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How are “rose-colored glasses” tinted?

With RED FLAGS! More often than not, a distorted version of love lives inside the hearts and minds of men and women that are based on things like weird romantic love worship, passive-aggressive communication, and emotional blackmail or manipulation instead of true, genuine love.

It’s not your fault… It’s what you’ve been taught!

Taught by your childhood, taught by society, taught by the Hollywood movies and romance novels that make turmoil and struggle in a relationship seem like the normal thing to do and want.

Join me as we take a journey through the love stories you’ve picked up throughout your life and discover which distorted views of love have your current romantic life derailed or stagnant.

The Happy Outcome is that you remove the red flags and toss the rose-colored glasses aside so you can finally see the love you truly desire clearly and attract it easily.

In this event you can:

~ Learn how to communicate your love language easily and effectively.

~ Stop feeling like you have to walk on eggshells for fear of losing love.

~ Create a new version of love and romance according to how you feel, not what you learned.