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January 2019 Group Clearing Event 01/19/19 – Bold Relentless Being 

By the end of this session, you’ll be thinking, “Now I can create my reality, my way and nothing can stand in my way!”


Are you just going with the flow, careful not to make waves or disrupt your “so-so” life?


Do you really want to go for something more in your life but stay in your comfort zone because it feels safe?


Are you aware that means you’re “settling”?


When you embody the qualities of your abundant future self, you’ll have to make bold choices that knock you out of your comfort zone to make your abundant reality manifest.


Guess what … Growth is uncomfortable until it’s not! In the right mindset, growth is a joyful, happy experience.


Join me and be willing to do whatever it takes to boldly go further than you’ve ever allowed yourself to go.


The happy outcome is your bold new choices creates a new path to lead you to abundance.


In this event you can:

~ Step outside the self-imposed limits and bounds you placed on yourself

~ Turn a mundane existence into an adventurous, fun-filled life

~ Learn how to turn uncomfortable situations into bold choices for change

February 2019 Group Clearing Event 02/09/19 – YOLO – Your Outcome LOVES Opportunity (unlimited possibilities / receiving)

By the end of the session, you’ll be thinking, “The possibilities to get to my happy end result are ENDLESS and I see the adventure in getting there!”


When you have a clear path to get to your happy end result, there’s no block or obstacle that can stand in your way unless you let it.


Every block becomes an opportunity when you’re open to unlimited possibilities and seeing fun and adventure in the unknown.


Join me as we take a voyage through unlimited possibilities together.


The happy outcome is you open to the gazillion ways your end result can show up and be a good receiver of abundance.


In this event you can:

~ See how to shift every perceived block into a growth opportunity

~ Open to seeing the “big picture” in all things

~ Learn how to embody the energy of your happy outcome now

March 2019 Group Clearing Event 03/16/19 – STFU – Stepping The *Freak* Up! (setting boundaries / step into power)

By the end of this session, you’ll be thinking, “I’m a badass, powerful creator being who makes it happen no matter what!”


How many places do you feel out of control of your own life? Like you have no say over what happens in your career, personal life, or love life?


When you shrink away and play small, you’re choosing to leave the door open for anyone to swoop in and tell you how to live your life.


When you’re totally willing to step up and own the powerful, creator you, nobody else’s version of life will fit you anymore. It must be your own!


Join me in switching your manifesting mojo into hyper-drive by stepping up and taking ownership of creating your reality!


The happy outcome is you make your life happen, your way, with zero excuses.


In this event you can:

~ Set clear boundaries for your life and journey moving forward

~ Push beyond excuses for why you can’t control your current reality

~ Start playing big and trust you know what’s best for you

April 2019 Group Clearing Event   ROFL – Rooting Out Foolish Lies 04/13/19 – (stupid stories / limiting beliefs)

By the end of this session, you’ll be thinking, “Those stupid stories from my past can’t hold me back anymore!”


Where are you living your life based on something you learned growing up and not necessarily on what you want to do?


Did you want to be a singer but became a nurse because your parents taught that you need a “stable, secure job”?


There’s a ton of stupid stories you picked up in your life that helped shape the current state of your reality and affect your flow of abundance.


If you don’t really like whatever it is you’re going for, you’re not really motivated to go for it!


Join me as we get to the root of all the stupid stories and limiting beliefs that say you can’t move forward living the life you want.


The happy outcome is you gain new awareness’s on what’s true or now true for you.


In this event you can:

~ Pinpoint where a stupid story or lie is stopping your progress

~ Become aware of where you’re choosing to settle for what you don’t want

~ Stop making a wrongness out of going for what you want to do

May 2019 Group Clearing Event 05/18/19 – MYOB – Making Your Own Budget! (know your numbers)

By the end of this session, you’ll be thinking, “I know my numbers and have a plan to create the income of my dream life!”


Part of the reason you can’t get where you’re going is that you don’t know where you’re at!


When you know your numbers, you can come up with logical, practical ways to create more money and relieve your burdens.


Ignoring things like budgets and finances is like giving power over your money to anyone or anything that’ll take it.


Join me as we deep dive into the money junk you have about budgets.


The happy outcome is you’ll find where your money isn’t productive or profitable for you.


In this event you can:

~ Get a bird’s eye view of your numbers and gain a new awareness about your finances

~ Find ways to connect with the neutral energy of money

~ Take charge of your finances and develop a plan to upgrade it

June 2019 Group Clearing Event 06/15/19 – BFF – Being Financially Fortunate (money energy / emotional control)

By the end of this session, you’ll be thinking, “Hey! I can align with the joyful energy of money!”


