The Mental Magician-Bundle


The Mental Magician!-Bundle

Want to increase your prosperity and success? Unlock the power of your mind and tame your thoughts, emotions, habits, actions, and intentions.

Your thoughts are one of the most powerful forces in the universe. By being able to control them, you can change lives and create a New Reality!

The Mental Magician will help you to align yourself with your most abundant outcomes in business, love, and life by helping you to understand how the subconscious mind works so you can create powerful shifts in your life with ease.

This bundle is designed to give you a clear view of your life, so that you can make conscious decisions about what to change and how to create the life you want.

These two recordings will help you activate your mind for success by implementing simple practical tools that are easy to learn and incorporate into your daily life.

The “Mental Magician” bundle includes two group clearing event recordings guiding you through tools and activities to help you take control of your thoughts (conscious and subconscious), emotions, habits, actions, and intentions and align them with your most abundant outcomes.


This bundle includes the products below:

A. Manifesting Magic At Your Fingertips

Have you ever thought about something and suddenly it just sorts of pops up into your life?

What about wanting something so much and having it right within your grasp, but it’s always just out of reach for some reason?

Sometimes the way things happen to us can seem magical and other times, it just feels absolutely cursed.

Do you know why that is?

You came to this planet with the ultimate power to consciously choose exactly how you want your life to be! You didn’t come here as a tree or a rock … Your soul chose to animate a body with 100% control to choose and create what you want in your life.

The magic is in you!

Join me and take hold of your own personal power to make your reality as magical as you desire.

The happy outcome is you recognize the power you hold to make your dreams happen the way you envision.

In the event you can:
~ Step into your infinite personal power and declare to live life your way.
~ Awaken the power of your free will choice to bend reality the way you want.
~ Create an over-lighting theme to align your path with and filter all your choices through.

B. Intention: The Most Powerful Key Your Misusing

I believe that Intention is what runs your life. It’s the energy that runs through you, and you focus it in a direction. What I have discovered is that most people are kind of focusing it in the opposite direction of what they want to achieve or what they want to manifest or what they want to accomplish. 

Join me in this session and remove the corrupt systems that you have in place that are stopping you from transforming your life.

In this course you will:

~ Connect to the energy of being safe and aligned in your truth

~ Use your full intention and true power to make the stuff happen

~ Hone in on your true choices in your life and be in vibration of your intention

++ Sorry no substitutions if you already have any of these Group events.

Let’s be honest… they are such a ridiculously low investment, it’s totally worth it for even one Event recording.


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