Pollyanna To Petty Betty: The Emotional Energy Spectrum Of The Modern Lightworker!

Are you someone who gives to others, often to your own detriment? Do you always put others first? Are you a people-pleaser, never wanting anyone to be upset with you?

Yes, giving is one of the most rewarding acts any being can do. Giving is also a huge part of our Lightworker abundance energy flow. However, when we give too much and/or give in the wrong ways for us—and especially when we allow ourselves to be taken advantage of—that’s no longer a gift but an imbalance that has the potential to leave us drained and depleted.

Giving so much that you feel depleted is the same as taking too much. Both are based on lack and depletion. How can you give what you don’t have?

Join us in this LIVE event where you’ll learn how your overgiving nature could be what’s blocking abundant things from coming into your life. The happy outcome is you’ll be able to balance your giving nature with your own personal desires and dreams.

In this event you can:

~ Uncover all the places in your life your over-giving is draining and depleting you.

~ Learn how to find the happy medium between giving and dreaming big.

~ Set clear and healthy boundaries throughout your entire life and keep your vibration at Love or Above!