Have you ever thought people who’ve “made it” must have had some sort of luck on their side and things like that don’t happen to you?


The only difference between your money and theirs is how you feel about it.


You can create luck and good fortune if you choose to align with those energies about money.


Join me as we uncover your true beliefs about money and how to align with “fortunate” energies.


The happy outcome is you’ll stop “seeking” financial fortune and start living financially fortunate!


In this event you can:

~ Learn to neutralize any emotions you have towards money

~ Discover new, happy, and exciting ways to bring abundance into your life

~ Get comfortable when dealing with the energy of money in your daily life

July 2019 Group Clearing Event 07/13/19 – ILY – I LOVE YOU! (self-love)

By the end of this session you be thinking, “I love myself more than enough to live my truth!”


Have you ever tried to pour water from an empty cup?


That’s basically what you’re doing when you’re trying to take care of everything and everyone else in your life before yourself.


Even if it’s from a well-intentioned place, it’s still not sustainable in the long-run.


You’ll eventually blow up or meltdown because you’re not living authentically you!


Join me as we go on a journey of self-discovery and truth.

The happy outcome is that you fill in with so much self-love that you refuse to accept anything less in your reality.


In this event you can:

~ Create a go-to self-care routine to quickly bring you back to center when things feel off

~ See where you’re spread too thin and uncover alternate options

~ Stand up and start living in the true reality that suits you

August 2019 Group Clearing Event 08/17/19 – LMK – Loving My Knowing! (Intuition / Guidance / Higher self)

By the end of this session, you’ll be thinking, “My intuition will guide me right to my happy end result!”


Have you ever had that “gut feeling” churn in your stomach or make your hairs stand up on edge?


Do you shrug it off and convince yourself it doesn’t matter?


Or do you tune in to what you’re feeling to get a sense of what it’s telling you?


That feeling is your intuition nudging you towards what you energetically know is right for you!


Join me as we explore the intuitive tools you internally possess and connect with your inner guidance.


The happy outcome is you’ll step into the next evolution of you.


In this event you can:

~ Discover how energy moves through your body and different messages it carries

~ Learn new and fun ways to use your intuition for an edge up in your daily life

~ Find the connection between you and your future self and start trusting your own judgment on how to best move forward


September 2019 Group Clearing Event 09/14/19 – I Keep Receiving! (receiving)

By the end of this session you’ll be thinking, “I know I deserve to receive everything I desire!”


Do you ever feel like you’re putting “the right” energy out there into the universe but the abundance you want to manifest never seems to show up?


Have you ever considered that it is showing up … you’re just refusing to see it?


Sometimes people become so addicted to the asking and wanting, they never really open their eyes to receive how the answer is coming in.


Join me as we broaden the perspective on the tunnel vision often created when we want to manifest something.


The happy outcome is you open up to receiving your guidance and your gifts from the universe.


In this event you can:

~ Audit your energies and intentions to make sure everything’s aligned

~ Gain a new perspective on what you want and how it can show up

~ Open up and expand your flow of abundance by understanding that “the big picture” evolve


October 2019 Group Clearing Event 10/19/19 – LOVE: Join the Love-olution!


(Self-love, romance end result, setting love life boundaries, confident approach to love)


How many times have you heard that love is supposed to be hard? How many songs have you sang along with lyrics filled with pain, hurt, and suffering in the name of love or telling you to “stand by your man” no matter what?


We’re taught so much of the “fairy tale, novella, distressed damsel” version of love from so many different angles to the point where most people can’t even figure out what love means to them. That’s why people end up with “love” that feels anything but happy!


Join me on a mission of self-discovery where you create love and romance in the way you desire most.


The happy outcome is you’ll gain a confident approach to love and romance to attract the mate and relationship you want.


In this event you can:

~ Learn to love from the inside out to ensure you’re only choosing loving, joyful things

~ Develop a crystal-clear vision of the romance & love you see and feel in your happy end result

~ Set solid love life boundaries to align with your clear vision of love

November 2019 Group Clearing Event 11/16/19 – BODY: Put The YOU Back In Youth!


Put The YOU Back In Youth!


(Recapturing youth emotionally, what body signals make you feel old, how to recognize and shift stale energy, how to fix your words)


The achy knees, the sore back, the sharp pain in your leg. How many body issues do you think are just a part of “getting old” and there’s really nothing you can do about it?


Did you know that a lot of times we unwittingly create the energy that causes us these aches and pains because we have hidden fears attached to aging or getting old?


