The Profit Formula


The Profit Formula

Supercharge Your Daily Routine: How Overwhelmed & Stressed Individuals Can Find “Profit” In 3-Seconds Using The Formula.

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Join Me If You Are… Sick & Tired Of The Non-Cents!

It’s Time To Amp Up Your Profits & Abundance!

Who Else Wants To Achieve Their Dreams With a 3-Second Proven Profit Formula?

Live Online Event!


Learn “The Profit Formula” To Create More Abundance!

Join my transformative event and learn the vital 3-second technique I use to manifest an abundant life.

+ 90 minutes of full-on focus. I teach you the method. You start applying it 3 seconds later. Magic happens.

+ I am unbeatable at creating quick transformation. You cannot unhear what I am going to teach you. I dare you to try and stop your progress.

+ This isn’t everything. The online journey is full of hidden gems just waiting for you to discover. So buckle up, get ready to dig deep into the exciting business of being ‘Profitably You”. It’s going to be a thrilling ride.

Supercharge Your Daily Routine: How Overwhelmed & Stressed Individuals Can Apply The  “Profit Formula” In 3-Seconds To Find Abundance!

I woke up one day stressed and tired because I was working literally 70-80 hours a week.

I was burning the midnight oil trying to fit everything into my life.

Work…private coaching clients…business building…. websites…. employees…. relationships…. family….. trips…. working out… and more. I am exhausted thinking about it.

Something had to give.

Into my head popped a 3-second formula that seemed too good to be true at first. But to be honest, it was so simple, even a 5 year old could apply it. So I felt a little crazy at first, but my guidance has never steered me wrong before so I started applying it that day.

The crux of it… I stopped doing things that did not make ‘sense aka ‘cents’ anymore and started living my life with peace, commitment to my needs getting filled and loving myself along the way.

Applying this 3-second technique was a victory for me that day … to be honest. I was so tired of being the giver-of-all-things-to-everyone and I now found I had time to give to myself.

It was life changing. In fact, I still use this technique about 100 times a day… No Joke!


~~~I bet you are the giver of all things to everyone around you.

~~~I bet you are the task master who can do it better than everyone around you so you never delegate or ask for help.

~~~I bet you just think you can do it faster.

But I promise you…this will lead to burnout…exhaustion, resentment towards the people you love and maybe even health issues. (Cancel – clear.)


So why not give my technique a try? 

It was a gift my Infinite Self brought to me and a gift that has NEVER steered me wrong and that is a huge testimony of all the good things it has provided me.

It has given me an opportunity to really decide what things create abundance for me.

If I were to guess how much abundance this technique has given me, I’d say 7-figures and 2-commas worth. No joke.

So join me and let’s decide together what is actually going to bring you the same peace-of-mind and quality of life this technique has given me and the few hundred students who have accessed this material. 

( I have never taught this online, so only a few students who have paid attention know about this.)


I teach you ‘The Profit Formula’ and you apply it in 3-seconds. 

I use this technique a dozen times a day at least.

I walk you through your life and help you locate the energy that is blocking you from ‘profit’.

Only a handful of students who pay attention know about this technique.

Not only that but I am going to teach you 5 tools you can use for every moment of everyday to transform your life.

  • 90-minute jaw-wagging session. Imagine this – a concise, 90-minute chat where we poke at all your embarrassingly bad habits and dissect them like a frog in a 7th-grade science class. All this in the cozy little bubble of an online webinar. Sounds like fun, right?


  • “Personalized” advice. I won’t dump you in the deep end without a floatie. I’m here to spoon-feed you the 3 – second formula that once applied, will transform the entire way you look at your world. Together, we’ll create a future where you’re no longer just barely keeping your nose above water, but actually showing off the yacht you were always hoping for.


  • Zapping the bad juju. Ever feel like you’re running on a hamster wheel of doom? Well, you’re not hallucinating. We’ll play Sherlock and Watson, sniffing out and vaporizing those loathsome habits that are acting like ankle weights on your pursuit of greatness. Freedom, here you come!


  • Custom-made roadmap to success. By tuning in with my guidance, I will do the heavy lifting by pointing you int the right direction. We’re going to chalk out a game plan too. This action plan will be your magical GPS from Notenoughtown to Awesometown, offering you a crystal-clear view of your yellow brick road.


  • And oh, there’s more! You think this is it? Ha! The wonderful world of personal growth is vast and full of more plot twists than a soap opera. Prep yourself to dive headfirst into this rollercoaster ride towards a happier version of you – or at least, one that can work less and profit more. ; )

Anyway… I hope you will use the tools I can teach you to your advantage.

What Do You Get?

Let’s start your day off with some manifesting mojo!

What you get:

~ A Mp3 replay of 90 minutes of tools to use to seriously maximize your profit…so you can listen to it again and clean up more and more of your invisible, abundance repelling mindset.

~ A workbook so you can come back to and create a playfulness with the tools.

~ A fresh perspective of where the struggle was and how to finally get onto your happy path.

~ You will leave the event feeling happier, energized, and more positive about your future than when you first showed up. 

Why Should You Consider This?

Because you will never get over your blocks…until you do.

Why should I do this? 

~ Stops, blocks and problems do not go away on their own.

~ You actually have to deal with the leading cause of stress in your life… a lack of abundance.

~ The only way through is through and I want to help you get the straight answers and immediate relief by knowing you can change your life if you have some tools to change it. 

~ You need a Coach who has helped transformed thousands of people’s lives. 

~ You can ask me questions, live and get some new brainiac ideas on how to go forward, boldly!

Why should I NOT go for this?

Because maybe you like your current circumstances and don’t want more.

Why should I not go for this?

~ You should not do this if you like being stuck in a rut with zero options.

~ You should not do this if you like the pay off of blaming everything (or everyone) for your circumstances. 

~ Yes, bad things happen. But you have the opportunity to become richly rewarded anyway. We all know a zillion folks who came from nothing and made it happen. We all love the underdog story because we see ourselves as the underdog overcoming adversity and winning.  It’s just a choice which avenue you would love to pursue.

10 Day Happiness Guarantee

If you don’t like my tools, email us and we will give you your money back.

I have the lowest rate of returns of anyone I have ever heard of.

On average, it is 3 a month.

Why so low?

Because if you actually use the tools, the techniques work, and Students of mine want more and more and more happiness and positivity.

So if you are seriously not going to apply the tools, then just move along.


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