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Tap into your inner knowing and create more truth in your life.

I trust you know what to do.


Most People Stop Looking For What Life Could Be Like.

Most People Settle.

By Training Your Most Valuable Talent, Your Intuition, You Can….

…Tune Into Your Happiest Options.

…Tune Into The Clearest Information.

…Tune Into Your Prosperous Path.

….AND More Easily Create A Life You Love.

You are invited to train your most valuable skill!

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Time For Change! — Contact A Coach

Time is running out! What are you waiting for? — Contact A Coach

Time For Change! — Contact A Coach

Module 1:

The Foundation

Everything starts with a strong foundation.

In this module, you build the foundation for intuitive living. Nobody knows the truth about your life, better than you.

This course is designed to lead you down a path, each skill balances you and moves you to the next level so that no lesson is ‘too much.’  You will see yourself move into faith and trust in your process.

Every Karate Master learns how to hit, block and move energy.

Every softball player learns the fundamentals…hitting, throwing, catching.

These fundamentals create a muscle (intuitive) memory where you build trust in yourself.

You will take back your power and learn to balance your levels of consciousness by aligning with the most intuitive part of yourself.  

The most powerful choice you can make is to master the very energy you live and breath in every day, in every way!

Master the basics and create a powerful foundation.  You will trust yourself as every module builds onto the next skill level.

  • Master ‘The One Energy”  needed to live intuitively.
  • Harness the secret power of knowing what to ask in order to get a correct answer.
  • Stop the non-sense, negative talk before it even comes up!  Know that this will work.
  • Create a positive foundation to master the basics.

Set your life up! Build confidence! #winning

Module 2:

The Love Perspective

In this module you learn the most powerful tool in your toolkit. Loving everything.

I know…I know. This seems so simple. But most people never master this. If you truly loved everything, all the old stuck emotions that come up when you think of events in your past would be neutral.  

You carry this with you day in and day out every time you stress out and think “I hate this….”

To prove my theory…think of something you hate. I mean really feel it.

Can you feel that weird, heavy, negative energy somewhere in your body? That one single thought, created a formation of energy around you. It’s dense.

Now…think of trying to learn to be intuitive, but looking through the curtain of old hates and hurts. That heaviness will block your intuition.

I am going to teach you a technique I only teach to my Intuition students.

Past participants claim “The Love Perspective” kicked their ass and made them whole again. Some use this exclusively with their clients to huge success.

  • Learn to harness the power of ‘love’ in a unique way to handle your gunk.
  • Create a new ideal energy to open your Inner Guru.
  • Master the sensation of love in your energy field.
  • Tear down the wall between you and your intuitive nature.
  • Open the door for all your inner senses to bloom.

Now is your time. Don’t you feeeeeel it!? Don’t miss this opportunity!

Time is running out! What are you waiting for? — Contact A Coach

Module 3:

The Clair’s!

The Clair’s are all the ways you use your internal GPS to navigate your inner knowing.

How it works: Energy flows through you and you utilize your multi-sensory Superpowers to tune in, tap in and create a space for awareness to come to the forefront. It lives and breathes in every part of your consciousness.

But you shut it off…. You cut it off…..You damned it up….


Your Superpowers got hijacked from many levels of people. You could have had Parents who didn’t like your super awareness and for you to  ‘know’ too much.

You may have had people push you down and not like hearing the truth … “From the mouth of babes.”

Maybe someone didn’t like your super awareness because they were hoodwinking you and lying to you…”Who do you think you are… a ‘know-it-all?”

There are a myriad of reasons why it is safer to shut if off. It became a survival mechanism to SHUT IT DOWN. Especially,  if you are a kid and live in an environment that didn’t foster self awareness.

  • Learn what the Clair’s are.
  • Tap into each ‘Clair’ in my unique guided, video.
  • Learn how you are wired. Everyone is wired to use their senses uniquely.
  • Foster your talents and learn how to interpret your style of knowing.
  • Become unstoppable at tapping into your senses.

Time’s a wasting…only a few spots left!  Take massive action!

Time is running out! What are you waiting for? — Contact A Coach

Module 4:

Your Body Knows ‘Truth!’

Get ready for the big Shazam! Your life depends on you feeeeeeeling the truth!

The huge question is…”How do you live without actual, true guidance?”  

Let’s call it what it is… ‘cray-cray.’

You are making excuses and justifications about areas of life that don’t work.

But the TRUTH IS… your life isn’t thriving if you don’t have the answers, the truth, the guidance, the knowledge, the know how and the experience to trust it.

Your excuses add up to one thing = missing or wrong knowledge.

Excuse + Excuse + Excuse + Excuse = Wrong Data + Fear + Overwhelm + Procrastination

This cycle creates habits that you label procrastination, fear, or overwhelm.

In hindsight…if you track it…your excuses were simply not enough data to move confidently forward in a way you trusted.  Period.