Join me as we revitalize your view on aging and pump fresh, new energy and youthful spirit into your daily life!


The happy outcome is that you start feeling physically and emotionally as young and vibrant in real life as you are in your mind and spirit.


In this event you can:

~ Shift your POV on aging from fear of getting old to simply gaining experience on this planet!

~ Recapture your youth emotionally and figure out what body signals make you feel old

~ How to recognize and shift stale energy and fix your thoughts & words to match your youthful feel


January 2020 Group Clearing Event 01/18/20 – The Magic At Your Fingertips!

The Magic At Your Fingertips!


(Personal power, free will choice, over-lighting theme, the power of YES)


Have you ever thought about something and suddenly it just sorts of pops up into your life?


What about wanting something so much and having it right within your grasp, but it’s always just out of reach for some reason?


Sometimes the way things happen to us can seem magical and other times, it just feels absolutely cursed. Do you know why that is?


You came to this planet with the ultimate power to consciously choose exactly how you want your life to be! You didn’t come here as a tree or a rock … Your soul chose to animate a body with 100% control to choose and create what you want in your life.


The magic is in you!


Join me and take hold of your own personal power to make your reality as magical as you desire.


The happy outcome is you recognize the power you hold to make your dreams happen the way you envision.


In the event you can:

~ Step into your infinite personal power and declare to live life your way

~ Process the power of your free will choice to bend reality the way you want

~ Create an over-lighting theme to align your path with and filter all your choices through

February 2020 Group Clearing Event 02/15/20 – Vibrational Love Languages!

Vibrational Love Languages!


(Energy of love, what kind of love vibes are you putting out, (single & coupled), love decision filter)


Have you ever declared something like, “I’ll never date that (type of) person again!” or “I don’t think I’ll ever find someone to love!!” or “Why do all my relationships turn out the same way?”


Did you know that the vibrations of thoughts like these can only bring up an abundance of more situations like these?

That means, if you’re on sending out a love vibe you don’t want, you’re going to get a love life that matches!


Join me as we explore the energy of love on your own personal level and discover the love language you’re speaking to the universe.


The happy outcome is you’ll develop a clear flow of love in your life and create the type of love life you see in your dreams.


In this event you can:

~ Embrace your own version of the type of love you desire and that suits you best

~ Discover what type of “love vibes” you’re putting out and get your mate on the same page

~ Figure out how to run all your love life decisions through a “self-love filter” to help you make the best relationship choices for your happy end result

March 2020 Group Clearing Event 03/14/20 – Imagine That! Reality Is Exactly What You Make It!


(Imagining happy end result, creating reality, big dream, unlimited possibilities)


What do you see in your mind’s eye when you envision your future abundant self?


Do you see yourself diving in and out of a vault full of money like Scrooge McDuck and literally “swimming in cash”? Some other unlikely scene?


Or do you take a hyper-realistic approach and pretty much shut down any vision of abundance that doesn’t seem immediately possible to you?


Did you know that no matter where you’re starting from, you can always conjure up the image of the ultimate happy end result you desire? But the question is …


Would you allow yourself to imagine an abundant future you can believe in?


Join me and open your imagination up to the unlimited possibilities you allowed yourself to dream like a kid!


The happy outcome is that you allow yourself to start dreaming as big as you want and step into the abundant, happy YOU now!


In this event you can:

~ Align with the energy of your happy end result and start acting like that person now

~ Learn how to create your reality from the state of your abundant self

~ Clear away all the junk that stops you from dreaming big and going for it!


April 2020 Group Clearing Event 04/18/20 -The Money Toolbox!


(Neutralize the emotional value of money, detach from hidden fears about money, tools to shift and align with the neutral energy)


Why does it seem like as soon as money comes in, it goes right back out, no matter how hard you try to keep it?


Does it seem like all these great things are popping up around you, but somehow money is just missing you … Stopping you from having the things to do what you really want?


One of the many reasons money eludes most people while they’re able to manifest other things is because of emotional needs they have attached to it.


Join me as we explore the emotional cords that tie up your ability to make money happen in your life!


The happy outcome is that you neutralize your emotional energy attached to money and only view it as a tool versus a necessity.


In this event you can:

~ Uncover the why’s, what’s, and how’s of the emotional value you attach to money

~ Detach from your hidden fears about money

~ Shift and align your energy and actions to match your abundant happy end result

May 2020 Group Clearing Event 05/16/20 – Universal Sign Language: Seeing The Signs & Synchronicities!


