For Goodness Sake: Upgrade Your Spiritual Powers!

Do you feel like you’ve been held back from Abundance in your life because of certain spiritual beliefs or old stories?

Are you someone who believes that you’re wrong or “evil” by having too much money or abundance in life just because someone told you that’s how things work?

Or maybe you feel guilty for requiring more, believing you don’t deserve it or that it wasn’t meant for you?

I’ve seen it thousands of times – people who are stuck in their life… stuck with debt, stuck in bad jobs and just not happy at all. And yet they believe (or have been taught) that to be aligned, spiritual, or enlightened means you have to suffer in poverty and hardship before you can have an abundant life.

So they just put up with it.

Everyone keeps telling you about these rules and regulations for money and spirituality that you should follow. That could totally be the very thing that’s holding you back!

Join me in this event where, together, we’ll unpack the false ideas about money, spirituality, and so much more leaving you free to make clear choices for yourself that are aligned with your soul’s desires and true nature.

The happy outcome is that you’ll feel free to follow your own values, beliefs, and spirituality without judgment and condemnation and achieve the abundance you desire.

In this event you can:

~ Loosen your grip on emotional attachments to beliefs and rules about money and abundance that no longer serve you.

~ Stop feeling punished for having wants and desires for “more”.

~ Learn how to set yourself free from a life of hardship by shifting abundant & spiritual views that inhibit you from getting what you want.