your body requires water, it shoots out a signal to let you know you’re thirsty. When your brain needs oxygen, it signals a yawn. When it needs nourishment, you get hungry. You body has a phenomenal way of letting you know exactly what it needs exactly when it needs it, and it’s something you can tap into to create the body you truly desire. You just need to learn what frequency you’re vibing on and what your body requires! Join me in this live event where you discover a bunch of new ways to energetically feel into your body and learn what it needs in order to function to its fullest capacity. The happy outcome is that you’ll develop a new relationship with your body so you can mold and shape it into the one you most want. In this event you can: ~ Learn how heavy, dense energy is affecting your body and what you can do to change it. ~ Discover how to pick up the subtle cues and clues your body is giving you to tell you it needs something. ~ Love your body on an entirely new level coming from the energetic space of love and joy.
  • Blow Up Your Abundance Blocks! You’ve been on the cusp of having it all for a while now, but you can’t help but feel like something’s missing. You know you’re not quite there yet… You think you want that “thing” but, you don’t even know what it is. There are secrets hidden in your past that have kept you stuck in the same money rut for years. Even though your finances look ok on the surface, you’re still broke somehow. You wake up every day to either no dollars in your bank account or a string of unpaid bills and you start wondering if it will ever get any better than this. Even when you’ve done everything right financially and have broken through your money blocks in the past, those blocks can come back and hit you harder than ever if you’re not using the right tools consistently. Join me in this Group Clearing Event where you uncover the invisible energetic blueprint inside you that determines everything you need to create massive abundance in your life. The happy outcome is you’ll release yourself from the vortex of negative emotions that drain your energy and hold you back from finding your true self, living the life of your dreams, and having a constant flow of abundance into your life.   In this event you can: ~ Finally let go of all the blocks that are keeping you stuck in your current situations, unhappy, sad, and miserable. ~ Discover why you are NOT experiencing your full Abundance Potential. ~ Make the shift from struggling financially and seeing no way out, to earning an abundant living in line with your true potential – with complete confidence and ease.
  • Suppression or Expression: The Distorted Grieving Dilemma From the time we’re little kids, we’re told to not express sadness about things. Stop crying. Suck it up. Dry your tears. Your parents don’t want to hear your whining and sometimes you’d even get in trouble for it so you do the only thing you can as a kid... you push it down and suppress it. By the time we’re adults, after a lifetime of pushing sadness further and further down, the natural ability to process grief and sadness turns into a distorted explosion of mixed up emotions that can range anywhere from depression to rage expressed in unhealthy and unproductive ways that really doesn’t allow you to grieve whatever it is you lost in the first place. Join me as we tread the murky waters of your suppressed sadness so you can finally face the root cause of your grief to give it the true energy and attention it deserves and move on. The happy outcome is that you’ll gain a clearer understanding of your emotions and be strong enough to feel your full range of emotions without suppressing anything. In this event you can: ~ Understand the emotional triggers you have that indicate you still haven’t processed your grief. ~ See where your past is preventing you from making the choice to move forward. ~ Gain more emotional intelligence and allow yourself to express what you feel without judgement.
  • Money Manipulation: Make Money Your B_ _ _ _ _! (B-E-S-T-I-E!) Let’s be honest… Money is the ultimate Mean Girl! Most people have a love/hate relationship with money. It’s the popular frenemy that’s the antagonist of every chick flick tossed at us from teen dreams to rom-com dramedies except here the villain playing the practical joke is MONEY! At times, we’ve all been absolutely enamored with money… We’ve all felt betrayed and defeated by money… We’ve all wished to have more money come into our lives and some people even hate that they actually want it. Just like the mousy, timid heroine in those movies can go from geek to chic just by being herself in the face of humiliation and manipulation by the bully, you can shift your reality to make money your best friend. Join me as we rewrite your script and give you the abundant role of a lifetime starring money as your #1 BFF! The happy outcome is that you’ll start looking at money as your good friend and stop hiding shying away when things get a little tough. In this event you can: ~ Bend your money reality to give you the happy ending you want and deserve. ~ Stop feeling emotionally bullied by money. ~ Learn to love money and shine every day to attract it.
