Self-Wealth=Self-Worth: Increasing Abundance Through Knowing Your True Value! 

Do you ever feel like you’re not enough?

Do you find yourself asking, “What am I really worth?”

Are you feeling like there must be more than this but just not sure what it is or how to get there from here?


That feeling is really difficult to overcome, and it can stop you from living your best life. It can hold you back from pursuing the things that are truly important to you.

It’s not just an inner feeling of being unhappy with who you are, though. It’s also a self-sabotaging pattern of behavior as well, one that doesn’t allow you to reach true levels of fulfillment and abundance in your life.

What if I told you that the key to overcoming this angst and calming the feelings of inadequacy could be as simple as knowing your true worth?

Join me in this Group Clearing Event as we discover your true authentic value. You’ll learn how to make an internal shift so you can recognize your worth and how you can begin building a life of abundance by simply knowing your true value.

The happy outcome is you become fully aware of your true talents, skills, and what makes you happy knowing there is no limitation to what you can create for yourself in your life.

In this event you can:

~ Spotlight the skills, talents, and gifts that you already possess that bring abundance into your life, not just in your finances, but in all areas of your life including health, relationships, career, and more!

~ Determine the value and worth that you are bringing to EVERYTHING that you do so that you can recognize and be recognized for all that you bring to the table!

~ Reprogram your subconscious mind with new belief systems by tapping into universal consciousness where all possibilities are available to you.