Stole Mates: Release Old Lovers That Stole Your Heart


This approximately 75 minute audio will help you clear the love blocks the cords and ties to old lovers who stole your heart have created so you can create love relationships from a new, higher vibration frequency!


Stole Mates: Release Old Lovers That Stole Your Heart

Have you had some sort of relationship dilemma? How many of you guys have had a heartbreak? Maybe you can’t seem to get your love life to look how you want it to? What about broken promises with a love such as, “Til death do us part.” and then you get divorced or break up? All of those things are indicators that you have some old energy from past loves that are stuck in your energy field.

Join me in this session and step out of your old love life and into the new you!


In this course you will:

~ Release old love energies that accumulated within you which created hidden obstructions

~ Be empowered and filled in with yourself

~ Clear and transmute the negative junk that has hung around from your relationships


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