Are You Mirroring Mom’s Messes?

Do you have one of those relationships with your mom where it sometimes feels like you’re still a kid?

Maybe she’s always questioning your choices and second-guessing your motives.

Or maybe she expects you to do what she says because you’re her child no matter how old you are.

Whatever it is… how is it showing up in your life?

Join me in this live Group Clearing Event as we uncover where you either duplicate or rebel against your mom’s energy so that you can uncover what’s productive in your life and what’s not.

The happy outcome is that you revise and reframe your past experiences with your mom’s energy so that its impact on your current life is always positive and meaningful.

In this event you can:

~ Reveal the unproductive patterns you’re duplicating from your mom.

~ Highlight which patterns of worry or destruction you picked up and clear them NOW!

~ Locate and obliterate any power struggles you have with your mother (or memories of her).