Sadness & Self-Sabotage: The Thin Line Between Loathing & Loving After A Loss

Do you believe grief can sabotage your ultimate abundance?

Struggling and suffering often go hand-in-hand with sadness. Sometimes, people want to get stuck there, in the sad.

Waiting to get answers. Wanting an explanation. Refusing to move forward until someone takes responsibility for why they made us feel the way they made us feel.

There’s a fine line between processing sadness and sabotaging your own happiness when you don’t allow yourself to truly grieve after losing something or someone dear to you.

Join me as we take a look into the things that have made you sad in your life that you haven’t truly let go of yet and it’s blocking your abundance.

The happy outcome is that you recognize where you’re allowing stuck sadness and unprocessed grief stop you from making abundant choices so that you can finally create what you want in your life.

In this event you can:
~ Finally forgive yourself and others for any sadness you’re feeling in or about your life.
~ Start making choices to help you move forward through sadness after processing it.
~ Find the place inside yourself that provides all the answers you need to understand a loss and learn to love after it.

** Best session to work on clearing the worst thing that has ever happened to you.**