Perfect Love, A Course For Manifesting More Love!

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Perfect Love For You! The 6 Module Love Program designed to help you find love, keep love and experience a deeper connection to yourself.

This program is for people who are in a relationship and want a spring cleaning on their love life. 


For people who are looking for love mates and are going through things that block this companionship from coming forward.

In this course, I go over the main reasons why you are blocked, stopped and feeling unmet needs emotionally.

In Module 1, we look at how you learned how to love and start unwinding the tales of your Mom and Dad’s versions of love.

In Module 2, we create the ideal perfect love match for you. It is important to really look at your true, needs & desires and not the ‘storybook’ romance novels versions.

In Module 3, we look at your old expectations and how this was unmet. We start inviting in the quality love that is most desired.

In Module 4, we unravel all the ways you block yourself from meeting your love match.

In Module 5, we discover and clean up the cross purposes that put you at odds with harmonious love matches.

In Module 6, we undo your ‘love stories’ and help you create new stories that fit your current desires. 


Module 1: 

How Do You Feel About Love?

When people come to me for relationship clearing, most of the things we uncover in the block ends up being how their parents or family interacted about love and it’s just showing up with their mate.

It’s not always what you really feel or think about the other person. It’s just what’s being projected out due to your base root programming.

Let’s get an idea of where you’re at right now. In the space below, write your working definition of love and how you feel about it. 


Module 2: 

Let’s talk about Invitation!

Nothing can happen to us unless we chose it or we invite it in. In order for you to invite things in, you have to know what it is and choose to bring it in.

You’ll uncover some of the things you want to bring in to your life.


I have a  friend and her and her husband who were having problems. One night at dinner she told me, “We’re just not getting along. How do we bring more love in?”

I turned to the husband and said, “Hey, how would you know that she loves you?” At first, he said, “What? I know she loves me.”

I replied, “Yes, but do you feel loved by her?”

He said,  “No. She’s always bitching or complaining.”  So I asked him what specific thing could she do to make him feel loved. They ended up adding a date night. On the date night, they couldn’t talk about the kids, they couldn’t talk about problems. They really set some prerequisites. When they set these prerequisites they found that they both felt loved.

Find out more… of how to invite in the quality of love you require.


​Module 3: ​


Have you noticed that there’s this polarity here on this planet: light/dark, good/bad, forward/backward, right/left, up/down and love/hate. Regarding relationships, what happens is since most people experienced drama growing up, you had a lot of stuff going on that was not love.

Your parents would say to you, “I love you, honey.”

Meanwhile, they’re hating each other. They’re doing the best they can but if they don’t have love frequencies in their own body, how are they supposed to transmit that to you? Right?

If your mom is saying, “Hey, I love you.” and then she’s whacking you and telling you that you’re wrong and being critical, then we learn that the way we show love is we criticize who we’re with.

You learn that love means being critical. So you start harping on your boyfriend or your girlfriend. 

The only reason you’re blocking love is that you have other ideas that oppose it and these came when you’re embodying this reality.

To create positive relationships, you must allow real love in the​ ​middle of all relationships.


​Module 4: ​

Putting Your Body Where Your Love Is!

Focusing on what you really, really, really want. 

If you’re feeling blocked in finding the right person…

I’m going to share with you a way you can experiment with being at the exact right place, at the exact right time to meet the perfect mate for me?” 

 Or you can say, “What would it take for my mate and I to know what to do and how to do it to make a quality love match?”

Remind yourself to put the energy of what you want into the universe and be totally open to receive what comes back to you​.


Module 5: 

Enemy patterning​ & Cross Purposes​!

Cross purposes are when we want one thing, like love and we also simultaneously think that loves sucks and it will hurt us based on our past experiences. 

Enemy patterning is when we go through life expecting that people will be our enemies and they’re going to do something strange, wonky, or mean to us.

That often happens if you grew up in an abused family or your family wasn’t very loving so you’re always expecting them to be mean or do you harm.

You throw love out of your life.

You have an automatic expectation and live through the energy of “People are my enemies and they’re out to get me”

In this module, we clean that flawed reality that blocks your love from showing up​.


​Module 6: ​

Every moment in our lives, we have experiences and feelings that are made up of energy.

Most of us allow that energy into our bodies.  It can be dense negative, unwanted, light, joyous, or anything in between.

The clearing statements help us to remove the dense negative energy that we have literally been carrying around with our lives. The memory of the event may remain but​ the unwanted energy​ can leave….easily. If you know how to clear it. 

What’s kind of cool is you can’t really clear truth.

The truth is an event happened, let’s just say a horse kicked you in the shin.

You associated the horse kicking you in the shin with pain, suffering, and a broken leg, “Darn horse, I’m never going to get on a horse again. Screw that horse.

I can’t believe that horse.”

The truth is a horse kicked you. The story turns into whatever you conclude and tell yourself happened.  All the other negative emotions became linked to that incident based on how you perceived it.

When we’re clearing things we don’t clear the memory of the event.

It is true the horse kicked you, that stays.

What we’re clearing are all the dense negative, shock-filled things that happened after that that you ingested into your energy system​.​​​

These things stop your future manifestations and stick you back in time.

If you want a big love life clean up… then this course is for you. 



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