Happiness is actually comprised of a bunch of choices, you have made into how you view things. It’s your story of what happens to you. 

Where your mind and energy focus, a vibe happens.

This vibe is either judgy and critical, angry, happy, positive…it all depends on what you feel about what is being created all around you. 

Case in point: If something wonky happens to me… my first energetic response is ‘Wow, that’s awesome that I now have an opportunity to clear a block.” And then I take my free will choice and remove it and replace it with what I actually want.

So…when the sh*t hits the fan, what is your response?

‘Oh…not that again?” (Expectation that something always goes wrong.)

“I must be cursed.” (Feeling like you cannot control the outcome/disempowered.)

“Why does this stuff always happen to me?” (Victim/something is out to get me.)

You have a choice…and I want to help you.

How? By switching your point of view, I can show you how to shift your happiness level and thereby increase your abundance, and manifesting powers.

Now that sounds like a winning combo.

​Use these 4 Home Study Programs and upgrade your happiness levels.
Home Study #1: Happiness And Abundance Are A State Of Being!Find what is blocking your happiness and remove it.
Home Study #2: Happiness Is An Energetic Choice! Master the vibe called happiness to improve your manifesting.
Home Study #3: Giving Thanks For All Your Life! Great-fuel-ness is the fuel needed to spark you into manifesting the good stuff. 
Home Study #4:  Create And Create And Create! Creation is your natural state. You are a ‘Creator Being In A Body’ so you might as well upgrade and start creating what you really want vs. the sh*t you are calling your life. ;  )
Home Study #5: Intuition Block Clearing Webinar Replay. The only way to get truly happy is to always know what to do. Let’s be real… if you knew what to do to make $1,000,000 you’d do it, right? Train your intuition and stop creating uninspired choices. 
*No substitutions or exchanges. It’s such a low rate/high value. Just do it.


Home Study #1: Happiness And Abundance Are A State Of Being!

In this session, you uncover the building blocks to long term happiness.

If are not thrilled with your life, you cannot “get over” problems.

High-level happiness brings in the muscle to manifest abundance goals.

In fact, most of, the many cool shifts in abundance occur as your high energy opens to unmask your inner doubts, dilemmas, fears.

Join me as we…
– Create a vortex of happiness, as your normal state.
– Mirror the obstacles to happiness…right out the door.
– Create a space to capitalize on more positive life energy.


Home Study #2: Happiness Is An Energetic Choice!

I believe happiness is just a catalyzer to creating a life, fun, easy, breezy, it’s just a flow in a way that you can plug into. Some people have these old ways that they are stuck in, that tell them they must be a certain way in order to get or achieve happiness. Often, these old ways are not benefiting you because they keep you stuck.

Join me in this session and unstick yourself from the gunk and mud and get into the true flow of happiness!

In this course you will:

~Clear old, energetic, imprinted patterns with respect to happiness.

~Plug into the flow of unlimited possibilities.

~ Decompress your energetic self so you can flourish in happiness.


Home Study #3: Giving Thanks For All Your Life!

Ask yourself these questions…are you truly full of your greatness? 

Have you been manifesting anything you can think of in your life? 

So, why are you blocked in manifesting things that you truly desire? This is your soul’s way of showing you who you are and it’s inviting change.

Join me in this session and being full of joy and living in the field of influence that magnetizes all things to you.

In this course you will:

~ Be in the energy field of only that which you desire

~ Stand in alignment with the energy of perfection in and for everything 

~ Set your intentions on the Highest Vibe and allow the Universe to respond!


Home Study #4:  Create And Create And Create!

Manifesting your life’s mission. I believe that abundance is your life’s mission. You are wired to forget that. My intention in this session is to create your life’s masterpiece that you can be proud of. I often ask my clients are they proud of themselves? I see lots of non-ideal patterns linked to this. My only intent is for you to truly, deeply, get an abundant life.

– Find the purpose for your life.
– Collaborate with the universe to meet the goals.
– Get help from your Higher Self to make the shifts necessary.


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