How many times have you told yourself that love is supposed to be hard? How many times have you suffered for love or cut off your own personal happiness to be in a relationship? How many songs have you sang along with lyrics filled with pain, hurt, and suffering in the name of love? Were you taught to shut yourself off and “stand by your person” no matter what…even if it does not fit you?

We’re taught so much false information like the “fairy tale, novella, hero saves damsel” version of love from so many different angles to the point where most people can’t even figure out what love means to them.

That’s why people end up with “love” that is not real love, it’s suffering, defeat and unfulfilling. 

Join me this session and make your mission of self-discovery where you create love and romance in the way you desire most.


In this course you will:

~ Learn to love from the inside out to ensure you’re only choosing loving, joyful things.

~ Develop a crystal-clear vision of the romance & love you see and feel in your happy end result.

~ Set solid love life boundaries to align with your clear vision of love.