Intention: The Most Powerful Key You’re Misusing


This approximately 75 minute audio will help you maximize your effective use of Intention to increase your manifesting success and potency!


Intention: The Most Powerful Key You’re Misusing

I believe that Intention is what runs your life. It’s the energy that runs through you, and you focus it in a direction. What I have discovered is that most people are kind of focusing it in the opposite direction of what they want to achieve or what they want to manifest or what they want to accomplish. 

Join me in this session and remove the corrupt systems that you have in place that are stopping you from transforming your life.


In this course you will:

~ Connect to the energy of being safe and aligned in your truth

~ Use your full intention and true power to make the stuff happen

~ Hone in on your true choices in your life and be in vibration of your intention


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