Waiting To Lose The Weight


This approximately 75 minute audio will help you mentally prepare to shed the excess that’s been holding you back!


Wanting To Lose The Weight

Have you ever felt like, I need to lose weight but everything I do doesn’t make a difference? Have you ever felt so overwhelmed with life that you felt like you needed to protect yourself? Have you felt like when it comes to weightloss you feel like you are missing something?

Believe me, this is common among a lot of my clients. What we don’t realize is, sometimes our thoughts, feelings or energies we hold on to get shoved into the tissues and cells of our bodies. What we do, think and feel can often manifest in physical ways.

Join me in clearing those old conscious patterns that hold us back from our healthiest selves!

In this course you will:

~Learn to connect to your highest potential

~Release emotions that are tied to holding on to weight

~Resonate with the energy that you want to attract healthy, loving energy to you and your body


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