  • The Secret To Uncovering Your Personal Abundance Activators When you envision the life in front of you… the one you’re working so hard for… what do you see? What are the things you’re enjoying in that dream escape? Nice clothes? Big house? Lots of family and friends around you? Did you know that all those things you see in your daydreams about being rich or famous or just plain happy… are your Abundance Activators? The images you conjure up in your mind about building a new life for you, your family, and all your loved ones are the things that flip the abundant switch on inside you and give you that drive to actually go for it. The question is … Would you allow yourself to imagine an abundant future and actually believe it’s a reality you can exist in? Join me and open your imagination up to the unlimited possibilities you allowed yourself to dream about when your head hits the pillow at night! The happy outcome is that you allow yourself to start dreaming as big as you want and step into the abundant, happy YOU now! In this event you can: ~ Conjure up the perfect vision of your happy end result and start being that person now. ~ Figure out what makes you feel abundant and start aligning with those energies. ~ Get rid of all the junk that stops you from making abundant things happen in your life.
  • 1. "Clearing The FamDamily Dynamics!" An online clearing event to clear the blocks that create drama in your personal life. 12.26.2021, 8 AM Pacific time! 90 minutes long. 2. 'It’s A Brand New Year: Manifesting Your Dreams & Goals, Joyfully!' An online clearing event to start the new year off right. Your Infinite Self is begging you to get over your stuff and start manifesting all that you came here to do and be. 1.08.2021, 8 AM Pacific time! 90 minutes long. 3. 'Take This Junk & Shove It! Uncovering The Crappy Emotions Hiding In Your Body!' An online event designed to prove to you that your emotions are wrecking havoc on your body and how to use the tools harness real healing powers.  1.15.2021,  8 AM Pacific time! 90 minutes long. 4. Plus, find out how to manifest some gifts I am giving away 12.26.2021 and 1.08.2022.

    See more details by clicking the links. Just know that if you cannot make it live, you will get the recording. I personally, would not miss it...but any clearing is better than zero clearing. If you wish to find out what each event is about... Click these links>>>https://christiesheldon.com/homestudy/famdamily/  Click these links>>>https://christiesheldon.com/homestudy/brand-new-year/ Click these links>>>https://christiesheldon.com/homestudy/take-this-junk-and-shove-it/ *No substitutions or exchanges. It’s such a low rate/high value. Just do it.
  • Procrastination Prevention! End The 'Symptom Of Self Sabotage' & Move Past It! Bundle!! Group Clearing Bundles To Create The Swift Changes Needed To Create A Life You Love! #1: The Manifestation Equation: 3 Steps To Cure The Dreaded “I Don’t Know” Dilemma [I + A = M] #2: Procrastination Elevation: It’s Time To Dissipate The “Wait”! #3: Ego Trippin! Send Your Inner Critic Packing!  #4: Dream Driver! Find Your Big Why! #5: Beyond Belief! Choosing Up! #6: Delete Your Stupid Stories! #7: Powering Past Procrastination! #8: Intuition: The Interesting Skill You Really Need To Thrive: How To Open Up Your Inner GPS!" Live, Online Event! (See description below of what each 90 minute session helps you to transform.)   *No substitutions. It’s such a low rate/high value. Just do it. It is time to end the drama of untold dreams never coming true and moving into the playbook where your dreams actually materialize. The later sounds more rewarding, doesn’t it? So despite of all the times you have told yourself you will take action on the a dream such as… …growing your prosperity. …follow through with getting a new worklife. …opening up the door to new love. …clearing the decks from your abundance struggle. …moving forward with that big idea. …or just simply stopping how you settle and pu up with stuff you no longer want. You forgot the power you have and got stuck in some circle of pretending you can’t do it. The truth is.. you are an Infinite Being Of Love & Light, born to create a life of possibilities and the only way from here to there is …. Following through and taking the time to make your dreams come true. Action.   In the spirit of play, will you check inside and ask…   + If I actually devoted time to this brainiac goal I have, how long before it would manifest if I actually follow my inner guidance and take action on it?   