Heal You! Deleting Your Deepest Heartaches!


7 Homestudy Programs To Help You Delete Old Heartaches!

Let’s face it. Stuff happens.

You date the wrong person. Your best friend is a shark posing as a whale. You and your mate are having a mid-life relationship bump. 

You live. You learn.

But sometimes the old emotions tug at you and this blocks you from moving forward.

How do you know if you need this package of holiday magic?

You need this package if you have a huge heart and plenty of love to share, but believe your furbabies make you happier than a person.  

Or… you think vegging out on the couch watching Netflix or gaming is long-term happiness. You think, “I don’t need to extend myself and make new friends.” 

Or… you think your mate is deceiving you and you cannot get over it. 

“Hold on Christie, my furbabies give me unconditional love. A person doesn’t.” 

“I can’t get over my mate deceiving me. It haunts me.”

Please consider….you can get over the past. You can manifest the type of quality relationship you want. 

This heartache energy that lives in your energy field is clogging up your emotional plumbing.  Have you ever looked at a nasty, clogged pipe? That’s your energy with all the old heartaches blocking you from freely enJOYING and receiving LOVE. 

So….take a shot. 

Heal some crap.

Forgive yourself.

Move on. Create a life you love. 

You might actually find yourself opening up to the idea of quality love again. 

Why not?

(If you are super ready to manifest love? You may want to check out my “Perfect Love” program.)

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*No substitutions. It’s such a low rate/high value. Just do it.


Homestudy Clearing #1: Stole Mates: Release Old Lovers That Stole Your Heart! $97 Value!

Stole Mates: Release Old Lovers That Stole Your Heart! Mp3 & Workbook!

Have you had some sort of relationship dilemma-drama-trauma?

Have you had a few heartaches?

These energies can live in you…blocking you from manifesting the quality relationship you deserve.

Maybe you can’t seem to get your love life to look how you want it to?

Again… you could be bringing some baggage to the relationship and it’s clogging you. 

What about broken promises with a love such as, “Til death do us part.” and then you get divorced or break up?

All of those things are indicators that you have some old energy from past loves that are stuck in your energy field.

Join me in this session and step out of your old love life and into the new you!

Homestudy Clearing #2: Creating Radical Relationships! $97 Value!

Creating Radical Relationships! Mp3 & Workbook


Creating Radical Relationships

Let’s start by defining Radical and Relationship.

A relationship is obviously the way in which two or more concepts, objects or people are connected or ideas, or the state of being connected.

Radical is very new and different from what is traditional or ordinary.

What if creating a radical relationship meant the ability to create, cultivate and grow the best relationship for yourself, even if it is not what the norm is?

Join me in this session to clear up any mixed messages you bought and sold to yourself, and cultivate exactly what it is you require!

Homestudy Clearing #3: Perfect Love Life For You! $97 Value!

Perfect Love Life For You! 90 min Mp3 & Workbook!

One of the top questions that I constantly receive is always about people’s love lives. Why is that?

I think it is one of the most complicated issues for people and it stirs up loads of unhandled emotions.

Emotionally, you create happiness by giving and receiving love from all things.

So it clogs people up when they cannot make their love life work. 

When you’re living your life and doing love with a partner or just even self-love, you get blocked with your preconceived notions about what love is supposed to be and what it brings you. 

We think it’s going to solve all our problems if we get this one thing handled called “love.”

All the viewpoints, ideas, beliefs on love can oftentimes block us from really receiving that which we have all around us every day in every way.

FREE LIVE WEBINAR WITH ME! 12.22.2021 & 12.29.2021 Intuition Online Webinar #8!

What do you think when you think about intuition? Easy? Hard?
Most people have no idea what is possible to use your intuition for and how to harness it’s awesome powers.

I use my intuition for everything.

I use it to run a hugely profitable, business.

I use it for my personal happiness and knowing how to get what I want.

I use it for all my personal relationships and knowing how to communicate with people for win-win relationships.

I use it for any task so I can get it done faster, quicker, better.

I use it for negotiation for homes, cars, services like cable, phone, etc. 

I use it to hire contractors and professional services from people who actually work for me in my office to plumbers, trades professionals, etc. 

In this event you can:

1~ How you can awaken your intuition.

Discover eye-opening insights into a world where following the happiest path for you is normal. Imagine a place where intuition can be trusted and true guidance can be your above average reality.

2~ Learn the true value of how many dollars you are walking away from…

Most people who take the life-altering quiz report 1000’s of dollars are being lost every year. How? Because you are not plugged into your Infinite Self 24/7 getting true guidance, valuable ideas, and time-saving ease. Most people procrastinate, hesitate, avoid, and make mistakes that cost them time, money, and energy.  But don’t worry! I help you see how to clear this up.

3~ Creating a life you love starts with this one thing…

and I will show you how to literally change your state of being in minutes. This is the first step to activating your intuition to improve your life. 9.75 out of 10 people can feel the difference in minutes. Think about that. In minutes you can apply an easy technique to change your state of being. ; )

4 ~ Most intuition experts cannot walk you through an experience where you get an immediate answer. 

I can! In fact, the common comment I hear about my training is “I am not ‘Woo Woo’.” I teach intuition from a fresh, fun, playful space to turn your Inner GPS on. I have Doctors, entrepreneurs, realtors, business professionals, forklift drivers, students, parents, and everyone in between join my training because it is fun and playful.  Join the live event and see how easy it can be. 

5 ~ True manifesting power comes from knowing how to create your reality. True knowing comes from training your intuition.

My Intuition training does 3 things. One, it starts you on the path to knowing where to look and how to get what you want. Two, it trains you to find the exact state of vibe that pulls the good things to you like a magnet. Clients commonly report how things just miraculously show up. Three, I show you how to unclog the flow blocking the good things from showing up in your life. Triple whammy. 

