“I”GPS: Inner Guidance Positioning System

By the end of this session you’ll be thinking. “I can tune into my intuition and trust that I know exactly what I want for my life!”

Have you ever been feeling a certain way about something and get this feeling in your body? Like maybe your stomach churns or the hairs on your arms stand up or a tingle shoots up your spine?

That feel is your intuition. Some people may call it their “gut instinct” but whatever it is it tells them when something’s up.

Intuition is something we can all tap into kind of like a Inner GPS to help guide you to choices that lead to your happy outcome.

Join me on as we follow the path your intuition pulls you towards and tap into the messages you’re receiving in your body.

In this event you can:
~ Tune in to the intuitive messages you receive on a daily basis.
~ Learn how to open up to how messages from the universe can download into you.
~ Discover how to use your intuition as your secret tool to get an edge up in life.