(Gain clear indicators for guidance you’re receiving, open to intuitively know the answers to what you’re asking for, use your intuition to decipher the clues in the messages you receive)


How many times have you wished on a star, whispered a prayer, or meditated on manifesting something into your life?


All those desires are sent to the same place in hopes of getting a little help from a “higher power”, but have you ever thought of how you’re supposed to receive the answers for the things you’re asking?


Would you know what to look for? Can you feel when you receive it? Would you trust yourself to know when you see it?


Join me as we expand your focus to notice all the messages, signs, and nudges you receive daily from the universe in answer to your wishes and dreams!


The happy outcome is you develop a keen intuitive sense and start picking up on all the guidance being sent to you!


In this event you can:

~ Gain clear personal indicators that tell you when you’re receiving intuitive messages

~ Open to intuitively know the answers to the things you’re asking

~ Use your intuition to decipher clues in the messages and guidance you receive


June 2020 Group Clearing Event 06/13/20 – It’s Just A Numbers Game!


(Get over the ostrich syndrome, numbers, emotional adjustments to budgeting, increase energetic money flow)


How do you face financial burdens or obstacles when they show up in your daily life?


Are you the type of person to spring into action when you notice you’re being charged extra fees?


Or do you have a stack of unopened bills, statements, and notices of overdue payments or cancellations piling up because you just don’t want to deal with them?


The number one reason why people bury their head in the sand when it comes to money is that of an emotional fear of their finances. They don’t think they can handle it!


Join me and fearlessly face your financials to see where you can bring more abundance and money into your life!


The happy outcome is that you get over your internal fears about money and increase your money flow!


In this event you can:

~ Get over being an ostrich about money and learn the numbers that create your money profile

~ Make the required emotional adjustments about budgeting and finances

~ Discover where you can increase your energetic money flow


July 2020 Group Clearing Event 07/18/20 – Me + Infinity!


(Connect with infinite future self, create the vision of reality from infinite self POV, what needs to change to make it happen)


Have you ever felt that you were meant for bigger things than what you currently have or where you’re currently at?


If you get a nudge that feels like you’ve been playing small in life so far, are you willing to embrace the flow of that nudge to see where it takes you? Are you willing to see just how big you can be?


Join me on a journey to connect with your infinite self in the happy, abundant reality you see for your future!


The happy outcome is that you shed all the limiting beliefs that keep your energy contracted and embody the energy of your future infinite self in your daily life!


In this event you can:

~ Connect quickly with the energy of the unlimited creator you naturally are

~ Create a vision of your current reality through the point of view of your infinite, abundant self

~ Discover what habits, traits, and actions need to shift from where you are now to where you’ll be then


August 2020 Group Clearing Event 08/15/20 – Broken Promises and Promises To Be Broken!

(Releasing yourself from oaths, pacts, and vows; cuttings cords and attachments, taking your keys back)


Have you ever declared, “I’ll never love anyone the way I love you!” and then end up in a string of bad relationships with other people after you break up? Have you ever promised to do something you had no intention of doing or swore a vow to someone before things fell apart?


Do you find yourself repeating scenarios of the same cycles you’re trying desperately to break?


When you devote your energy to oaths, pacts, vows, and promises made with good intentions but that ultimately dwindled, your energy is still devoted until you actively address the vibes that remain.


Join me and find all the places you created vows and oaths that bind you to energy that no longer serves you!


The happy outcome is that you’ll release yourself from those pacts that hold you back!


In this event you can:

~ Reverse-engineer your patterns to find hidden oaths and promises you made in your life

~ Cut cords and attachments to people and situations that feed negative patterns

~ Take back the energetic keys you gave to people in your life and return any responsibility you took on for someone else’s keys

September 2020 Group Clearing Event 09/19/20 – Family Ties That B(l)IND!


(Highlight where the crappy things in your life directly relate to stuck family junk, clear away the energy that creates your repetitive cycles, find out where even the “good” things learned from your family could be what’s blocking you)


Did you make a promise to follow in the footsteps of someone in your family, but it didn’t feel like the right thing to do?


Were there expectations you felt obligated to that carried over from childhood into adulthood that keep you from taking total control over your outcome?


Too often, people are afraid to follow their dreams and live own life because they can’t see past the family junk that binds and blinds them.


Join me as we dive deep into your beliefs and patterns to uncover how and where your family junk is affecting your life!


The happy outcome is you release the restrictive family energies that hold you back and start creating life according to your own choosing.


In this event you can:

~ Highlight where the crappy things in your life directly related to family junk stuck in your energy

~ Clear away the energy that creates your repetitive cycles

~ Find out where even the “good” things learned from your family could be the thing that’s blocking you



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