Sway the Universe to Make Life Happen Your Way


This approximately 75-minute audio will help you clear your fears and release your power to make action happen in your reality.


Sway The Universe To Make Life Happen Your Way! 90 Minute Group Clearing Mp3 + Workbook!

What’s the thought habit that you start with everyday?

Are you coming from a place of annoyance, anger or upset?

How about coming from a place of love and gratitude?

Are you thankful for this day you’ve woken up to?

Your reality is created by your thoughts, beliefs and energy… so, how do you want to jumpstart your reality?

How do you want the Universe to work for you?

Join me in this session and get your  life in order and make things happen in the best way possible for you.

In this course you will:

~ Align your energy to highest vibe  and connect to infinite possibilities that the Universe is ready to send your way!

~ Clear blocks, old thought patterns and cross-purposes you’ve created in your reality bubble!

~ Gain the knowledge and tools to clear negative patterns as soon as they show up!


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