Most times when I ask this question, with fellow students it only takes a short 3 months to a year. So… you are literally steps away from manifesting the dream goal and the only thing in the way is your doubts, the sabotaging inner voices that tell you to lay on the couch, play on your media devices, or stop yourself in some way instead of focusing on the step by step guidance your soul can bring you. So, your dream is possible. You can do it. You are smart and capable. So, the choice is yours…spiral into your sameness….. OR>>> Take bold leaps of faith, purchase this “Procrastination Clearing” bundle, listen to it over and over, clear the decks for a new beginning and make your dream come alive. Are you in? Because I am here to serve you. I am doing my part for you to have zero excuses. I am giving you a huge bonus discount for taking the first bold move. I am providing you the exact next step you need to take to end the sabotaging drama. I can help you grow your confidence and know it is possible and fill you with so much determination that all those nagging doubts fall away and your vision of a brighter future can come alive. You deserve a life you love. ; )  
  • Build Your Boldness! Build The Business Called You! Bundle! Group Clearing Bundles To Create A Life You Love! Build Your Empire & Get Paid To Be You! #1: Your Genius Zone: Use Your Knowledge To Flip The Abundance Switch! #2:  Sell.... You! #3: The Business Of You! #4:  Winner! Winner! #5: Stop Making Excuses, Just Do It! #6: Enterprise: Business energy you refuse to cultivate! But it will make you great! #7: Congrats! You Get Paid To Be You!  #8:  "Intuition: The Interesting Skill You Really Need To Thrive: How To Open Up Your Inner GPS!" Live, Online Event! (See description below of what each 90 minute session helps you to transform.) Hey Business.... "Yes. I mean you!" You are an actual business even if you work for someone else. We all know a business earns an income. You earn an income.  A business creates value. You create value. A business has to sell people on why their product is the best. You show up and sell people on what you have to offer and why it is a benefit to others. A business has a unique offer. You are authentically unique. So why not look at the bottom line of all the gifts and talents you present and start getting paid for all of them? Not just your nine-to-five gig. What would it take to get paid in an abundance of ways?  My students do. My students generate new income by opening up their awareness on what is possible and boldly stepping forth.  I want that for you!  Because to be honest, you are more than one or two ideas and most people get kinda bored by doing the same thing day in and day out. I want to help you boost your income, get paid to show up as yourself, and help you uncover alternate avenues you can pursue to grow your abundance. Sounds very soothing, doesn't it? It gives me goosebumps thinking of how incredibly useful this can be for you.

    Build The Business Called You! Bundle of 8 amazing, 90-minute sessions to align you with the possibilities!

    *No substitutions. It’s such a low rate/high value. Just do it.
  • Re: Your Intuition -- [Priority *URGENT*] Shhh… Did you hear that? That’s the sound of yet another opportunity passing you by because you chose to ignore that gut feeling that told you to act or do something. Maybe you stayed in a relationship a lot longer than you should have. Maybe you lost money in a bad investment. Maybe you missed out on a promotion because just didn’t think you could get it. Opportunities for abundance are surrounding you all day long, just waiting for you to grasp them… The only thing stopping you is not paying attention to your intuition! Join me as we take a journey along the intuitive pathway connecting you and the happiest, most abundant version of you so you can learn how to recognize the signs and signals you’re receiving from your intuition. The happy outcome is that you start seeing opportunities over obstacles and following your intuitive nudges without question. In this event you can: ~ Sift through all the junk telling you lies that your gut instinct is steering you wrong. ~ Navigate the emotional attachments you have to past choices that didn’t work out for you. ~ Open up to the unlimited ways your possibilities can show up to bring abundance into your life.
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