Get it Done! Harnessing The Power To Fulfill Your Dreams


6 Homestudy Programs To Clear The Energy Making You Stop Yourself!

You Deserve Your Dream!

…You know it!

…I know it!

…So what is in the way? What is your deal?

30-40 years’ worth of energetic crapola is the deal.

Your old gunk needs to be peeled away, you need some new vibes and together we can set you onto a clean, energetic, let’s get-it-done slate.

A new horizon awaits you in 2022 and I can help you clean it up and get on with it. It’s time to step right up and make your dreams a reality. 

*No substitutions or exchanges. It’s such a low rate/high value. Just do it.


Homestudy Clearing #1: Get Your Universe To Support You! $97 Value!

Get Your Universe To Support You! Mp3 & Workbook!

Have you ever asked for something and the Universe just seems to send you a big N-O!

Then you start to question whether or not the universe is really listening.

We’ve all been there…But what if it wasn’t that you weren’t doing the right things.

What if you just had things in your energy field or thought patterns that blocked those things from coming to you fully?

Join me in discovering those blocks and patterns that keep the Universe from fully supporting you!

In this course you will:

~ Rediscover your support system in manifesting the Happy End Result.

~ Actively and consciously create your life the way you are intended to.

~ Delete old patterns and energies that aren’t yours.

Homestudy Clearing #2: Create A Reality: Harness Your Power Into It!$97 Value!

Create A Reality: Harness Your Power Into It! Mp3 & Workbook

​​What would it take for you to create a reality that you love?  What would it take for you to fully own and harness your power?  Ask yourself… Scale of 1-10…Do I really use my Super Powers to create my reality on a daily basis? 

I know, in working with over 30,000 people One on One and in teaching many thousands more online, that most people use only 8% of their power.

I know that most people only use their power, when the sh*t hits the fan and they need a miracle. But what if you made a bold choice that “No matter what….I am going to choose my day!” or “No matter what…I am going to love myself enough to stretch myself and actually reach my goals and dreams!” 

Join me in this session where I help you collapse the energy between you and your forgotten goals and inner potential.

In this course you will:

~ How to create your reality exactly the way you want it.

~ Unlock your Superpowers to 1000% efficiency.

~ Learn to live in the energy of “Yes” and abundance.

Homestudy Clearing #3: Stop Making Excuses, Just Do It! $97 Value!

Stop Making Excuses, Just Do It! Mp3 & Workbook!

Do you often think what is my real problem?

What if your real problem was some hidden, energy, stuck back in time when you were young?  In my experience in working with over 20,000 clients one on one and thousands more. This is the true reason why you have a problem. In a young kid, your brain waves are stuck in theta and you are downloading your parent’s reality…the good, the bad, and the ugly. So let’s finally resolve your real problem!!

Join me in this session and find your real problem and blow it out of your reality.


In this course you will:

~ Stop blocking your manifestation abilities! No more excuses or justifications…you are in control of your choices…just do it!

~ Get out of judgment and get into pro-action!

~ Create your world to create the truth you are seeking.

FREE LIVE WEBINAR WITH ME! 12.22.2021 & 12.29.2021 Intuition Online Webinar #8!

Intuition Enhancing Webinar Replay!

What do you think when you think about intuition? Easy? Hard?
Most people have no idea what is possible to use your intuition for and how to harness it’s awesome powers.

I use my intuition for everything.

I use it to run a hugely profitable, business.

I use it for my personal happiness and knowing how to get what I want.

I use it for all my personal relationships and knowing how to communicate with people for win-win relationships.

I use it for any task so I can get it done faster, quicker, better.

I use it for negotiation for homes, cars, services like cable, phone, etc. 

I use it to hire contractors and professional services from people who actually work for me in my office to plumbers, trades professionals, etc. 

In this event you can:

1~ How you can awaken your intuition.

Discover eye-opening insights into a world where following the happiest path for you is normal. Imagine a place where intuition can be trusted and true guidance can be your above average reality.

2~ Learn the true value of how many dollars you are walking away from…

Most people who take the life-altering quiz report 1000’s of dollars are being lost every year. How? Because you are not plugged into your Infinite Self 24/7 getting true guidance, valuable ideas, and time-saving ease. Most people procrastinate, hesitate, avoid, and make mistakes that cost them time, money, and energy.  But don’t worry! I help you see how to clear this up.

