How To Bounce Back After Getting Knocked Down

Have you had things happen to you that you just feel like “I have never really got over that?”, or people will have said to you, “Wow, you really changed after that event”, or not feeling quite yourself after a trauma-drama?

This topic is really about clearing the major trauma-dramas that you’ve had in your life. My sister and I, when we have gotten on sessions with people one of the first things we work on is clearing these past trauma-drama events because people really get stuck there. At the end of the day, the reason you’re here on planet Earth is to be happy and is have the life you love.

In this course you will learn:

~ Help you recover from old news, bounce back from those old achy feelings.

~ Help you see the truth that you’re really an infinite being in a body and you can change your vibration.

~ Handle any old emotions that you’ve dwelled on or been stuck with.