• “I”GPS: Inner Guidance Positioning System By the end of this session you’ll be thinking. “I can tune into my intuition and trust that I know exactly what I want for my life!” Have you ever been feeling a certain way about something and get this feeling in your body? Like maybe your stomach churns or the hairs on your arms stand up or a tingle shoots up your spine? That feel is your intuition. Some people may call it their “gut instinct” but whatever it is it tells them when something’s up. Intuition is something we can all tap into kind of like a Inner GPS to help guide you to choices that lead to your happy outcome. Join me on as we follow the path your intuition pulls you towards and tap into the messages you’re receiving in your body. In this event you can: ~ Tune in to the intuitive messages you receive on a daily basis. ~ Learn how to open up to how messages from the universe can download into you. ~ Discover how to use your intuition as your secret tool to get an edge up in life.
  • 1. "Clearing The FamDamily Dynamics!" An online clearing event to clear the blocks that create drama in your personal life. 12.26.2021, 8 AM Pacific time! 90 minutes long. 2. 'It’s A Brand New Year: Manifesting Your Dreams & Goals, Joyfully!' An online clearing event to start the new year off right. Your Infinite Self is begging you to get over your stuff and start manifesting all that you came here to do and be. 1.08.2021, 8 AM Pacific time! 90 minutes long. 3. 'Take This Junk & Shove It! Uncovering The Crappy Emotions Hiding In Your Body!' An online event designed to prove to you that your emotions are wrecking havoc on your body and how to use the tools harness real healing powers.  1.15.2021,  8 AM Pacific time! 90 minutes long. 4. Plus, find out how to manifest some gifts I am giving away 12.26.2021 and 1.08.2022. I am giving away over $25,000 in each event.

    See more details by clicking the links. Just know that if you cannot make it live, you will get the recording. I personally, would not miss it...but any clearing is better than zero clearing. If you wish to find out what each event is about... Click these links>>>https://christiesheldon.com/homestudy/famdamily/  Click these links>>>https://christiesheldon.com/homestudy/brand-new-year/ Click these links>>>https://christiesheldon.com/homestudy/take-this-junk-and-shove-it/
  • Abundance: The Inevitable Reward Of Choosing YOU! Choice… The Final Frontier… Whether consciously or unconsciously… you’re choosing things all day long! Choosing what to eat… choosing where to go… choosing what to think. But how often are you choosing YOU? The real you. The abundant, happy version of you. You’re here on this planet with the most powerful ability there is to consciously choose how you want your life to be… How BIG are you actually willing to allow your choices to be? If you’ve ever allowed yourself to dream of a bigger, better life than the one you’re currently existing in… you have the power within you to create it! Join me as we navigate the choices you’re making in your life that are stopping you from choosing the most abundant things for yourself. The happy outcome is you recognize the power you hold to create the life you want for you and your loved ones through ultimately choosing YOU. In the event you can: ~ Tap into your personal power to make abundant choices and declare to live life your way. ~ Understand the power of your free will choice to create your reality exactly the way you desire. ~ Create solid personal intentions to align with your abundant path and actually start choosing it.
  • This approximately 75-minute audio will help you clear your blocks and energetically attract the assistance you need to succeed.
  • Gut Check! How Your Intuition Shows You The Good, The Bad, & The Abundant! Join Us Live, Online, Saturday, August 13th @ 8 AM (Pacific Time) Have you ever thought about why you don’t have the money and abundance in your life you know you deserve to have? How much time have you spent working hard at reaching your goals, only to find the goalpost keeps moving and someone keeps changing the game on you? You know you’re working twice as hard as other people you see thriving doing the same thing… why isn’t it happening for you? Well… have you ever considered that you’re working twice as hard at doing the wrong thing for YOU and that’s why it’s not working? If you’re following the status quo to create abundance in your life instead of being intuitively guided to do what is right for you, you’re doomed to suffer the same fate you always have. Join me in this live event where we’ll uncover the “why’s” behind the things you’re doing to create money and the emotional reasons you’ve attached to doing that way... The happy outcome is that Your go-to response to any situation or stimuli is always intuitively guided as you learn to tune in and follow the signs and synchronicities you receive daily from the universe. In this event you can: ~ Sort through all the things you’re doing for abundance that have been steering you wrong. ~ Navigate the emotional attachments you have to past choices that didn’t work out for you. ~ Open up to the unlimited ways your possibilities can show up to bring abundance into your life.   FAQ: Q: Can I get the recording if I cannot attend? A: YES... You get the recording. A lot of people purchase the event even if they cannot attend. Why? You get a workbook and the recording to listen to over and over again after the event for deeper clearing. Q: Is this live, Christie? Or is it pre-recorded? A: I am really on it, reading your comments and helping you all as a group. Q: I did not get my link. A: Check your spam filter and add ChristieMarieSheldon@gmail.com to your contact list in your email inbox.  **Please note: A lot of people purchase this to listen to later if they cannot attend live. You will get a recording of the event. The deadline for purchase is 5 AM PDT, the day of the event. If purchase is not made by this time we can’t guarantee your registration link in time. If you purchased and haven’t seen your registration link, please check your spam folder and add this email to your approved contacts list–>christiemariesheldon@gmail.com
  • Bad A$$ Bliss: From Victim To Vibrant In 3 Abundance Building Steps! Here’s a question for you. Is your life happening the way you want… or are you choosing it this way? Are you shuffling through your day just going with whatever happens and making reactionary choices? Or do you hop out of bed and say, “I’m doing whatever it takes to make this happen today!” Everything you have in your reality right now is just a manifestation of the choices you’ve made up to this point. How much better would your reality be if you were consciously choosing it every, single day? Join me in this live event where you’ll remove all the anxiety and frustration of not knowing what steps to take and learn how to step into the bold role of your future abundant self right now. The happy outcome is you’ll create the blueprint for manifesting the reality you desire and learn how to use the tools to follow through on your goals in your daily life. In this event you can: ~ Remove all the places you’re fighting with yourself about moving forward. ~ Release any fears about past rejections that stop you from going for your dream goals. ~ Learn how to get over uncertainty and trust your intuition to guide you.
