Love, You!


This approximately 75-minute audio will help you clear your blocks to self-love and align with your abundance.


Love, You!

What is the game-changing action you could take that would make you proud of yourself? What area of your life could you change and blossom into ‘full-on’ love for yourself and sweet, inner bliss? What full-throttle focus would seriously upgrade your life?

In order to get unstuck, sometimes we just need to focus on one area of life until we blast it open. We all have some area of life that we’ve not paid attention to and needs some love and nurturing. 

For you it may be….

Could it be focusing on your eating habits this month?

Could it be applying for a new job?

Could it be working out and getting fit?


In this course you will:

~ Define what love would look like in your life.

~ Focus on the kind of love for yourself that makes you feel honored to be your caretaker.

~ Nurture what it is your mind, body and soul require from you


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