Try it out…track all of your excuses and you will see at the beginning was some untruth, lie, false information or missing pieces of your puzzle. So you stopped yourself. It was your failsafe so you didn’t ‘mess up’ make a ‘mistake’ or worse….hurt yourself.

It was survival.

  • Create the awareness through your body so you can feeeeeel into things.
  • Stop clouding your judgment with false thoughts that pop into your head.
  • Block the confusing message your head is giving you.
  • Trust more because you have physical evidence that things can change.
  • Practice gaining insight for another person.

What are you waiting for?  Trust what landed you on this page.

Module 5:

Intuitive Yes!

Wowza…This module is all about getting you into following the path of “Yes!”

This method is so valuable, my previous students were begging me for more techniques like this. I discovered 18 different ways to find out the truth for yourself and this one is a doozy.

Your Infinite Self wants to get you on the happiest pathway…with the clearest direction.

You may be following “No” energy by accident because previously….

…..you settled.

…..you stopped yourself.

…..you took “No” energy as your answer.

…..you decided you couldn’t or it wouldn’t work.

Imagine asking and knowing the truth about which direction in life increases your vibe.

Imagine asking and knowing the truth about how to get things to manifest for you.

I am going to introduce you to my signature, secret method for helping you really tune in and divine the happiest future for you. I don’t teach this method for finding the truth out anywhere else. Only in “Intuition 101.”

This is really a personal growth module for finding out the truth about yourself and your internal wiring. It’s even going to dissolve your blocks and help you find your “Yes!” energy.

Think of how much ‘shazam’ you would have available on a daily basis if you only followed the “Yes’s” in your life.

  • Your ‘problems’ would start to fall away.
  • Your mojo would increase.
  • Things would miraculously fall into place.
  • Your supplies in life would be abundant…more than enough would show up for you.
  • Practice asking questions for someone else.

Super duper!  Let’s get you started!  Just do it!

Module 6:

Empowerment Frees Your Soul!

The thing about intuition is you have to be willing to be neutral and in your power to really get the download. When you trust yourself, you take action.

Think of all the wasted time you took making decisions and choices simply because you didn’t know what to do and how to do it? Take back your power and practice making powerful, aware, conscious choices. Your intuition is your true GPS.

You can learn to trust your internal senses.

Conversely, when you are always seeking advice and listening to another’s points of view… you are discounting your own truth!

Tune in.

Trust your gut!

In this module, I will teach you a technique to be in this zen-like power.  

This technique is so powerful, a lot of client’s claim that the lifelong blocks that wouldn’t budge…finally start moving.

We will expand upon the techniques from Module 4 and 5 and have you tuning into the deeper place where you can trust your truth.

  • Learn to clean your energy quickly and tune in.
  • Stop sabotaging your inner knowing by giving away your power.
  • Create a space for zen-like wisdom to just fall in your lap.
  • Avoid the indecision trap and start taking clear, guided action.
  • Practice tuning into another’s next best step.

Empowerment frees your soul…choose Intuition Training!

Time is running out! What are you waiting for? — Contact A Coach

2 Day In-Person Training With Christie In Holywood, CA.

March 26-27:  Live Event!

This is where it all kicks in.
Christie teaches you…Coaches support you…You gain intuition!

Participants report quantum leaps from these 2 days!
Don’t worry, if you cannot attend, you will get the audio recordings of this event.
But you must not miss this! Try everything in your power to make it happen!

2 Days of Mastery, Mojo, and Intuition!
March 26-27:  Live Event!

Additional Opportunities For A Fee:

  • March 25:                  Coaching Sessions With A Coach ($)
  • March 25:                  VIP Event – Limited to a smaller group. ($)
  • March 26:                 Bonus clearing session if you purchase Intuition 101 within 24 hours of speaking to a Coach. (Qualified only.)
  • March 28:                 Coaching Sessions With A Coach ($)

(Again, these are optional add-ons for a fee because past participants kept asking me to provide personal services at live events.)

You must not miss this!
Try everything in your power to make it happen!
Don’t worry, everyone will get the audio recordings of this event within a few weeks. Video recordings will not be provided asap. These take a lot of time to edit.

I want to see your bright, shiny face.  Come visit me, call a coach.

Module 7:

Life Attunement!

Have you noticed, when you bump up to a higher vibe, everything around you that is not working comes up for clearing?  

That’s because the Universe loves you so much it will share with you valuable data.

Valuable resources will come into play and show you how to get to the next level…IF AND ONLY IF…YOU TUNE IN!

You see..most people play by the old, broken rules already written in their energy. They stay the same…they stay stuck.

But not you…you want change. You want to grow and thrive. You want the big manifestations!

In this module, you will be using your intuition to give yourself a huge bump up and get on the lighter path. We literally…. attune your life.

We are going to tap in, find your frustrating, creations and KABOOM them out of your reality.

