Love Your Family! Clearing Up Your Core Gunk!


6 Homestudy Programs To Clear Up Family Relationships!

Let’s face it. You take in the energy of those you grow up with.

From age, 0-7 your brain waves are in theta soaking up the environment. 

This is great as it helps you become the version of the ‘person’ you wish to be. Hopefully, your loved ones growing up were conscious, aware humans!

Not so great if they have wounds & unhealed ‘human’ issues.

…So how do we delete the infected parts of us that took in the not-so-cool stuff?

My tools. They help you clear the baggage and just get over it. 

Bottom line… If your family still stirs you up and pushes your buttons, you need this bundle of holiday magic. 

If you find yourself duplicating their money blocks and love life issues or happiness levels and you are not manifesting life, your way…you need this bundle of holiday magic. 



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*No substitutions. It’s such a low rate/high value. Just do it.


Homestudy Clearing #1: Mother & Father Love: Were You Filled With What You Needed?! $97 Value!

Mother & Father Love: Were You Filled With What You Needed? ! Mp3 & Workbook!

Did you get the love you needed from your Mom?….from your Dad?….from the main caregivers in your life? 99% of my clients’ have issues with love and Mom and Dad energy that they wanted but could not get at various times in life from them. Let’s be honest….your Parents are human. They don’t always know what to do.

You see most times, we need more than they can give us. That’s where this session comes in.

In this course you will:

~ Gain an understanding that the choices you make all stem from how much you, love you!

~ Make empowered choices that are in the energy of Love and Above!

~ Manifest the love that you require to be fully you!

Homestudy Clearing #2: Mending Mom Issues! $97 Value!

Mending Mom Issues!! Mp3 & Workbook

Mending Mom Issues!

What is your relationship with your mother-good, bad, ugly?

Whatever the relationship is, she gave you the opportunity to be in this lifetime.

Think about it…she carried you for nine months and all the energy that your mother starts feeling, thinking, doing, being, believing, basically starts getting imprinted in you.

Actually, it started before you are even born into the world! She has more of an influence on your thought patterns than you know!

Join me in this session and get familiar with these old thought patterns and clear up the energy gunk that you shared with your mother.

This will help you clear your blocks in sourced in your relationship with your Mom, which can not only impact your relationship with her but also many other areas of life.

In this course you will:

~ Clear your mother’s energy and junk from your field of influence!

~ Reclaim and be in the energy of You!

~ Connect and attract positive influencers into your life!

Homestudy Clearing #3: Deleting The Dad Issues! $97 Value!

Deleting The Dad Issues! Mp3 & Workbook!

Father…What does father mean?

Ideally, father or father figures are the first people that we learn masculine energy from; fair, likable, kind, openhearted person, happily guiding you toward your fullest potential and supporting your growth. 

However, oftentimes these masculine energies aren’t the ones you had imprinted into your reality field.

Through your father’s field of influence, you get all your feelings, ideas, justifications, your reasons, your opinions, and the way you look at the world…all the good things and all the bad.

This approximately 75-minute audio will help you clear your blocks in your relationship with your Dad, which can not only impact your relationship with him but also many other areas of life such as relationships with bosses, co-workers, friends, siblings, offspring, and romantic partners.

Stop repeating the patterns you picked up from Dad or were triggered by how he was so you can be freer to create relationships that actually meet your needs!

In this course you will:

~Clear any old, imprinted patterns that you got from your father!

~Release old hurts and events where you felt disempowered!

~Re-balancing the masculine and feminine energies!

FREE LIVE WEBINAR WITH ME! 12.22.2021 & 12.29.2021 Intuition Online Webinar #8!

Intuition Enhancing Webinar Replay!

What do you think when you think about intuition? Easy? Hard?
Most people have no idea what is possible to use your intuition for and how to harness it’s awesome powers.

I use my intuition for everything.

I use it to run a hugely profitable, business.

I use it for my personal happiness and knowing how to get what I want.

I use it for all my personal relationships and knowing how to communicate with people for win-win relationships.

I use it for any task so I can get it done faster, quicker, better.

I use it for negotiation for homes, cars, services like cable, phone, etc. 

I use it to hire contractors and professional services from people who actually work for me in my office to plumbers, trades professionals, etc. 

In this event you can:

1~ How you can awaken your intuition.

Discover eye-opening insights into a world where following the happiest path for you is normal. Imagine a place where intuition can be trusted and true guidance can be your above average reality.

2~ Learn the true value of how many dollars you are walking away from…

Most people who take the life-altering quiz report 1000’s of dollars are being lost every year. How? Because you are not plugged into your Infinite Self 24/7 getting true guidance, valuable ideas, and time-saving ease. Most people procrastinate, hesitate, avoid, and make mistakes that cost them time, money, and energy.  But don’t worry! I help you see how to clear this up.

3~ Creating a life you love starts with this one thing…

and I will show you how to literally change your state of being in minutes. This is the first step to activating your intuition to improve your life. 9.75 out of 10 people can feel the difference in minutes. Think about that. In minutes you can apply an easy technique to change your state of being. ; )

4 ~ Most intuition experts cannot walk you through an experience where you get an immediate answer. 

I can! In fact, the common comment I hear about my training is “I am not ‘Woo Woo’.” I teach intuition from a fresh, fun, playful space to turn your Inner GPS on. I have Doctors, entrepreneurs, realtors, business professionals, forklift drivers, students, parents, and everyone in between join my training because it is fun and playful.  Join the live event and see how easy it can be. 

5 ~ True manifesting power comes from knowing how to create your reality. True knowing comes from training your intuition.

My Intuition training does 3 things. One, it starts you on the path to knowing where to look and how to get what you want. Two, it trains you to find the exact state of vibe that pulls the good things to you like a magnet. Clients commonly report how things just miraculously show up. Three, I show you how to unclog the flow blocking the good things from showing up in your life. Triple whammy. 

