Recover Your Heart: Overcoming Heartache When You’re Feeling Hopeless!

Have you ever had a nagging thought that you would NEVER love anyone the way you loved a past mate or an old flame that you’re no longer with?

Is it hard for you to get excited about attracting love and having a relationship because you’re heartbroken or still hung up on an ex?

Does it sometimes feel like you’ll never find love again?

Sometimes, we’ve been hurt SO badly by the loss of a romantic love that we build up these impenetrable walls around our hearts so we don’t open up to genuine love again, out of fear of experiencing that excruciating pain again.

Join me in this Group Clearing Session as we explore all the reasons that avoiding pain has become more important than experiencing love.

The happy outcome is that you’ll purge all the emotions and cords attached to old heartbreak and allow yourself to feel hopeful in love and romance again.

In this event you can:

~ Remove the energies of chaos and crisis from around your heart space.

~ Remove old realities you imprinted due to past heartbreak.

~ Gain new awareness about your boundaries that help you reclaim your power to love.