The Possibility Tour! Recorded Sessions

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Recordings of my weekend shazamfest!

People reported huge changes after this event!

Session 1:

At the end of this session, you will be thinking… “I am ready to BLAST OFF! I know what’s possible in my life! 20xx…here I come!” Most people succumb to their same reality day in and day out. The reason you are not moving into new energy is that you are STUCK in old perceptions!!! WHY? Because it’s hard to perceive what you can actually achieve if you are only looking through the filter of your current energy. In this session, I will help you tune into your Infinite Self and create the space for new ideas to come in. Truly ask…”What new energy can I bring in that will open me to new possibilities, ideas, love, and profit?!”


Session 2:

At the end of this session, you will be thinking… “If I could really, really get what I really want…I want this ______________!” What if you could connect to your Infinite Self, talk some things out and discover what your Soul/Higher Self believes is truly possible? In this session, we will connect to your Infinite Self and discover what type of life you can create that fits your needs! Ask yourself this…”What awareness am I blocking that if I chose to connect to my Infinite Self could unleash untold abundance, happiness, and harmony?! Say Yes to This!!


Session 3:

At the end of this session, you will be thinking… “Okay, I know what’s possible…and now I know what was blocking me from achieving it!” In this session, we will uncover the stale and old energy that was stopping you from even seeing what was possible this year. We will clear the old, dead perceptions of what you created in life that no longer embraces the things you truly enjoy. These energies are false and not the true you. I SEE YOU AS AN INFINITE, CREATOR BEING that can pursue life from a clean slate! Ask yourself…”What new things can I add to my life that easily allow the old to drop away?”


Session 4:

At the end of this session, you will be thinking… “Super Duper! I have a plan! I know what to do!“ What would it take for you to get a plan?! A roadmap make things happen! If you have a guided plan so you can take massive action, you can make your dreams come true! Yes…positive energy needs to be in you. But, I guided plan that comes from your Infinite Self can really help you get there quickly! Ask yourself this…”What guided actions am I missing, that I could really perceive in this session with Christie?! I want the shortcut…show me!


Session 5:

At the end of this session, you will be thinking… “Shazam…My plan feels do-able and fun!” Super duper, turbo booster! In this session, we uncover any holdout beliefs that will block you from charging forward with your massive action taking! Ask this question…”What blocks are stopping me from taking massive, guided action?!”


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