We will use the Special Techniques I taught you in Module 4 and 5 and build upon it to finally root out the mischief.

Your survival mechanisms are strong. They hide. But they can’t hide for long with your newfound super-sleuthing skills to really un-create and delete the things stopping your life dreams!

  • Attune your life to a new flow.
  • Use the Special Technique to locate your sabotaging patterns.
  • Intuit what your future holds.
  • Turn survival into thrival by branching out into new possibilities.
  • Practice finding a pattern on someone else.

Call a Coach…you deserve a life you love.

Module 8:

Manifesting Soul Satisfying Relationships!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if all of our relationships worked?
And…by worked I mean ‘added positivity to our lives.
Or what if they created mutually beneficial love-fests in all area of our lives?

Seems like a dream come true doesn’t it?

Do you know that the true secret sauce to all of this is actually tuning in and being aware of what your needs and wants are. That is always step one.

Most people don’t take the time and try on the energy of what they actually want to feel when they are hanging out with someone. Most people just put up with it.

But by tuning into other’s needs, wants and desires and blending the two in a way that fits for everyone….relationships improve.

You can tune into all kinds of relationships…family-friends-lovers-business relationships and read the energy of what they want and then see if it actually fits what you need.

In this module, you will discover the secret sauce for tuning into people.

  • Read a person…like a book.
  • Create lasting relationships based on mutually beneficial desires.
  • Change old conflicts into win-win by intuiting the possibilities.
  • Boost your energy by aligning with relationships that truly fit and kill those draining relationships that add no benefit… be-gone.
  • Practice looking into another’s situation and creating new awareness.

Wanna read a person like a book?  Call a Coach!

Module 9:

Intuiting Your Bodies’s Needs, Wants & Desires!

Wouldn’t it be super sweet to tap into what your body needs, wants and desires so you can give it the gas it needs to operate like a sports car?

Bodies need nutrients, rest, positive energy, water, movement.

But if you have read 10,000 books, articles and news reports on what new fangled thing a body needs…you may be confused.

I think you are ripping yourself off if you don’t tune in, ask your body what it needs to thrive and give it to it. You would do that for a  pet or a loved one wouldn’t you?

Your body is like a pet…you care for it. You feed it. You groom it. You love it (Or you don’t.) and it is calling out for your TLC.

So let’s clear out all of your ‘wrong’ information, misinformation, and let’s just do some straight talk with your body and find your answers.

Sounds life changing doesn’t it?

I concur.

  • Find out the best type of food plan for your body.
  • Tune into how to give yourself quality sleep.
  • Know the type of movement your body would thrive on.
  • Create a space for TLC for your body.
  • Practice looking into someone else and see the truth about their needs.

Wanna read a person like a book?  Call a Coach!

Module 10:

Tapping Into Your Purpose!

The common question I get is…”What is my life purpose?” “What am I meant to do?”

Let’s face it. What you do for 8 (or more) hours a day has a lot to do with our self esteem and how we feel about ourselves.

We should feel happy about what we “Get to do everyday.” vs. “Have to do everyday.”

Our career can make us feel ALIVE …or drained.

Are you kinda getting the insight now that this intuition thing is really about you…stepping into your truth and getting on with your life?

This intuition thing is a deep dive into your soul for answers to every question you ever had about how thing work ‘down here.’

You are signing up for the magic carpet ride into new solutions and happy endings.

Onward and upward!  

It is time to thrive. It is time for you to get clear on what your next year and your next decade are going to look like.  

So in this module,

  • I will have you tune into what you came here to be and do.
  • I will have you look at where you got off track.
  • I will help you see if you have any carry over problems from before this life, blocking you.
  • I will have you look at your future so you can trust your guidance.
  • Practice looking on someone else and give them amazing advice.

Wanna read a person like a book?  Call a Coach!

Module 11:

Divining Your Richly Rewarding Abundance!

The biggest problem most people face is money…where to get it and how to keep it.

Being richly rewarded is when you feel connected to a higher vibration, playing on the path you were meant to create and knowing that abundance is yours for the asking.

Freedom. Possibility. Being True To Yourself.

In this module, we will create a space for your intuition to play full out and gain insight into manifesting your divinely right abundance.

It’s not bad to have money.

It’s okay to want plenty.

The universe is abundant.

So let’s tune in, now that you can trust your guidance and see what new adventures are available.

Creation is creation. You are creating your reality non-stop in every one moment. You can change it with your power.

What would it take to…

  • Tune into new paths and opportunities.
  • Blow past current barriers and into your power.
  • Decide that nothing is going to stand in your way. You can trust your truth.
  • Stay in your safety net…but know what to do to create more.
  • Practice tuning into another’s richly rewarding future.

Wanna read a person like a book?  Call a Coach!

Time is running out! What are you waiting for? — Contact A Coach