  • Beyond Belief: Choosing Up! By the end of this session, you’ll be thinking, “I believe I can choose to create anything I want!” How many choices have you made in your life based on a belief system that you learned, but doesn’t feel like yours? The belief you had to make money a certain way. The belief you had to present yourself a certain way. A certain type of education. A certain kind of relationship. All based on beliefs you were taught. Something that people often overlook is the fact that your beliefs can change as you grow and take in more information and stimuli. Beliefs are fluid. You’re not stuck choosing a belief picked up decades ago if it doesn’t suit your life now. Join me as we explore how your current beliefs and choices align with the happy end result you envision for your life. The happy outcome is your new beliefs will shape new choices that propel you into taking action that creates the abundance you desire. In this event you can: ~ Distinguish the separation between beliefs you learned versus beliefs you choose. ~ Start directing your focus taking actions that make you feel good about your choices. ~ Get rid of the beliefs that no longer serve a purpose towards your growth.
  • Bigger, Badder, Bolder! So ask yourself and be honest … are you settling?   Do you really want something else but you secretly don't think you can actually get it and you settle for something less? Can you understand that settling is not very motivating, right?   So maybe the sole reason for your procrastination is you simply are not actually  going for what you really, really, really, really want. Consider the next phase of your  life, the year you choose to actually go for what you really, really, really, really want.   Your happy outcome for today is for you to boldly follow your true calling.  Okay, comfort zones, be gone.    In this event you can: ~Identify past patterns where you settled for less ~Realize what  it means to be a truly unlimited being ~Make a list and take action to manifest  your highest and best dreams and goals. 
  • Blow Your Budge-It! At the end of this session, you will be thinking...."I can budge my budget." Do you have a budget that won't budge? A long time ago, I made a change by deciding that my budget wasn't going to control me, I was going to take charge and make my money work for me...not against me. Join me as we budge the blocks stopping your abundance. The happy outcome is you have a plan and take some action on it. In this session, you will: ~Locate the ways you are leaking money with zero rewards back to you. ~ Discover the shocking ways you blow your money on non-cents. ~ Find the hidden pattern of spending that wreaks havoc on incoming money.
  • This approximately 75-minute audio will help you clear your blocks and patterns to be creative and fearless.
  • Bully Be Gone! Standing Up To The Mean Girl (or Guy) Vibe! How many times have you wished you had a magic wand you could whip out and make yourself disappear in a split second when a bully in your life is doing their worst to make you feel small? Or better yet… How many times have you wished you could just make them disappear instead? When you’re going through life constantly being beat down and bullied by people and circumstances, even your own inner-voice starts to follow suit and you end up drowning in a sea of self-doubt and resentment. In this live event, we’re going to uncover all the places you’re being bullied into living someone else’s version of life and shed the patterns that keep you leaking power to your bullies. The happy outcome is that you nullify the effect that bullies have on you and your life so that you can express yourself freely and happily, without fears or doubts. In this event you can: ~ Uncover why you allow your life to be dictated by your emotional reactions to your bullies. ~ Remove old resentments that keep you energetically attached to bullies from your past . ~ Reveal and neutralize your own inner self bully and uncover the hidden agendas that keep you playing small.
  • Challenge YOU! If challenging situations and other gunk comes your way…  How do you react?   Do you run? Do you stop? Do you hide? Do you break down?   Or are you the type of person that’s certain this is just a minor detail and  you’re going to overcome it with ease?   When a challenge shows up, do you thrive and look it straight in the face?  I want to help you overcome your resistance!   Conquering anything in your way for your next abundant leap.   Today, we’re going to look our stops and our blocks straight in the eye!  The Happy End Result is to get you in the energy of yes, yes, yes, yes.  And get you on your abundant path!   In this event you can: ~Master and overcome apparent obstacles. ~Stop telling yourself you can’t do something.  ~Stand over your perceived obstacles and create a new triumphant goals and paths with tons of opportunities.  
  • Choice- The Ultimate Super Power! In this event, you're going to be able to tap into the ultimate superpower, the power of choice. You're going to realize that life is simply a road of choices. That's good news for those who like to make choices and bad news for those who don't want to commit to anything, right? Create true confidence, self-esteem by committing to your best path. The happy outcome for today is that you really just choose what is best for you. Plus, I am going to share what I think is one of my Top 10 tools for manifestation.
  • This approximately 75-minute audio will help you become aware of how you prioritize your life to achieve your dreams.
  • This approximately 75-minute audio will help you become aware of and clear memories that make you feel ashamed and guilty and keep you from moving forward in reality.
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