Stupid Stories!

Sometimes we have these themes in our lives we never really get rid of.

We clear around them. We study them.

We think we got them, but …

and there’s always a big but … things show up that show us we never really got to the deepest part of our sabotaging stories. You got some people that are in total denial. They don’t know their stories…And then you have other people who really love their stories ’cause it keeps them a little victim-y. Like life’s not their fault.

Some people spend so much time talking about their freaking story…

They can’t let it go.

Do you wanna change that? Let’s change that.
Quit talking about your story. Let’s change it!

Your happy end result you will be thinking, “Okay, I can let go of some lifelong patterns and blocks.”.


In this event you can:

~ Identify and clear the stories that keep you from being in your Highest Truth!

~ Shift your perspective on the stories that no longer serve you.

~ Be empowered to create your new story filled with Light, Love and all things AMAZING!