6 ~ If not now…when? You only have this moment. Now this one. Now this one. Now this one. Geez… those 3 moments are gone now.

Seriously, life is precious. Time is ticking. You only have a certain amount of time in this body. So you can do it right, turn on your secret ninja skill and awaken the only talent you have that can save you precious time, money, and energy. Or, you can stay where you are…which for some of you is okay but could be more and for others it’s like dragging around a 400-pound wildebeest. 

7 ~ Learn why all of your weird habits like procrastination, wishy-washiness, overindulging in TV-video-online shopping-substances are the most important sign that your intuition wants to be awakened. 

Think about it. You are using these things to get ‘happy’ from the outside. True happiness comes from feeling confident, being aware, knowing you are creating a life you love, and moving towards your goals.

Look around. Are you happy with your environment, your relationships, your inner peace?

Or do you want more?

Your Soul wants you to pick up the phone and talk to her/him for the quick path, the shortcut, the answers, and true guidance.   But you are stuck using these other things as filler trying to fill up from the outside in. 

All of these things are temporary stimulation because you are blocked from creating your dream life and manifesting your personal goals such as….

…a kick-ass career …a thriving business  …healthy relationships …a body that tells you what it wants. …an inner peace so deep nothing can stop you.

It’s not your fault. Nobody taught you how to tune in, get awareness, and create a life you love. Nobody taught you to move forward confidently and that you don’t need to make mistakes because you can follow your Inner GPS.  

I will teach you for free!!

Homestudy Clearing #4:  Clearing Sibling Drama!  $97 Value!

Clearing Sibling Drama! Mp3 & Workbook.

What kind of relationship did you have with your siblings?

Was it competitive, argumentative, or full of blaming and tattling?

Maybe it was nonresponsive or nonexistent and you wanted more?

Your relationships that you grow up in makeup who you are and you imprint the world around you and learn how to deal with life in the same way you did as a kid.

Join me in this session to get rid of all the drama surrounding you and your siblings!

In this course you will:

~ Clear out old patterns, energies,  and reactive behaviors between you and the sibs

~ Pull off the filter that you had of your siblings and stand in your power

~ Heal the younger you, stuck in that time with your siblings, and be the whole, Loving Being you are!

Homestudy Clearing #5: Family Ties That B(L)Ind! $97 Value!

Family Ties That B(L)Ind!! Mp3 & Workbook.

Did you make a promise to follow in the footsteps of someone in your family but it didn’t feel like the right thing to do?

Were there expectations you felt obligated to that carried over from childhood into adulthood that keep you from taking total control over your outcome?

Too often, people are afraid to follow their dreams and live their own life because they can’t see past the family junk that binds and blinds them.

Join me as we dive deep into your beliefs and patterns to uncover how and where your family junk is affecting your life!

The happy outcome is you release the restrictive family energies that hold you back and start creating life according to your own choosing.

In this event you can:
~ Highlight where the crappy things in your life directly related to family junk stuck in your energy.
~ Clear away the energy that creates your repetitive cycles.
~ Find out where even the “good” things learned from your family could be the thing that’s blocking you.

Homestudy Clearing #6: Who’s The Boss, Baby? Clearing The ‘Baby’ Reward System! $97 Value!

Who’s The Boss, Baby? Clearing The ‘Baby’ Reward System! Mp3 & Workbook.

Think about it… you were born a baby. You needed help with everything to survive. 

Someone to feed you.

Someone to cloth you.

Someone to help you exist.

Unfortunately, this engrains in you the energy of incapability.

Now bring yourself to the present day.

You are in the kitchen drinking your coffee.

You have a report due with your boss.

You don’t want to do it.

You procrastinate.

You make excuses.

You delay.

What if… what if… this energy you are encountering is a subconscious block to being incapable and incompetent. Dare I say…maybe it’s ‘baby’ energy.

You see we get rewarded as a child sometimes for being cute and incapable.

Mom and Dad give us love when we are cute and little.

We are rewarded for being a baby with love and food and shelter.

I call it the ‘Baby’ reward system. We are rewarded with love, care, food, and shelter for our incapability.

Weird, right? It happens more than you think.

Join me in this webinar and let’s get to the root of some of your avoidance energy and let’s move you out of it so you can do life with less resistance, avoidance, and drama.

The happy outcome is to find the hidden blocks to starting that project or business or idea that is currently blocking you from being independent, thriving, and limitless.

In this event you can:

~ Deep dive into the energy from 0-7 where you wired yourself to stay cute and small.
~ Uncover all the hidden programs that sabotage your abundance and independence.
~ Learn how to rewire your energy to “Go For It” naturally.

Homestudy Clearing #7: Unfriending Drama: Erase Blocks To Positive Friendships! $97 Value!

Unfriending Drama: Erase Blocks To Positive Friendships! Mp3 & Workbook.

At this moment do you have amazing friends?

What about drama-filled friends, no friends, helpless friends, needy friends, selfish friends, bogus friends who don’t have your back, friends who betrayed you in any childhood or earlier in life friendship stuff gone awry. Don’t worry…you are not alone.

Join me in this session and clear out the old friendship energy that no longer serves you and bring in the new, amazing friendships you’ve wanted. 

In this course you will:

~Harness the power of cause and effect and release the parts of you that attracted unhealthy friendships!

~Remove the disenchantment with friends gone awry and find the blocks to meeting new amazing friends!

~Create a clean friendship slate to magnetize the best people for you!

++ Sorry no substitutions if you already have any of these Group events.

Let’s be honest… they are such a ridiculously low investment, it’s totally worth it for even one Event recording.


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