The Edge Of Comfort!

Your comfort zone looks like this… 

Picture you’re sitting in your castle, your reality, okay? 

You’re surrounded by a moat full of alligators. These alligators are your abundance  blocks. You can’t rule and move into the entire abundance kingdom because your  blocks, these alligators, are fencing you off from leaving the castle.  You thought the moat filled with alligators is keeping you safe in your castle, right? 

So your only option, in my opinion, is to become so powerful you don’t need a moat full of alligators keeping you safe and secure. You jump over, you eliminate all your  alligators and your abundance blocks, and just move forward.  


In this event you can:

~Identify past programs that keep you stuck in your current comfort zones.  

~Clear your fear blocks and move out of your safe reactive zone, right? ( It’s not really safe, but you think it’s safe.)

~Take action every day on finding  and healing whatever comes up in every now moment.