Reclaiming Your “I”!

By the end of this session you’ll be thinking, “I’m my own person and I live in the now moment!”

How many times in your life have you taken care of other people’s needs and happiness at the expense of your own?

How many times have you stopped yourself from going for what you want or put your life on hold because of family or other type of obligations?

One of the main reasons money and abundance eludes you is because you’re refusing to go for what you really want and the energy you’re putting out becomes murky.

Join me as we sift through the family junk and past history that make you feel wrong about your life or your choices.

The happy outcome is you’ll start living your life your way and be happy doing it!

In this event you can:
~ Get to the root of the family junk that stops you from moving forward.
~ Define clear boundaries for what you’re willing and unwilling to accept in your life.
~ Decide what you really want for your life and go for it.