Sexual Revolution: Revolve Your Needs!


This approximately 75 minute audio will help you clear your blocks in the areas of receiving, giving and sharing sexual pleasure so you can step up your experiences and more effectively get your desires and needs met.


Sexual Revolution: Revolve Your Needs

Have you noticed that over the years, whatever needs you used to create have shifted and changed as you have grown? If you tune into the real energy of that, it should feel expansive and positive and life-giving and fun. That energy should run through you 24/7, right? Who wouldn’t want to embody this powerful loving energy?

Join me in this session and tune into what sexual energy truly is and what it isn’t. 


In this course you will:

~ Release the old patterns, beliefs and blocks to your sexual energy

~ Allow the energy of self-love and sexual enjoyment into your reality bubble

~ Balance the energy of give and take during intimate moments


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