6 ~ If not now…when? You only have this moment. Now this one. Now this one. Now this one. Geez… those 3 moments are gone now.

Seriously, life is precious. Time is ticking. You only have a certain amount of time in this body. So you can do it right, turn on your secret ninja skill and awaken the only talent you have that can save you precious time, money, and energy. Or, you can stay where you are…which for some of you is okay but could be more and for others it’s like dragging around a 400-pound wildebeest. 

7 ~ Learn why all of your weird habits like procrastination, wishy-washiness, overindulging in TV-video-online shopping-substances are the most important sign that your intuition wants to be awakened. 

Think about it. You are using these things to get ‘happy’ from the outside. True happiness comes from feeling confident, being aware, knowing you are creating a life you love, and moving towards your goals.

Look around. Are you happy with your environment, your relationships, your inner peace?

Or do you want more?

Your Soul wants you to pick up the phone and talk to her/him for the quick path, the shortcut, the answers, and true guidance.   But you are stuck using these other things as filler trying to fill up from the outside in. 

All of these things are temporary stimulation because you are blocked from creating your dream life and manifesting your personal goals such as….

…a kick-ass career …a thriving business  …healthy relationships …a body that tells you what it wants. …an inner peace so deep nothing can stop you.

It’s not your fault. Nobody taught you how to tune in, get awareness, and create a life you love. Nobody taught you to move forward confidently and that you don’t need to make mistakes because you can follow your Inner GPS.  

I will teach you for free!!

Homestudy Clearing #4:  Creating Partnerships That Fit!  $97 Value!

Creating Partnerships That Fit! Mp3 & Workbook.

Whether you are creating partnerships in love or in your career, one thing is for sure, you have to clear your blocks to make room for the perfect fit!

There are thoughts and beliefs that you bought and sold yourself that has become your reality.

What if we can get through to the root of the issue and have the Universe work for you in bringing the right people into your life?

Join me and start clearing your partnership blocks!

In this course you will:

~ Untangle all the blocks, old beliefs, and dysfunctional realities that you bought and sold yourself!

~ Uncover how you got the blocks and old patterns that you have and clear them!

~ Create the perfect partnerships that are easy, effortless, and abundant!

Homestudy Clearing #5: Toxic Relationship Rehab: Is Love Poisoned By Distorted Desires?! $97 Value!

Toxic Relationship Rehab: Is Love Poisoned By Distorted Desires?! Mp3 & Workbook.

Pop Quiz … How are “rose-colored glasses” tinted?


More often than not, a distorted version of love lives inside the hearts and minds of men and women that’s based on things like weird romantic love worship, passive-aggressive communication, and emotional blackmail or manipulation instead of true, genuine love.

It’s not your fault… It’s what you’ve been taught!

Taught by your childhood, taught by society, taught by the Hollywood movies and romance novels that make turmoil and struggle in a relationship seem like the normal thing to do and want.

Join me as we take a journey through the love stories you’ve picked up throughout your life and discover which distorted views of love has your current romantic life derailed or stagnant.

The Happy Outcome is that you remove the red flags and toss the rose-colored glasses aside so you can finally see the love you truly desire clearly and attract it easily.

In this event you can:
~ Learn how to communicate your love language easily and effectively…
~ Stop feeling like you have to walk on eggshells for fear of losing love…
~ Create a new version of love and romance according to how you feel, not what you learned…

Homestudy Clearing #6: Gaslighting & Guilt Trips: Emotional Blackmail That Blocks Your Inner Knowing!$97 Value!

Gaslighting & Guilt Trips: Emotional Blackmail That Blocks Your Inner Knowing!! Mp3 & Workbook.

Gaslighting & Guilt Trips: Emotional Blackmail That Blocks Your Inner Knowing!

How many times have you wished you had a lie detector at your disposal because you have someone in your life acting like you’re absolutely crazy for knowing something they’re completely denying? 

This happens all the time in relationships and families.

Your intuition is telling you to believe what YOU know is true, but the emotional side of you has you frozen in fear of losing something or being wrong, mostly because of what someone else is trying to make you believe.

When you allow someone else to tell you your truth, you’re shutting down your own intuition and belief that you know what’s right for you.

In this live event, we’ll uncover all the places in your life where you’re giving away your power to know and choose your own truth because of emotional attachments to your mate or family.

The happy outcome is that you learn how to trust your own judgment regarding how you’re going to live your life and get rid of narcissistic energies surrounding you.

In this event you can:

~ Learn why you allow other people to control how you feel and what you choose to do.
~ Pinpoint where you’re being emotionally blackmailed into doing or being something that doesn’t suit you.
~ Connect with the infinite, intuitive you and learn how to make bold powerful choices as them.

Homestudy Clearing #7: Clearing Vows And Commitments! $97 Value!


Clearing Vows And Commitments! Mp3 & Workbook.

Sometimes when bringing up vows and commitments to people, the energies that come out are usually anger, fear, resentment or even guilt. Often times this is due to feeling like you let yourself or the other person down when it came to a vow or commitment you agreed to.

When I work with people with their blocks in this subject, I always see some level of them giving a bit of themselves away to uphold the vow or commitment.

Wouldn’t it be better if you could have your vows and commitments that allow you to be the abundant, loving being you are?

Join me in this session where I help you get back on track by clearing old vows and commitments that hold you back from being your true, magnificent self!

In this course you will:

~Reclaim yourself in every instance you gave yourself away with a vow or commitment!

~Clearing old family lineage commitments that no longer serve you!

~Create more loving commitments and vows that allow for growth!


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