Solving Sabotage!

By the end of this session you’ll be thinking, “I fearlessly go for what I want no matter what!”

Imagine the thing you want to manifest most is as close as it’s ever been and all you had to do is reach out and grab it.

Do you feel like it’ll come in easily for you? Or would something inevitably happen that keeps you from getting it?

Oftentimes, people fall into the “too good to be true” mentality because we’re taught that good things don’t come easy. Then they subconsciously blindside their own chances for success because of hidden doubts and fears.

Join me as we uncover the root of those fears that make you subconsciously sabotage your abundance.

The happy outcome is that you recognize the fears that hold you back and gain confidence in choosing abundant things for your life.

In this event you can:
~ Pinpoint the areas of your life where sabotage exists and blocks your abundance.
~ Figure out where your doubts and fears about abundance comes from.
~ Create new habits to help you move forward when potential doubts or sabotage arise.