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Unlimited Abundance Live, 12 Month Coaching Program includes:

  1. 12 Months Of Online Coaching.

  2. The 24 Session, “Unlimited Abundance” Home Study Program to grow your abundance. This alone has improved the lives of thousands of students.

  3. 12 Monthly Group, Online Sessions where we root out your abundance issues and help you grow past them. (Click Here For Dates & Topics)

  4. 6 Live, Online Q&A Sessions with Christie. 

  5. Private Facebook Coaching Group with Christie and her Coach’s help.

Who is this for?

  1. Go-Getters who are stuck at a certain level of abundance.
  2. Creatives who know they have blocks and don’t want to feel so sabotaged and stressed with abundance.
  3. Plan Aheaders who are currently working on growing their abundance and want to bypass all blocks and clear them ahead of time.
  4. Go-Getters who know that changing their emotions, thoughts, and feelings about money helps it manifest easier. 
  5. Parent’s who want to raise conscious, aware kids and know that Christie’s tools work on all problems, not just abundance. It helps with communication, love, health, career, finances, and overall happiness. A happy Parent raises happy, productive children.

What can I expect?

Thousands of people have bought my “Unlimited Abundance 24 Homestudy Program” just on its own for over $800. They rave about their abundance shifting successes.

The UA Live, Program looks like this…

Part 1: Home Study 

Start going through the 24 Sessions one at a time.

Do what it says in the sessions.

Apply the tools to your everyday life.

Grow your abundance.

Part 2: Coaching With Christie 

Join the once a month 90 minute Sessions where I help you clear energy on various topics, live. Topics can be found on https://ChristieSheldon.com/live.

Join the 6 Q&A’s with me where I help you learn more deeply, how to apply the tools to your everyday life.

Part 3:Community Of Kick-Ass People! 

Join the Private Facebook group and get extra coaching. Christie and her team are on their regularly helping you find your blocks and gather the right info to use the tools and make it happen.


Is there a Part 4 for me?

It depends upon how important fixing your abundance is to you.

Part 4 is when you join Unlimited Abundance “MAX” and it looks like this:

Part 4: Accountability + Fast Track Help! ($7700 Value)
Reminder…there is no Part 4 in ‘Unlimited Abundance Live”

Part 4 comes in the form of “Unlimited Abundance Max”: The 6 Month Accountability Program’ for people like you who want intense, fundamental, pull out the roots, and let’s fast track my abundance growth.

You get everything found on this page “Unlimited Abundance Live” PLUS YOU GET the additional 3 Private Sessions, 12 “Clearing & Accountability” Sessions With CMS’s Coaches, 6 Online “Possibility Sessions” With Christie, and more. 

Click Here to bump up to MAX! https://ChristieSheldon.com/homestudy/max


Here are what some people are manifesting in their life after beginning their UA MAX journey…

Please note!

There are zero income claims or guarantees. 

In fact, you could not make anything.

These folks are the exception who worked hard to make things happen in their life.

And even if you work hard, there are still no income claims or guarantees.

Your experience will not be like anyone else’s.




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