3~ Creating a life you love starts with this one thing…

and I will show you how to literally change your state of being in minutes. This is the first step to activating your intuition to improve your life. 9.75 out of 10 people can feel the difference in minutes. Think about that. In minutes you can apply an easy technique to change your state of being. ; )

4 ~ Most intuition experts cannot walk you through an experience where you get an immediate answer. 

I can! In fact, the common comment I hear about my training is “I am not ‘Woo Woo’.” I teach intuition from a fresh, fun, playful space to turn your Inner GPS on. I have Doctors, entrepreneurs, realtors, business professionals, forklift drivers, students, parents, and everyone in between join my training because it is fun and playful.  Join the live event and see how easy it can be. 

5 ~ True manifesting power comes from knowing how to create your reality. True knowing comes from training your intuition.

My Intuition training does 3 things. One, it starts you on the path to knowing where to look and how to get what you want. Two, it trains you to find the exact state of vibe that pulls the good things to you like a magnet. Clients commonly report how things just miraculously show up. Three, I show you how to unclog the flow blocking the good things from showing up in your life. Triple whammy. 

6 ~ If not now…when? You only have this moment. Now this one. Now this one. Now this one. Geez… those 3 moments are gone now.

Seriously, life is precious. Time is ticking. You only have a certain amount of time in this body. So you can do it right, turn on your secret ninja skill and awaken the only talent you have that can save you precious time, money, and energy. Or, you can stay where you are…which for some of you is okay but could be more and for others it’s like dragging around a 400-pound wildebeest. 

7 ~ Learn why all of your weird habits like procrastination, wishy-washiness, overindulging in TV-video-online shopping-substances are the most important sign that your intuition wants to be awakened. 

Think about it. You are using these things to get ‘happy’ from the outside. True happiness comes from feeling confident, being aware, knowing you are creating a life you love, and moving towards your goals.

Look around. Are you happy with your environment, your relationships, your inner peace?

Or do you want more?

Your Soul wants you to pick up the phone and talk to her/him for the quick path, the shortcut, the answers, and true guidance.   But you are stuck using these other things as filler trying to fill up from the outside in. 

All of these things are temporary stimulation because you are blocked from creating your dream life and manifesting your personal goals such as….

…a kick-ass career …a thriving business  …healthy relationships …a body that tells you what it wants. …an inner peace so deep nothing can stop you.

It’s not your fault. Nobody taught you how to tune in, get awareness, and create a life you love. Nobody taught you to move forward confidently and that you don’t need to make mistakes because you can follow your Inner GPS.  

I will teach you for free!!

Homestudy Clearing #4: Creating Explosive Growth! Explode Past Your Problems! $97 Value!

Creating Explosive Growth! Explode Past Your Problems! Mp3 & Workbook.

How many of you have problems?

Wouldn’t it be cool if your problems could be filled with solutions?

Do you see the opportunity in your problems?

The real truth is, the problem, or the pattern that’s showing up, is really actually a gift. It’s a love gift from your soul. It’s saying, “Hey. You weren’t paying attention before. I’m going to show you exactly what your problem is,” and it’s tied to this pattern or this thing that just showed up.

In this course you will:

~Shift your problems into solutions.

~Create more awareness of old patterns and problems and clear them out!

~Bring back your power.

Homestudy Clearing #5: Powering Past Procrastination! $97 Value!

Powering Past Procrastination! Mp3 & Workbook.

Do you procrastinate? Do you have mental Post-it notes of all the things that need done for the day and you have every intention to get them done? You know…sooner or later there are things that you need to get done.

So, join me in this session and clear away any blocks that seem to inhibit your power to complete tasks!


In this course you will:

~ Clear un-handled energy that creates interference in your field.

~ Create a game plan for your endeavors.

~ Get out of your head and into your power!

Homestudy Clearing #6: Soul Intention! $97 Value!

Soul Intention! Mp3 & Workbook.

Everyone comes with an overlighting soul purpose for why they are here on this planet.

The purpose could be as simple as “Be Happy!” Some people choose to be here to follow a specific journey.



When I have guided personal clients to discover who they came here to be, their life aligned very quickly.

It was like a huge weight was lifted off their shoulders because life finally made sense to them. They had clear awareness and understanding of what their path was to be like….FINALLY!


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