Stay On Top! Create Your Happiest Future!


‘Stay On Top! Create Your Happiest Future!’ Bundle!!

Group Clearing Bundles To Find Your Life’s Joys & Manifest Them!

#1: Soul-Fully You! Dip Into The Awesome Power Of You!

#2: Freedom, Excitement & Exhilaration! Use These Emotions To Manifest With Ease!

#3: Attract Alliances That Help You! Get The Help You Need!

#4: Get The Universe To Support You!

#5: Choice: The Ultimate Super Power!

#6: Sway The Universe To Make Life Happen!

#7: Keeping It Real! Will The Real You Show Up?

#8: Intuition: The Interesting Skill You Really Need To Thrive: How To Open Up Your Inner GPS!” Live, Online Event!

(See description below of what each 90 minute session helps you to transform.)


*No substitutions. It’s such a low investment/high value. Just do it.



Soul-Fully You!! 90 Minute Group Clearing Mp3 + Workbook!

At the end of this session, you will be thinking…

“Okay, I can align with my magic!”

You, connected to the light, connected to your true essence, is the power you wish to see in the world.

If you want to finally get connected to this magically space that lives and breathes within you, then this session will upgrade your energy,

Join me as we get over all your God fears, the power struggles with yourself and authority figure issues so that you can finally allow yourself to BE THE POWER!

The happy outcome is you live while always being connected!

In this event you can:
– Identify past patterns where you block yourself from living in love and light!
– Learn how to constantly stand in your own power!
– Align your power with your goals and manifest your dream life!

Freedom! Excitement! Exhilaration!! 90 Minute Group Clearing Mp3 + Workbook!

Make these emotions work for you.

What is your core belief as an Infinite Being? Freedom, Joy, and Fun at creating realities.

Anything less than these parameters is a stopping point in your reality.

When’s the last time that you’ve felt totally free?

Free to express yourself, free to play, free to be you.

I know when working with clients, for a lot of people the answer is really never.

Join me in this session and get you into the energy of believing you can create your life, your way!

In this course you will:

~ Bring back the energy of playfulness and joy!

~ Take guided action and create an awesome life; one that free, excites and exhilarates you!

~ Stop living in the choices of fear and move into the energy of knowing!

Attracting Alliances That Help You!! 90 Minute Group Clearing Mp3 + Workbook!

Let me start by asking, “Do you create a reality where everything and everyone conspires to help you?”

“Do you know that you can create all the help you need?”

“Are you balanced in giving and receiving or are you always doing the giving?”

If you said no to any of these…

Join me in this session and upgrade your reality to work for your benefit and receive all of the help and blessings you deserve!

In this course you will:

~ Manifest your life from a balanced place with giving and receiving!

~ Attract positive influencers into your life and people who align with your vision!

~ Live in the energy that the universe has your back!

Get Your Universe To Support You! 90 Minute Group Clearing Mp3 + Workbook!

Have you ever asked for something and the Universe just seems to send you a big N-O!

Then you start to question whether or not the universe is really listening.

We’ve all been there…But what if it wasn’t that you weren’t doing the right things.

What if you just had things in your energy field or thought patterns that blocked those things from coming to you fully?

Join me in discovering those blocks and patterns that keep the Universe from fully supporting you!

In this course you will:

~ Rediscover your support system in manifesting the ‘Happy End Result’!

~ Actively and consciously create your life they way you are intended to!

~ Delete old patterns and energies that aren’t yours!

Choice-The Ultimate Super Power!! 90 Minute Group Clearing Mp3 + Workbook!

Most people make daily choices based on habits and ingrained beliefs instead of actually CHOOSING WHAT MAKES THEM, HAPPY….PROFITABLE…FILLED TO THE BRIM WITH ENERGY!

Most people don’t truly understand the power they have to make choices in every one moment!

Imagine using your superpowers to generously give yourself everything you want simply by being committed to the choice and doing whatever it takes to make it happen.

Join me in this session if you find yourself waffling, being lazy and not truly choosing your happiness!

In this course you will:

~ Shazam your infinite power into place!

~ Create true confidence, self-esteem and commit to your best path.

~ Put your game plan together and bring in the abundance!

Plus, I am going to share what I think is one of my Top 10 tools for manifestation.

Sway The Universe To Make Life Happen Your Way! 90 Minute Group Clearing Mp3 + Workbook!

What’s the thought habit that you start with everyday?

Are you coming from a place of annoyance, anger or upset?

How about coming from a place of love and gratitude?

Are you thankful for this day you’ve woken up to?

Your reality is created by your thoughts, beliefs and energy… so, how do you want to jumpstart your reality?

How do you want the Universe to work for you?

Join me in this session and get your  life in order and make things happen in the best way possible for you.

In this course you will:

~ Align your energy to highest vibe  and connect to infinite possibilities that the Universe is ready to send your way!

~ Clear blocks, old thought patterns and cross-purposes you’ve created in your reality bubble!

~ Gain the knowledge and tools to clear negative patterns as soon as they show up!

Keeping It Real: Will The Real You Please Stand Up? 90 Minute Group Clearing Mp3 + Workbook!

Your environment and those around you can have strong influences in your life.

Those influences can be swirling around your reality field and you imprint what you choose to agree with.

Sometimes the imprinted thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes can imprint as what makes up your identity and how you relate to the world.

Join me in this session for a deep dive into what truly makes up who you are and take back your power!

In this course you will:

~ Discover what identity structure is and how that can create and unauthentic you!

~ Release false images and implanted beliefs about who you think you are!

~ Become the perfect version of you!

“Intuition: The Interesting Skill You Really Need To Thrive:How To Open Up Your Inner GPS!” Live, Online Event!

Join Christie live, many times this month and start training your intuition!


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