Moving On Up: From Procrastination To Freedom!

We all have dreams and desires. We think of them often, but make no real effort to bring them into our reality. Too busy, too distracted … no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to get out and take action. You have an abundance of natural talents and positive personality traits that will let you easily overcome life’s hurdles, but instead, you’re struggling with everyday challenges.

One of the most unproductive things in life is procrastination – unnecessary delays and postponing. Most people procrastinate on a regular basis and don’t even realize it.

While we think we may be doing stuff like pressing reset on a project or task or taking time out to clear our head, it’s actually stopping our forward momentum. And when you do this enough, it can stop you from moving ahead to achieve great success and abundance. It keeps you stuck in old habits and patterns that don’t serve you well.

Join us in this Group Clearing Event where I’ll guide you through recognizing the subtle procrastination events in your life today that are holding you hostage and stopping your abundance from coming through for you.

The happy outcome is that you will discover how to clear the blocks and deal with procrastination so that you are now able to begin consciously working towards creating the life of your dreams.


In this event you can:

~ Clear all energies and attachments to procrastination in your life to enjoy true freedom, abundance, prosperity, and the creation of your dreams.

~ Clear out your mountain of excuses and regrets so that you’re free to be the best version of yourself.

~ Go from being stuck in the procrastination zone to freedom and abundance beyond belief.