Talent Pursuit!

I noticed that clients who I showed how to nurture their talents had plenty of ideas on how they could make money….just by being themselves. Oftentimes, we shut down our talents for myriads of reasons… “No time.” “Mom or dad wouldn’t let me do that.” “My spouse says it is a waste of time.” By believing in you and actually looking at what talents and skills you have, we can open up prime sources of income. If you love to do something, I promise you, other people also love it and are willing to pay you to help them.

Join me in this session to rediscover your hidden talents and use them to create and express the Infinite Being you are!


In this event you can:
– Cultivate the talents that make you profit (Spiritually, emotionally, & materially.)
– Boldly move into specialized fields of expertise and get paid for it.
– Open up hidden talents that you shut down.