NVM- New Value Model


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December 2018 Online Group Clearing Event 12/15/18 – 8 am PST

NVM – New Value Model!

By the end of this session, you’ll be thinking, “I know my true value and worth”


Have you ever thought about all the abundance you could receive if people could just see what you were worth?


Most of my clients never give themselves a chance to really explore all their opportunities to get that big break!

Most of my clients don’t use their true talents and skills….because they’re scared sh*tless of owning up to the true value in them.

Most of my clients are convinced they can’t create abundance by being….themselves.

They’ve squeezed themselves into contracted ideas and stuffy judgmental boxes.


Join me as we examine your current value model and shift into a more enterprising one.


The happy outcome is you uncover the beliefs blocking your abundance and shazam yourself into new ideas and possibilities!


In this event you can:

~ Get to the root of why you resist placing a high value on yourself!

~ Find out how to show up as yourself and align with the energy of people that will pay you for it!

~ Open yourself up to the many ways you can get paid to be you!



Please note you get a recording of the event within 7 days of the event!


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