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Re-Send me my valuable, life-transforming stuff.


This post is coming from a loving, self-aware place.

Imagine you have a business and you have to pay a full-time person just to send people their stuff from 2 years ago. This means we have to read the email, log into the database, find the correct tracking sheet from many tracking sheets, then find the actual links and re-send it. These minutes add up.

Do you ever wonder why people won’t store, save and caretake their valuable, life-changing stuff?

I often wonder if I am part of the problem. Like I am some noble enabler helping my clients procrastinate or not have to save things because for 10 years we have said nothing and just re-sent the links.

The common email is…

“Where is my stuff? I cannot find the emails.”

“My computer/phone broke.”

“Just resend all my links from the last 2 years.” (This one happened today.)

But the underlying truth is… Where else is not keeping track of your valuables showing up in your life?

Where else is lack of self-care and lack of having multiple back-up plans showing up?

Where else is not giving a hoot about wasting someone’s time show up?

Check inside for some good old fashioned, inner assessment and then hit the link so I can break even on the employee I have to pay to do this. ; )


​P.S. I don’t judge you, I just want to make you aware and I don’t want to keep playing the role of enabler.

Pro Tips:

Back up your stuff on Google Drive, Mediafire, Dropbox, automatic back-up hard drives. They make thumb drives for phones now too.  You can now back up your phone.

As soon as you get your receipt, click the button, download it and save it to a folder on your computer or phone. Dropbox, Mediafire, and Google all have apps for your phone for backups.


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